Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 4 - Ah Hen, Come

Chapter Ch4 - Ah Hen, Come

Lin Xuanzhi closed his eyes, the tears that flowed from the corners of his eyes were both warm and icy cold.

Even till the end, Yan Tianhen had never hated him.

He actually didn’t hate him.

He’s back.

Even though he was back to a time when he was at his lowest, he didn’t think it was that big of a deal at all.

The past him was a bastard, but from today onwards, until the end of his life, he will never let Yan Tianhen down again.

And just like that, their carriage swayed all the way to the Lin residence’s door.

Yan Tianhen got off the carriage and was getting ready to pull the carriage in when a doorman walked over. When he saw that the person pulling the carriage was Yan Tianhen, his face immediately revealed a disdainful expression.

“I say, only VIPs and the personages of our sect can pass through the main entrance, you guys should go through the side door.” the doorman’s voice was filled with arrogance.

Yan Tianhen bit his lower lip and said, “We’ll need to make a big detour to get to the side door and the path there isn’t easy to walk. My Dage is in the carriage right now, he’s injured, he needs to hurry back so that the medicinal masters can take a look at him.”

He, your big brother?” the doorman looked face to face with the person opposite him, then both of them laughed together and said impudently, “Don’t tell me it’s our family’s young master Lin Xuanzhi? But why do I recall that he’s already turned into a useless piece of trash? Lin family has their own rules, useless trash and dogs aren’t allowed through the main entrance.”

“Who did you call a useless piece of trash?!” Yan Tianhen was instantly incensed. He clenched his fists tightly as he itched to beat up these two guys who looked down on others with their dog eyes.

However, he couldn’t exude much threat. Everyone knew that the kid that Lin Zhan adopted is a piece of trash who can’t even walk properly, and at most can only be noisy.

The doorman said, “You! And the useless Lin family trash in that carriage!”

The other person laughed as he asked in a vulgar manner, “So, is Lin Xuanzhi young master’s bed comfortable? Even the dog he raised knew that it had to wag its tail in front of others to beg for pity, why are you still so hell-bent on following him? Looks like he’s not too bad in bed eh.”

Yan Tianhen’s fury grew even bigger, you can talk down to him, but he can’t endure others speaking badly about Lin Xuanzhi.

Yan Tianhen raised his fist and was about to rush toward the doorman.

To be able to become the Lin family’s doorman, naturally their standards wouldn’t be too low, Wang Wu didn’t care about Yan Tianhen’s racket in the slightest. The corner of his lips curved up coldly and he had already accumulated some energy as he prepared to palm the chest of this ugly guy who didn’t fear death–


A loud sound rang out, the Wang Wu who was about to palm Yan Tianhen’s chest was ruthlessly smashed by a heavy object in his head and his whole body flew backwards.

Wang Wu’s head exploded, his blood and brain matter were scattered everywhere and the ground was dyed a dark brown colour. There was a big patch of white and red mixed together, and the others who were looking at it looked terrified.

The atmosphere suddenly turned cold, no one could have thought that someone would dare to commit murder at the Lin family’s doorstep.

Everyone at the scene looked towards the worn-out carriage that had stopped by the entrance.

They only saw a jade-like hand draw the curtains and stretch forward from within the carriage.

That hand made a beckoning gesture with a curled index finger, then a clear voice sounded, “Ah Hen, come.”

Yan Tianhen nodded, fiercely glared at the other doorman, then limped onto the carriage.

Yan Tianhen wanted to lift the curtains to take a look, but the hand had already been withdrawn.

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose, then reluctantly retracted his gaze.

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