Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 1331 - Being Beaten Up

Chapter 1331 Being Beaten Up

“Mom, tell me. Who is the one who demeaned Dad between the lines and praised herself all these years so that I would look down on my dad and hate and bear grudges against him!!”

As it turned out, Qiao Zijin did not simply bear grudges against Ding Jiayi. Instead, it had developed into hatred toward her.

If her mother did not have the wrong impression that she was pregnant with a boy and mistreated her when she was at a young age, using harsh words to frighten her, she would not find Qiao Nan an eyesore the moment she was born and could not wait for her to be kicked out of the family.

Qiao Zijin had grown up and she was smart. Qiao Nan had a good life and a high social status. She knew that if she apologized to her sincerely and patched up with Qiao Nan, they could still be siblings. Although they might not be very close, given Qiao Nan’s personality, she would not watch while she struggled with life.

However, she could not make herself do that!

Since a young age, she was full of hatred for Qiao Nan. She already hated her even before she was born.

She bore the grudges and hatred for so many years. It was deeply rooted and there was no way to change it now.

Whenever she wanted to say nice words to Qiao Nan and get along well with her, Qiao Zijin would feel terrible. It was as if her heart was sliced to tiny and small pieces, making her suffer in excruciating pain.

“Although I find Qiao Nan an eyesore, I never really said harsh words to Qiao Nan back when we all lived together. Dad, do you know the reason why I never did anything atrocious and I made Mom do it instead?”

Qiao Dongliang was interested to know the answer. Ding Jiayi, who was being lectured by Qiao Zijin, turned pale and had a guilty look on her face. She looked toward Qiao Zijin, wanting to know the answer as well.

As expected, Qiao Zijin raised her finger and pointed toward Ding Jiayi. “It is all because of her. She is the reason why I hated Qiao Nan as soon as she was born. As a result, I am not willing to speak to her or do anything to hurt her. I don’t want to dirty my hands and my mouth. It is as if a stray dog pooped in my courtyard. I will not clean it so as not to dirty my hands. But I will let my mother clean it up for me. I didn’t even want to look at it!”

To her, Qiao Nan was tantamount to the dung that the stray dog passed out!

“Qiao Nan must slough her guts out for me until the day she dies. As for you, the useless dad, you should be looked down upon by me. In the future, there is no need for me to be filial to you because you don’t deserve it. Mom, you told me all this. This is what you have been telling me the past twenty years.”

There was a distorted look of hatred on Qiao Zijin’s pretty face. “This is what you have taught me these twenty years. Why didn’t you tell me that he is my dad and I should respect him, and I shouldn’t say such words to him? He is my dad. He gave me life and he raised me. It is difficult for him. But didn’t you say that you had the most difficult life and you are the one who gave birth to me and raised me? Without you, my dad would not be able to send me to school or provide for me.”

Qiao Dongliang widened his eyes in anger at Qiao Zijin’s words. His bloodshot eyes gave off a scary look. “Did you tell all these to Zijin from a young age?”

Qiao Dongliang believed that a man should take care of external matters while his wife took care of domestic affairs.

Everyone in the Ping Cheng quad praised Qiao Zijin for being a likable kid who was good with words. Although Qiao Nan was quiet, she was kindhearted and good in her studies. She was a good child as well. This was what people used to think before Qiao Nan had a high fever.

Qiao Dongliang felt that since the neighbors had such a good impression of his children, it was the right decision to leave the family to Ding Jiayi. Although under her care, they did not turn out to be very outstanding, they were still better than average.

Qiao Dongliang never expected that all this was just a facade. The truth was so ugly and painful. He never would have imagined that Ding Jiayi, who was traditional and put her husband as her priority, would use such vicious methods to teach the elder daughter. She kept sowing discord between the elder daughter, him, and the younger daughter.

He worked hard every day and he brought every single cent of his salary back home to Ding Jiayi. In the end, this was what he got from Ding Jiayi.

She felt that he was useless?

She felt that he was a man who could not even provide for his wife and children?

If Ding Jiayi did not manage the money, the two daughters would not be able to go to school and would have starved to death.

Hahahahha. Qiao Dongliang swore that this was the biggest joke that he had ever heard in his entire life!

Qiao Dongliang’s face looked distorted. “Ding Jiayi, I have no idea that you have so many grievances all these years in this marriage and that you are so capable. I have let you down in this life! Perhaps, if I rejected Uncle Lee when he introduced a girlfriend to me and you married the man that your mom introduced to you, the children that you might have with him would have struck it big and lived in a big house. I am really sorry for dragging you down with me. I should not have taken you away from your happiness and made you suffer with me!!!”

Qiao Dongliang felt like tearing apart Ding Jiayi’s heart right this moment.

Ding Jiayi was in a total panic. “Old Qiao, n-no, this is not the truth. Zijin is lying. I did not say this to her. How could I have said this? I know very well how much you have done for the family. You were the one who earned the money and provided for us. You doted on Zijin very much. Zijin, don’t you feel guilty maligning me? Hurry, explain to your dad and tell him that I did not say all these.”

Ding Jiayi, who was scared stiff, gave Qiao Zijin a few hard smacks on her back. The people in the corridor could feel the pain even when watching by the side. That was because she was the one who was being smacked on the back two years ago. “Such a bad girl! When did you learn to tell such lies? Are you trying to sow discord between your parents?”

Zijin was such a little devil. How could she say such words without thinking about the consequences?

Zijin only needed to bear in mind what she used to tell her. There was no need for her to make it known to Qiao Dongliang. She was creating trouble for her and making Old Qiao hate her.

Although she stayed in the same house as Qiao Dongliang these two years, they never shared a bed or a room. They did not get back together. Ding Jiayi was worried that Old Qiao would believe Zijin’s words and refuse to get back together with her. “Wretched girl, are you crazy? Do you wish that you don’t have a dad or a mom?”

Didn’t she realize that these words would have a devastating impact?

Qiao Zijin was not someone who would allow herself to be ill-treated or be beaten by other people. She did not dodge Ding Jiayi’s smacks initially as she had never been beaten by Ding Jiayi ever since Qiao Nan was born, and she was caught off-guard.

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