Rebirth of the Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce

Chapter 333 - The Most Helpless Person in the World (2)

Chapter 333: The Most Helpless Person in the World (2)

Just as expected, Jin Yun had came to look for her to drink that evening.

“You still have the heart to drink instead of finding a way to free yourself from this predicament?” Gong Yimo asked as she sat on the stone stool.

“What else can I do? I have used up all my resources, so I can only rely on my destiny,” Jin Yun laughed indifferently. In his opinion, it was already a gift from heaven that he was able to escape that night. He believed that he will be able to live well no matter where he was.

“How confident are you?” Gong Yimo asked.

Jin Yun took a sip of wine and said lightly, “50-50.”

“Not bad!” Gong Yimo praised him. “It must’ve been 100% originally, yet you were able to turn it into 50-50 in just a few days! Have you used a lot of money?”

Jin Yun shot her a quick glance and said, “Money is only a worldly possession.”

Yun Jin stared at the window behind them, but didn’t step forward.

That night, the ministers discussed the matter until they finally came to a conclusion, it was already very late when they left. Jin Sheng was worried when he walked out. He thought that since it had already been decided to send Jin Yun to Lou Ye anyway, he could take this opportunity to humiliate that slut!

Therefore, he unconsciously walked in the direction of the cold palace.

At this point, Jin Yun had already left, while Gong Yimo had stayed behind to protect Yun Jin.

Suddenly, they could hear people announcing the arrival of the emperor from afar. Gong Yimo raised an eyebrow and was prepared to hid with Yun Jin.

Who knew that Yun Jin would’ve rejected her?!

“The emperor is arriving soon, aren’t you afraid?”

Gong Yimo was a little baffled and impatient. Yun Jin stayed very quiet and bowed to her.

“I will never forget the young lady’s kindness as long as I live. But tonight, Yun Jin has decided not to hide any longer.”

Gong Yimo didn’t instantly understand the meaning behind Yun Jin’s words as she was pushed out of the room by Yun Jin.

“Young lady, please leave! I will assume the responsibility of what will happen next.”


Gong Yimo was really surprised, she did not expect a cowardly and weak person to suddenly become brave.

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Yun Jin smiled at her, “What young lady had said was correct, I… I am Yun’er mother.”

She looked out at the courtyard and could hear the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer.

“I… can’t always rely on him, I.. should let him rely on me. This is how a mother and child should be!” The way she said her last few words was powerful and resonating words, it seemed as if she was boosting her own morale.

Gong Yimo was confused, and was even pushed out of the door like this. Yun Jin closed the door with her hand and pressed her back against the door!

However, she couldn’t help but burst into tears.

She was really blessed to be able to rely on other people.

However, she can’t continue to be so selfish.

When Jin Sheng came and saw that the courtyard was quiet, he snorted and directly headed into the house. Gong Yimo jumped onto the roof; she was hesitant and for the very first time, she didn’t know what to do.

If she rescues her, then Jin Yun might be sent away. If she doesn’t rescue her, she didn’t know what would happen to such a weak woman…

While she was hesitating, a woman’s crying sound and a man’s cursing in rage could be heard from inside the room. Gong Yimo tightly clenched the roof tile and then finally relaxed.

Yun Jin said that she also wanted to let Jin Yun rely on her.

But… if Jin Yun was here, he definitely wouldn’t want his mother to sacrifice anything for him. If he could choose, he would rather go to Lou Ye.

When he goes to Lou Ye, even if he left some people to take care of Yun Jin, who would be more dedicated than him when it comes to taking care of Yun Jin?

Therefore, Jin Yun can’t leave… so, she… can’t step in.

She could hear the voices from below was getting smaller; she could only make out the soft whimpering sound of a woman and a man’s joyful humming sound… she was a beautiful woman who naturally knew how to make men happy… but she was reluctant at in the past, but now, she was probably even more reluctant.

Gong Yimo suddenly felt a little cold for this helpless world.

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