Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 1170 - The Reincarnation of a Grand Cultivator?

Chapter 1170: The Reincarnation of a Grand Cultivator?

“This is impossible. How could you be so much stronger than us, no matter how powerful you are in your rank? We’re all Half Grand Cultivators and Half Gods. How can you fight with the seven of us at once and almost take our Quasi-Divine Treasures away? That’s not right, that’s not right. Half Grand Cultivators definitely don’t have this kind of energy. Not even the Prince of Apollo Palace has this strength, and he’s known to be unstoppable below the Grand Cultivator realm.”

The brawny old man was knocked away by Chen Fan’s attack. He fumbled in the air with shock caught between his eyebrows.

Fu Yan looked down and the Dharma Power around his body formed a giant Divine Ring that surrounded him, but he had still been knocked dozens of miles away before he could recover and stop.

In comparison, the skinny old man, Wu Hongbo and the elder of the Demon Sun Sect were staring at Chen Fan with looks of fright and disbelief, as if they had seen an ancient monster from deep in the universe.

Even though the Half Grand Cultivator stage wasn’t an official level and there were still differences between cultivators after entering that stage, all of them used to be Divine Princes and there wasn’t a large gap between them. Even the top cultivators under the Grand Cultivator level—like Song Yufeng, the Prince of Apollo Palace and the Young Master of the Changshen Sect—were only a bit stronger than they were and could only fight against several of them alone.

The seven of them, together with a few Quasi-Divine Treasures.

Even the invincible Prince of Apollo Palace, Qin Jian’s fifth brother, would be burned to ashes by the elders if he didn’t use any Divine Treasures. It wasn’t that the Prince wasn’t strong enough, but the difference between them was way too wide.

Perhaps there would be elites and Overlords in the Central Galaxy or the ancient sacred grounds who could defeat their peers and fight with the Grand Cultivators, but there was definitely none in the Little South Heavenly Realm.

Including Qin Jian…

Everyone looked at Chen Fan with fear.

They were the only ones who knew how talented Chen Fan was. Having such terrifying power at such a young age wasn’t something that could be explained by talent, opportunities or luck.

“Maybe the Grand Opportunity in the deity ground is truly beyond our expectations. This kid might have gotten an unimaginable Grand Opportunity there, like the legendary ‘Dao Fruit’ or ‘Heart of Wood God,’ directly rising from the Golden Core to the Soul Formation level. If not, nothing else can explain that, unless…” Qin Jian lowered his head and whispered. He didn’t continue speaking after he said “unless.”

That guess frightened him when he thought about it.

The others also seemed to have grasped what Qin Jian wanted to say, but they didn’t dare think about it either well.

The reincarnation of a Grand Cultivator!

“How could he make such a guess out of nowhere? How many Grand Cultivators were there in the entire Little South Heavenly Realm?”

Truly rare!

Each one of them was the foundation of an imperishable sect and they dominated the Star Ocean. The plans of all the large sects would be useless if a Grand Cultivator had been reincarnated in the Abandoned Planet Region. However, Chen Fan didn’t seem like the reincarnation of a Grand Cultivator. The real ones would have a lot of signs and images that couldn’t be hidden.

The pretty woman in a palace gown retrieved the Mountain River Universe Map and said, clearly afraid, “That’s impossible. Aren’t those things left by the ancient Deities left to be used by them? Aren’t outsiders forbidden from interfering? We’ve sent people to the deity grounds in the last few hundred thousand years, but they either came back empty handed or the treasures weren’t mature enough to be picked. How did he do it?”

The senior members of the imperishable sects—who had already reached the level of Qin Jian and the pretty woman in palace gown—could already tap into secrets that ordinary people could never know.

They could guess that there had to be some powerful Overlords’ planning behind the Abandoned Planet Region, just by looking at the Deity Arrays. The Deity Arrays and Grand Opportunities like the “Dao Fruit” and the “Heart of Wood God” had undoubtedly been left by those Overlords for themselves or their descendants, either of their sects or their families. Those imperishable sects in the Little South Heavenly Realm had never dared to touch them. People who were courageous enough to disobey their sect’s orders and secretly tried to steal the biggest opportunity in the deity ground—like those from the Little South Heavenly Realm and Lin He of the Demon Sun Sect—were rarely seen in the large sects.

Imperishable sects like them were like animals when compared to the ancient sacred grounds and sects, which truly stood on the top of the galaxy, overlooking the universe. They could be easily crushed with one finger.

“Not necessarily. Maybe he was just lucky enough to have found half a Dao Fruit, given that he is a child of the planet. Then he directly turned from an ordinary person to a Half Grand Cultivator, also getting the Deity Arts passed down from the ancient Deities in the process. Otherwise, how could he be more powerful than we are at the age of forty?” Fu Yan frowned.

“Old Lord Qin, Sister Wen, Brother Wu, which one of us didn’t achieve what we have today without cultivating for fifty thousand years? Almost half of the elites named Divine Princes in our time have died and turned into mud a long time ago. Given that we were the most outstanding disciples of the imperishable sects, we had all the resources of the large sects and even the entire planet region, but we still spent a really long time to reach this level.

“He’s just a forty-year-old man from an abandoned planet, but he’s much more powerful than we are. If it wasn’t due to getting the Grand Opportunity in the deity ground, what else can explain this?”

After that…

The elders went silent.

