Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chapter 964 - Killing a Nascent Soul Practitioner with One Hack

Chapter 964 Killing a Nascent Soul Practitioner with One Hack

“Wait a second.”

When the faint voice was heard, everyone felt as if time had stopped. Trees, grass, animals, and wind, everything in a ten kilometer radius from the Reincarnation Sect froze, not moving in the slightest.

Although the audience was unable to move, their minds raced.

Many young cultivators couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t move.

But the elders knew what was happening.

“Seal of Heaven and Earth! This is the ability of a Nascent Soul Heavenly Lord! It must be from one of the Reincarnation Sect’s Ancestral Patriarchs. But which one? Xuhuang, Jinhai or Hongyang? ”

Connate Cultivators could cast a spell over a few square kilometers area to stop the flow of Essence Qi.

Golden Core Cultivators could tap into the Essence Qi in a much larger area and command it.

However, the Nascent Soul Cultivators spell was called the Forbidding Art. They could deny the movement of everything around them. Since such power was built upon nomological insights of the universe, the Seal of Heaven and Earth had stopped the passage of time. Chen Fan’s Grand Divine Power, Blade of Time was also one kind of Seal of Heaven and Earth.

It was indeed a terrifying art.

However, not even a Nascent Soul Cultivator could keep this art for too long. In a few seconds, the Essence Qi started moving again and people found out they could move again.

Grand Elder Lin Shan was ecstatic. He kneeled and bowed to the mountain.

“Disciple Lin Shan welcomes you, Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang.”

Tens of thousands of disciples of the Reincarnation Sect dropped to their knees and kowtowed to the voice.

“That’s Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang, the oldest Ancestral Patriarch of the Reincarnation Sect. He reached the ultimate enlightenment thirteen thousand years ago, I can’t believe he is still alive.”

Many senior elders exclaimed.

Everyone looked up and saw a middle-aged man descend from the sky with hands linked behind his back.

Despite the white hair on the man’s head, his face only had a couple of wrinkles. He seemed to be in his early forties. However, his gaze was much more wizened compared to the rest of his appearance. Wisdom and knowledge flashed from time to time in his eyes. He floated in the air without using any art. It was as if he were naturally buoyant.

Nascent Soul cultivators would gain nomological insights, therefore, their actions could defy earthly principles such as physics.

“Welcome, Heavenly Lord Hongyang.”

The Ghost Underworld Sect Master stepped forward and kowtowed.

Heavenly Lords were the most powerful beings in Tianhuang. They were so rare that there were more Heavenly Regions that Heavenly Lords. They could bring down anyone who was under the Nascent Soul level and could pin entire Heavenly Regions under their thumbs with ease.

While facing these Grand cultivators, no Sect Master would dare to look at them in the eye.


Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang nodded. Then he regarded Shenxi for a brief moment, nodded approvingly and then looked at Xiao Mang. “Very good,” he said.

In the end, he looked at Chen Fan.

“Your body is brimming with Fiend Energy. I’m impressed. Although the Primordial Fiend Ancestor had a much higher level of attainment than you, the potency and purity of his energy was a far cry from yours. I wager that your Fiend Art is from the Fiend Realm instead of the mortal world. Am I right?” Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang said in a booming voice.

As if magic, words flew out of his mouth and became many brilliant symbols that slowly blended into the rest of the world. Nascent Soul Cultivator’s nomological insights of the universe meant that anything they did and said would become a permanent part of reality.

“It’s none of your business. Why are you stopping me?”

Chen Fan narrowed his eyes, face impassive.

“Nothing, you don’t need to be afraid. I am simply impressed by your power and your extraordinarily rare talent,” Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang said with a smile.

His face beamed from side to side, however, the tension in the air was palpable.

To a Heavenly Lord, any one below the Nascent Soul realm was as insignificant as an insect. Anyone would instinctively feel scared in the presence of a Heavenly Lord, just as a human would in front of a vicious tiger. Even the Sect Masters and Grand Elders stood in silence and fear.

“You have already seen my art, can we leave now?” Chen Fan said as he held onto Xiao Mang’s hand and started off.

“Hold on a second.”

Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang’s body disappeared and reappeared in Chen Fan’s path once again. He said, “Cultivator Chen, please leave Xiao Mang with us. She is our disciple.”

“She is my sister, and she was only living with you people temporarily.”

Chen Fan frowned.

“Once she becomes a disciple of the Reincarnation Sect, she will always be one of us! I don’t care who you are, I will do whatever I can to stop you from taking her away. Failing to do so would be a disgrace to our ancestors,” Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang said with a serious face.

“Hehe, sounds like you really want my sister.”

Chen Fan’s gaze grew cold.

“She belongs to us,” Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang shook his head and said, “The Reincarnation Sect is not ungrateful for the help you offered to her. We can admit you as my final disciple and I will teach you unthinkable arts. You will be a powerful force to be reckoned with.”

“You want me to become your disciple?”

Chen Fan was amused by the suggestion. A deadly intent grew thicker in his eyes.

He was the North Mystic Celestial Lord who had surpassed Immortal Cultivator Cangqin. What could a Nascent Soul Cultivator teach him?

“I think what you’re really after is my Fiend Art.”

Chen Fan sneered.

He had taught Shenxi the Divine Art of Chaos.

However, without mastering the art, Shenxi would be unable to teach others the art. It was a failsafe Chen Fan had used to prevent his potential enemies from becoming too powerful while he rose to power on Tianhuang.

“If I were your master, I would never allow you to use those insidious Fiend Arts. Examining your Fiend Art fully would be one of my duties,” Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang said.

Everyone felt a chill down their spines.

