Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being

Chapter 8 - Abolished Roots

Chapter Ch8 - Abolished Roots

Yan Tianhen’s face that had strange cracks crawling all over it was burning up at the moment. It looked like a tomato, which made it look even stranger and uglier.

If there was someone else looking at this scene, he would have definitely be scared off by Yan Tianhen’s face.

Yet, Lin Xuanzhi thought that Yan Tianhen’s small face that had reddened so suited his tastes very well, especially his white ears that had been tinged with a pink blush.

Didi really is cute and simple, Lin Xuanzhi thought.

“You, you really are Dage.” Yan Tianhen was a bit distressed, he didn’t understand why Lin Xuanzhi’s attitude towards him had changed so drastically, it was as if he was a different person. But, he wasn’t too hung up on this problem.

Anyway, for Lin Xuanzhi to not give him the silent treatment was already a very joyous occasion for him.

Yan Tianhen smiled and said, “Never mind, anyway those Repair Body pills are what Daddy left for you, you can use it however you want, and I don’t think it’s a waste at all.”

Lin Xuanzhi’s heart felt calm.

Yan Tianhen had always thought about him so whole-heartedly like this. Lin Xuanzhi still remembered clearly, when Yan Tianhen himself was seriously injured, and even his breathing had hints of blood, he still didn’t bear to consume a single Repair Body pill.

Lin Xuanzhi held Yan Tianhen’s hand and entered the yard that they resided in.

The yard had three rooms – the biggest room belonged to Lin Xuanzhi, the adjacent room was Yan Tianhen’s and the other small room could be considered as a small kitchen.

Even though they were cultivators, cultivators who hadn’t reached the Foundation Stage weren’t considered true cultivators. They would only be thought of as quasi-Introductory Level cultivators and didn’t have the ability to fast1.

After Lin Xuanzhi had fallen from a higher realm and turned into a Refining Qi Stage second layer trash, he needed to eat everyday to sustain his life, so this small kitchen wasn’t useless.

Lin Xuanzhi entered his own room, he familiarly made his way to the side of a praying mat that was placed in the centre of his room, then sat down cross-legged. He said to the Yan Tianhen who was looking from the outside, “Ah Hen, I’ll be cultivating for awhile now, why don’t you make something to fill your stomach first.”

Yan Tianhen replied with a bit of worry, “But Dage you can’t cultivate anymore, if you activate your Qi, your Qi sea will be in excruciating pain and you may even suffer from a Qi deviation. That was what almost happened last time, Zhang medicinal master said that you definitely cannot cultivate anymore.”

When Lin Xuanzhi heard his heads, he only wanted sigh.

In the past life he was extremely cold to Yan Tianhen partly because Yan Tianhen’s words were too straightforward, and at that time he had just turned into a good-for-nothing who had fallen from the clouds into dirt, so he always felt that Yan Tianhen’s words very harsh, like he was mocking him.

But the Lin Xuanzhi now knows, Yan Tianhen was truly concerned about his well-being.

Lin Xuanzhi patiently replied, “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

Yan Tianhen pondered for a bit, then clung to the doorframe and said, “If anything happens, call me immediately, I’ll be right outside.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “But I’ll only be out in a day if I’m fast, and three days if I’m slow, so you don’t need to care about me in the meantime and rest well instead.”

Yan Tianhen didn’t dare to argue with Lin Xuanzhi, so he could only nod and reluctantly take his last look at Lin Xuanzhi’s face before closing the door lightly.

After Yan Tianhen left, Lin Xuanzhi settled down extremely fast.

He did something that 99.9% of the people in this world would never do – he completely abolished all of his roots.

Hong–” something exploded within his body.

Within Lin Xuanzhi’s Dantian Qi sea, his existing root chassis were fracturing inch by inch. An excruciating pain similar to pulling out one’s tendons and bones began to spread out from his lower abdomen to the rest of his limbs and bones, and within a split second it reached his scalp.

Lin Xuanzhi clenched his teeth, his whole body was soaked in cold sweat, his thin clothes appeared to have been drenched by his sweat instantaneously.

But this kind of pain was nothing compared to the heartbreak he felt when Yan Tianhen had died right in front of him, and it couldn’t compare to the unbearable pain he felt when his soul was being refined for a whole seven days and seven nights.

Scenes of the past began to flash before his eyes, his eyes began to emit a thick sense of hatred, the roots of his teeth almost broke from his clenching —

He definitely wouldn’t let any one of his enemies off!

He swore it with his blood and life!

1. There are many types of cultivators in this novel, as well as different levels, stages and layers. I’ll create a glossary for this based on what I remember and update it as I go along heh↩

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