Many onlookers, rogue cultivators from the Star Ocean and the Nascent Soul Cultivators from other planets were also startled.


Chen Fan’s condition didn’t make sense. Chen Fan had subverted everyone’s traditional ideas and impressions countless times. He went against God’s will time after time, defeating cultivators more powerful than he was, and his strength climbed constantly, reaching an unpredictable level as deep as the ocean, where the bottom couldn’t be seen. And yet, Chen Fan was just in his 30s. They were still struggling in the Connate and Golden Core levels when they were his age, preparing to form the core and go through the Tribulation. How would they be capable enough to kill a hundred thousand Golden Core Divine Soldiers with one hand and suppress seven Grand Elders?


Chen Fan chuckled.

Those people were right in a way. He had indeed gotten an immature Dao Fruit. He would have immediately become a Half Grand Cultivator had he eaten that immature fruit. However, Chen Fan had already saved the Dao Fruit for other purposes, particularly to confirm certain assumptions he had had since he had been reborn. The terrifying power Chen Fan had right then was because of his hard work during the past two decades, but there was no need to explain those things to dead people.

“Are you done talking nonsense? Now, get ready to die.”

Chen Fan rushed forward with hands behind his back.

He was surrounded by a bright aura and was being drenched by light. A Deity Halo appeared above his head. At that moment, the Deity Infant, Deity Soul and Deity Body in Chen Fan’s body became extremely dense; his energy, vitality and spirit weren’t separate anymore. The energy of the Half Nascent Soul Power was shown in full splendor.


Chen Fan flipped his hand and launched an attack, making the world roll.

There were thousands of golden light rays and the rumbling Deity Essence Force swept the entire sky. He seemed to have become billions of feet tall and a boundless energy hit the planets, making Earth and the moon nearby shake, as if an ancient god would have released the Sky-Flipping Seal. The seven Grand Elders were overturned like small boats in a raging ocean by Chen Fan’s attack.

A lot of cultivators who were visiting from the Star Ocean to secretly watch the battle were terrified at the moment and could only fall back as fast as they could.


The sky was split.

Chen Fan’s attack showed how terrifying the Half Nascent Soul Power was. That earth-shattering energy made the bodies of many onlookers a few thousand miles away crack and their Divine Souls seemed to be on the verge of exploding. There was an invisible pressure in their hearts which pushed them down to bend and cower in space.

“Kill him. He has the Grand Opportunity with him. All the secrets of Planet East will be revealed when he dies,” Fu Yan said coldly.

“That’s right. The seven Divine Sects have been preparing for a few hundred thousand years and the painstaking plan of the Sect Masters was made for today. If we can’t even deal with a small local from this abandoned planet, how can we get the Grand Opportunity and become Soul Formation Cultivators?” The skinny old man also rushed forward.

“Bring it on.” Wu Hongbo gritted his teeth. “Old Lord Qin, don’t hold back anymore.”

“How could I still hold back at this point. I’d like to see what this kid is capable of.” Qin Jian’s eyes shot out rays of light like thunderbolts and electric currents.


His body rose and his spine was as tall as a sword. He was surrounded by golden light and his linen clothes disappeared. He put on a robe with nine dragons and a crown on his head, looking dignified and serious. He didn’t seem like an old beggar anymore, but a dignified king.


Qin Jian waved his hand and nine beams of light were shot to space.

Each of the nine light rays hid a top Heavenly Treasure comparable to the giant golden hammer. All of them had a legendary story and origin, and were made by famous masters in the Little South Heavenly Realm with Divine Materials; their power was extremely terrifying. Not even Soul Formation Cultivators would dare to go head to head with them. Normal Grand Elders usually had one Heavenly Treasure like those at most, but Qin Jian had nine of them. He was indeed the King of Falling Stars.

“Kill!” Wu Hongbo said as his eyes reddened.

He took out a silver mirror and faced it toward Chen Fan. The old mirror let out some clanging sounds and its frightening energy swept the entire universe, shaking the surrounding space. It released sacred energy which pushed countless people on Earth down on their knees. It seemed to be a Quasi-Divine Treasure.

Not only Wu Hongbo.

The skinny old man, the pretty woman in a palace gown and the elder of the Demon Sun Sect also activated their Quasi-Divine Treasures.


At that moment—

The sky cracked, while the sun and moon rolled.

Countless people on earth were terrified and even the Nascent Soul Cultivators present had been overwhelmed. They looked at the sky in fear and felt as if they were five powerful Gods that had been awakened in the sky. Those Gods filled the universe and a hint of their energy could easily crush a Connate or Golden Core cultivator. If they launched an attack, people on half of a continent would be blown to pieces; even the nearby planets might be unable to withstand the attack of those Quasi-Divine Treasures.

In fact…

Except for Qin Jian and Fu Yan’s Quasi-Divine Treasures which had been taken by the four Divine Princes to attack Earth, the other five Grand Elders didn’t care about anything else anymore and had already revealed their most powerful trump cards.


Those Quasi-Divine Treasures were more than a few times more powerful when in their hands, instead of being used by the Divine Princes. They seemed to have been activated by Grand Cultivators and had some of the Soul Formation’s power.

However, Chen Fan right then was also incomparably stronger than how he used to be.

Half Nascent Soul Power.

Even though he had only achieved the Half Nascent Soul Power, he had stepped into the domain of the Soul Formation Level after all, like a young True Dragon, which was very different from those normal dragons.

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