They initially thought the Grand Elder Lin Shan was a ruthless ruler, but Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang had really opened their eyes. Admitting Chen Fan as his final disciple was a ruse, what he really after was to strip Chen Fan’s powerful art from him and use it for himself. If Chen Fan dared to defy him, he could easily do away with him in the name of sect rules.

“He is ruthless. Are all Nascent Soul Heavenly Lords like this?”

Everyone was terrified.

Xiao Mang widened her eyes incredulously. She couldn’t believe that the Ancestral Patriarch could be this shameless.

Meanwhile, Wu Shan and the Sect Master of the Ghost Underworld Sect looked at Chen Fan gloatingly. They were convinced that Chen Beixuan would cave in sooner or later.

“There’s no time to waste. Come with me now.”

Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang didn’t wait for Chen Fan’s answer and tried to grab him.

His movement seemed ordinary at first, however, his energy quickly filled up the space and stopped the flow of air. It was the Seal of Heaven and Earth once again. No one could even lift a finger. Lin Wuhua was turned into a frozen statue while her mind was terrorized by the incredible power.

“Break!” Chen Fan said.

Chen Fan’s voice boomed as six Dharma Forms appeared behind him. It was the Six Sacred Ancestor Fiend Art. Chen Fan had charged up the art to its maximum potential, forming a forbidding ground around him to protect Xiao Mang and Lin Wuhua.

“Resistance is futile. Anyone below the Nascent Soul would pose no threat to me. You won’t be able to break my spell,” Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang said lightly.

Then he doubled down on his art.

The pressure in the air gained more intensity, threatening to crush the six Fiend God Forms. Already, the Fiend God Forms were shrinking in size.

“I have no quarrel with the Reincarnation Sect. I paid back Shenxi what I owed her by giving her a Divine Grade Golden Core. Is that not enough for you? Aren’t you afraid of karma?” Chen Fan said calmly.

“Haha, how much is Karma worth? I am a Heavenly Lord, I am the law! ” Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang let out a peal of laughter. His sharp voice boomed in everyone’s ears.

Without speaking further, Chen Fan punched.

The six Fiend God Forms flew into Chen Fan, strengthening his body. Chen Fan catapulted his body against Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang, turning into a sea of white energy.

Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang waved his sleeve gently.


Chen Fan was knocked off balance. He tumbled back a few hundred kilometers before he finally gathered himself. A smear of blood appeared at one corner of his mouth.

Although he had attained a level four Golden Core and his physique refinement was impeccable, he was not a Nascent Soul Cultivator. Therefore, he was struggling during the fight.


Tears welled in Xiao Mang’s eyes as a golden flame surrounded her. The True Dragon took to the skies, snarling, and hurling swooping down towards Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang. However, the attack was countered by Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang with ease.

“Insolence. You are my sect’s goddess, but you still need to abide by the sect rules.”

After said that, Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang threw Xiao Mang over to Elder Yuelon.

“She’ll be grounded for a hundred years and won’t be allowed to come out until she reaches the Golden Core realm.”


Elder Yuelon lowered her head.

“Release her!”

Chen Fan rammed through a mountain and appeared in the sky. His clothes were in tatters, but his battle will was surging. Boiling Fiend Qi swirled around him, making him look like a Fiend God.

“Talk to me when you have become a Heavenly Lord.”

Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang’s aloof voice drifted down from the clouds.

He pointed a finger at the sky, as his body grew to incredible size. Suddenly, dark clouds gathered above Mount Reincarnation and cracks of thunder started to manifest. He had summoned the forces in Shenxi’s Thunder Tribulation.

Such was the power of a Heavenly Lord, he had all the elements of the world under his control.

Everyone was stunned by Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang’s power.

He had summoned a Thunder Tribulation with a wave of his hand. Such power and marvelous conjuring should only belong to a god. Many people moaned for Chen Fan in their minds. They were convinced that Chen Fan was doomed.

“Just surrender.”

Elder Yuelon heaved a sigh.

Lin Wuhua and Zhao Juexian turned into bundles of nerves. This was the first time they doubted that Chen Fan would be able to emerge victoriously.

Suddenly, Chen Fan’s anger was gone.

He regained his calm composure and then he looked at Lin Wuhua.

“Didn’t you ask me what the Extreme Sword Intent is? I told you that it meant that you can defy nomological laws of the universe. I will show you today.”

Chen Fan closed his fingers and shouted.



The Heavenly Blade of Obliteration on Zhao Juexian’s back suddenly became alive with sizzling azure energy. It flew into Chen Fan’s hand.

With the blade in his hand, Chen Fan transformed into a Divine Beast larger than Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang. The beast commanded the power of thunder, and its energy quickly overshadowed that of Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang. The Ancestral Patriarch was taken aback and then he realized in fear that the beast was a Thunder Loch.


Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang’s face paled and was about to run away, however, it was too late.

“Thunder Divine Blade! Cracking The Firmament.”

Chen Fan shouted as he hacked at his foe with the blade.


The sky cracked open, spilling out many unnamable colors.

The attack tore the fabric of reality, and sliced through Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang’s body with ease. Lin Shan and many other cultivators were shaken to the core in the presence of such an unthinkable power.

Chen Fan’s attack had defied the nomological laws and killed a Nascent Soul Cultivator.


The attack opened up the ground, making a large crack that extended from Chen Fan to miles away, severing the entire Reincarnation Sect into two. Ancestral Patriarch Hongyang was right in the middle of the path and was also neatly sliced in two halves.

At this moment.

Everyone looked up into the sky, and saw the man who could control Thunder.

They felt that they were staring at a god!

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