Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 1172 - Extremely Brutal

Chapter 1172: Extremely Brutal

“F**k, is he really human?”

The eyes of the cultivators present popped out.

Chen Fan’s slash was too terrifying. Among the seven Grand Elders who besieged him, Fu Yan and Wu Hongbo were immediately killed; their Divine Souls and Nascent Souls were also crushed by the attack, Cracking The Firmament.

Fu Yan didn’t have a Divine Treasure in hand and Wu Hongbo had already been severely injured before, so the two of them were the first to die. The rest of them either had a Divine Treasure or many Substitute Dharma Treasures like Qin Jian. They had been aware that something was wrong when Chen Fan pulled out the sword. They quickly fell back as they released eight Defensive Dharma Treasures, paying the price of having their Dharma Treasures destroyed and themselves being injured to escape from Chen Fan’s slash.

“How is that possible? Brother Fu and Brother Wu are really dead?”

The pretty woman in a palace gown was still unable to calm down.

The Mountain River Universe Map of the Fuyao Sect was known to have the best defensive power among Quasi-Divine Treasures, although it wasn’t good at attacking. She had been the one who suffered the least impact among all of them, all thanks to the map.

But seeing Fu Yan and Wu Hongbo had died, her face turned pale and her plump body trembled slightly.

Those were Half Grand Cultivators and Grand Elders of the imperishable sects. The large sects didn’t even have many cultivators like them; still, they had been killed by Chen Fan with one slash.

They were unable to use Substitute Divine Talismans anymore after reaching their level. The Substitute Divine Talismans would have to be drawn by Soul Formation Grand Cultivators with the Heart Divine Blood in order to be effective on the Half Grand Cultivators. Which Soul Formation Cultivator would be willing to give away thousands of years of his hard work to make a treasure or Divine Talisman, unless it was for his closest son?

“What’s the weapon in the kid’s hand? Why does it make me tremble in fear from the bottom of my soul? It almost damages the Quasi-Divine Treasures.”

The brawny old man’s eyes shone bright and he stared at the Deity Weapon in Chen Fan’s hand.

Even though the artifacts were called Quasi-Divine Treasures, their materials were in fact comparable to those used on the real Divine Treasures, and they were made with indestructible gold. They simply didn’t have a “God” inside that could become a real Artifact Spirit to suppress or guard a sect to aid a Soul Formation Grand Cultivator; but speaking of sharpness and hardness, they were as sturdy as Divine Treasures.

Just then…

Chen Fan had damaged those few Quasi-Divine Treasures with one slash?

Although there were just a few cracks that didn’t cause major damages, that still made the brawny old man feel terrified.

“I have no idea. I’ve never seen it before. It was just a broken iron bar just then. Why is it so powerful right now? It’s definitely not a Divine Treasure nor a Quasi-Divine Treasure; it’s even sharper than a Divine Treasure. What’s going on?” There were purple glitters in the eyes of the Demon Sun Sect’s elder. He looked at the broken sword with greed and a hint of fear.

“Whatever it is, we can’t take him down.”

Qin Jian whispered with a pale face.

Chen Fan’s power was completely beyond their imagination.

Wu Hongbo and Fu Yan were both Half Grand Cultivators and Wu Hongbo even had a Quasi-Divine Treasure; even so, they were killed by Chen Fan with a slash. That was mostly because the Deity Weapon in Chen Fan’s hand was too sharp; it could even damage Quasi-Divine Treasures. His earth-shattering Dharma Power was also frightening. The other five Grand Elders might have survived, but they were all injured. Only the pretty woman in a palace gown was safe, since she hid inside the Mountain River Universe Map when she realized something was wrong.

However, there were only five of them left. How many more slashes from Chen Fan could they withstand?

Everyone became frightened as they thought of that.

“Divine Sword, come!” Qin Jian yelled.

Fu Yan died right in front of his eyes. He didn’t care about the things on Earth anymore. He raised his hand and retrieved the Yaoyang Divine Sword. Swish. A beam of golden light was shot from Earth. The three Divine Princes of Apollo Palace were immediately in danger once they were left without it. They were besieged by the Nine Orifices Divine Infant and the six demons; one of them died right away and the other two quickly escaped.

“Brother Chen, there has been some misunderstanding between us. Why don’t we sit down, have some tea and talk about it in detail?” Qin Jian put up a friendly smile.

He didn’t feel safe at all, even while having a Quasi-Divine Treasure.

The other few Grand Elders, including the skinny old man, also cracked smiles which also looked as if they were crying. They were Grand Elders of the Divine Sects, who were as superior as dragons. When had they ever shed their dignity to act obsequiously in front of their enemy before? Not to mention it was even a local of a barren planet. Regardless, Chen Fan was too powerful and his tactics were too unbelievable. They didn’t want to be Chen Fan’s enemies anymore, at least not right then.

Yuan Yi was also terrified. He quickly escaped from Earth with the Blue Sky Divine Blade and flashed to head deep into the universe.

“Too late.”

Chen Fan stuck out his finger and made the escaping Yuan Yi explode. Only the Blue Sky Divine Blade let out a sorrowful sound and continued its escape path with some buzzing sounds. Then, Chen Fan slashed again with the sword in his hand.

“Cracking The Firmament!”

The fourth form of the Thunder Divine Blade he performed was comparable to that of the ancient God of Thunder.

His terrifying Half Nascent Soul Power was controlling the Deity Weapon. Even though it was a broken sword, it could still be extremely powerful.


The few Grand Elders shouted in fear.

But it was useless.

That slash cut the universe and cracked the sky once again. The invisible slash even hit the moon and created a thousand-mile mark on the surface. The sky was torn, Yin and Yang were split, as if the ancient God of Thunder with a dragon head and human body were there, controlling people’s fates by separating life and death with one slash!


A few Quasi-Divine Treasures were knocked away by Chen Fan. This time, the elder of the Demon Sun Sect was unable to escape and was split in half by Chen Fan’s slash. The Quasi-Divine Treasure of the Demon Sun Sect he controlled, a Sky-Swallowing Fiend Pot, let out a cry and turned into a beam of black light, which then dashed to head deep into the universe.

Another Grand Elder died.

It was only the beginning.

No matter how the others begged, threatened or tried to escape, Chen Fan still looked determined, not caring about them at all.

The third slash.

The brawny old man of the Taichu Divine Realm died. A blade mark almost appeared on the body of the “Void Sky Cauldron” and it flew deep into the universe as it whined.

The fourth slash.

The skinny elder of the Niekong Sect—who had an ever-changing body and was everywhere, as if he could enter billions of worlds at any time—died. The Soul-Destroying Dagger almost turned back into an ordinary weapon.

The fifth slash…

With every slash, at least one Grand Elder died. In the end, even the pretty woman who had been hiding in the Mountain River Universe Map… She tried to run away by turning into a ray of light but she was unable to escape; she was torn apart by Chen Fan’s blade aura as he slashed the map open. The map that could turn into a world even gave a painful cry. A visible mark appeared on it, then it turned into a beam of light to flee.

In a blink, Chen Fan slashed five times and killed six Half Grand Cultivators.

Only Qin Jian was left in the end.

Even though he was called the King of Falling Stars, that he had countless Defensive Dharma Treasures and the Quasi-Divine sword, he was still trembling at that moment. He was like an ant before Chen Fan’s sword! Many onlookers were dumbfounded. Chen Fan’s viciousness was totally unimaginable.

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