Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 23 - Demonic Beast Bazaar

Chapter Ch23 - Demonic Beast Bazaar

Qing city lies near the centre of the East Continent’s mainland, and because it is situated right in the middle of the intersection between its surrounding towns and the biggest sect in East Continent’s mainland, Profound Sky sect, it acts as a city hub with a lot of cultivators going in and out of it everyday. Even though East Continent’s mainland has a countless number of cultivators, but most people living in the continent are mortals who don’t have spiritual roots and are thus unable to cultivate.

The small towns and the hundreds of villages in the vicinity of Qing city consist mostly of mortals, but a lot of these mortals can concoct up rare and weird items that they bring to Qing city’s downtown area where they test their luck to see if they can exchange it with medicinal pills, equipment etc.

The streets were bustling, and the enthusiastic calls of salesmen reverberated throughout the street.

The Tyrant Martial Hall was built on the most lively street that was filled with people from all walks of life, so when they had just entered the street, Yan Tianhen’s ears were filled with various sales calls and loud shouts.

Yan Tianhen realised with some unease that there were quite a few people on the street staring at Lin Xuanzhi’s face.

He couldn’t help but say, “Dage, why don’t you go in and sit down first, I’ll call you when we reach the place.”

Lin Xuanzhi doesn’t like it when other people look at him. In the past, his cultivation level was high and could thus emit a suffocatingly strong pressure. This ensured that people who had low cultivation levels wouldn’t even dare to lift their heads in his presence, unlike the people now who would dare to look at him so fearlessly.

Hence, Lin Xuanzhi entered the carriage.

Without the various gazes of unknown origins looking at them, Yan Tianhen felt much more at ease.

The demonic beast marketplace was situated at the end of this street. There was a demonic beast market there that was open 24/7 that collected money through the rental of its stalls. Each day’s rent costed about one silver, and anyone could come here to buy or sell demonic beasts.

When their horse was some distance away from the demonic beasts, it stubbornly refused to continue walking any further.

Their horse snorted and stomped its hooves against the ground, then quietly stood its ground to protest.

Yan Tianhen had no other choice but to let the horse stop by the roadside, then said to Lin Xuanzhi, “Dage, we’ve almost arrived, the horse is probably scared of demonic beasts so it can’t go any further.”

Lin Xuanzhi alighted the carriage and said, “We can just walk over.”

Ah Bai hopped down the carriage too, then he wanted to rush straight into the demonic beast market– his brother Hu Po is in there!

Lin Xuanzhi was dressed fully in white. He had a tall stature, broad shoulders, narrow waist and a jade-like appearance – one look and you could tell that he looked like a celestial being. Standing beside him was a skinny and short young man with strangely ugly cracks all over his face, and there was a tiger cub covered in pure white fur with amethyst eyes that was running around in front of them – this kind of combination was definitely the most conspicuous sight within the entire street.

But Lin Xuanzhi didn’t seem to mind this, he held Yan Tianhen’s hand the whole way and stepped into the outdoor demonic beast market.

Ao–” Ah Bai rushed inside, then immediately howled.

This was some howl, the whole demonic beast market immediately livened up. One demonic fox wasn’t standing properly and fell off its master’s shoulders, while another peacock that was grooming its feathers was so shocked it plucked its own feathers off.

Within a second, the entire demonic beast market was buzzing about with unprecedented liveliness.

But the culprit didn’t care about these demonic beasts that had been frightened by him and instead rushed towards the stall located in the innermost section of the market.

Behind the stall sat a man who was adorned in a plain, teal gown. He was carrying a small white tiger in his arms and he was using a stalk of green bristle grass to tease the nose of the cub, while the small white tiger was pulling an obviously long face as he ignored the man.

Ao ao!” Ah Bai jumped onto the low, black table in front of the man as he howled at Hu Po.

Hu Po bit the tip of the green bristle grass and used its tail to sweep the man’s hand away, then jumped forward and softly growled at Ah Bai.

Ao wu–!”

Ah Bai and Hu Po bumped their heads against each other to express their longing and affection for one another.

The man who looked to be about twenty couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and looked at the two tiger cubs who were communicating with each other with keen interest.

“Are you the one who bought the tiger cubs from my family’s Didi yesterday?” a voice that could make one melt travelled down from above.

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