Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 1641 - Inside Story

Chapter 1641: Inside Story

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Sun Guohong sat down and tugged at the corners of his lips indifferently while looking at Fang Shiyou. “I’m here on behalf of Shengnan.”

“On behalf of Shengnan?” Fang Shiyou repeated, and his expression changed slightly. “Who are you? What’s your relationship with Shengnan?” The man in front of him brought a strange sense of pressure on Fang Shiyou. The man was taller than him and had a better physique than him. But all these were not the main point. Fang Shiyou was now a middle-aged man, whose body had gained weight. His whole body was filled with soft fats.

On the other end of the spectrum, Sun Guohong, who was similarly middle-aged, had a toned and muscular body. Even with a jacket, there was no way of completely concealing his toned body. Sun Guohong’s agile posture and strong physique were envied by all men, yet not everyone could build a body like that.

In the face of such an incredibly strong man, Fang Shiyou naturally felt extremely stressed as someone of the same gender.

“Actually, what you want to ask is what my relationship with Sheng Nan is and what rights I have to sit here representing Shengnan, right?” Sun Guohong raised his eyebrows. “You’ll understand once you see this.” Sun Guohong handed over an invitation to the wedding between him and Xu Shengnan. “You and Shengnan had an unpleasant past, but I’m still grateful to you. Without you, I might never have met such a good woman like her at the right time.”

“An invitation? Who… who’s getting married?” Fang Shiyou’s hands trembled. He was fearful and did not dare to open it.

“I’m getting married to Shengnan at the end of next month. Shengnan and I will be elated if you are able to join us. I promise you that I’ll treat Ling Ling like my own daughter. Oh, right, please don’t bother with a red packet. Shengnan and I won’t mind about it.” It was not easy. He was finally getting married at such an old age!

At the thought of this, Sun Guohong’s face was almost filled with tears. No matter how he saw it, it was all because he had a good sister-in-law. If not for his sister-in-law, he would not have been able to win over his future father-in-law and mother-in-law so quickly. Even before the year came to an end, he would be able to hug his wife to sleep every night from now on.

Sun Guohong was very clear that he had appeared very suddenly in front of the Xu family. Apart from Ling Ling’s acceptance of him, Father and Mother Xu had only accepted him in such a short time entirely because of Qiao Nan.

It was because of this good sister-in-law that he could have Xu Shengnan as his wife so soon. Without his sister-in-law, this good wife might not even be his!

Fang Shiyou threw the invitation back onto the table loudly. “You’re getting married to Xu Shengnan? Nonsense! Do you know who I am? I’m Xu Shengnan’s husband! Do you have a death wish to say that you’re marrying my wife in front of me?”

Fang Shiyou’s shrill voice immediately drew the attention of everyone in the restaurant. It was not uncommon to see mistresses fighting with the ‘original’. The problem was that these people were usually women. Today, both the ‘mistress’ and the ‘original wife’ were both men! That was rare indeed! Who was this woman that these men were willing to fight over?

But no matter whether they were male or female, the third party would always be beaten!

Was Sun Guohong willing to suffer because of Fang Shiyou?

“Fang Shiyou, when Shengnan found out about your affair a few years ago, the two of you already got a divorce. Since then, you’ve had no relationship with her. To Shengnan, you’re just her ex-husband now. You’ve been divorced for so many years now. I’m not married, and neither is she. So why can’t we get married? Oh, that’s right. Besides the wedding invitation, I have something else to show you. At that time, you got a divorce from Shengnan for the sake of your mistress. Seeing that we are both men, I’m going to tell you about this so that you won’t always be bullied. That child isn’t yours. It’s someone else’s. The photographs are all here. You can look at them yourself. And this is how ‘your’ son will look like when he grows up. You can just compare it to that man in the photograph and see if it looks like that man or you.”

A plot twist. A god-like plot twist.

That so-called husband was actually an ex, and the so-called third party was a new lover whom the woman had found years after that couple had gotten divorced. The biggest plot twist was that the ex had gotten a divorce for the sake of his son in his mistress’ stomach, but that third party had another affair, and that son was actually someone else’s son!

Interesting. Too interesting! It was way more interesting than soap operas!

“That’s impossible! That’s impossible! These are all fake! I won’t believe a single thing you say! You’re lying to me just to help Shengnan get revenge on me. That’s why you created these photos just to cheat me, right? You two are downright disgusting. You’re a pair of bast*rds! I won’t accept that man-like woman Xu Shengnan even if you give her to me. And you’re treating her like your treasure? Please suit yourself! I’ll wait for your retribution! I won’t let today’s matter slide! Just you wait!”

Fang Shiyou was raging, just shy of flipping the table. After yelling at Sun Guohong, he collected the photographs on the table without missing a single one and stuffed them into his bag. “All these photographs are fake! I won’t leave them in your hands, lest you and Xu Shengnan use them to humiliate me again! I’m going to destroy them!”

“Hehehe…” Sun Guohong sneered. They were both men. He had taken all the photographs without leaving even just one behind, and he even claimed that he was going to destroy them. Who was he kidding? If he really meant to destroy them, could he not just spill coffee over them?

After sitting for a while, Sun Guohong finally cursed. “F*ck! That fool ran off without paying. He’s too stingy to even pay for a cup of coffee that costs less than a hundred yuan. No wonder he’s shameless enough to ask Shengnan to reconcile with him. I’m afraid that this fool, Fang Shiyou, has a cleaner pocket than face! Shameless indeed!”

There was no other choice. Fang Shiyou had already escaped, and Sun Guohong could not possibly run after him. Sun Guohong could only pay for Fang Shiyou’s cup of coffee. This angered Sun Guohong so much that he swore to chase Fang Shiyou for that money once he had the opportunity.

It was not that he was too poor to treat someone to coffee. But he was really unwilling to spend his money on someone like Fang Shiyou. That was truly a waste of money.

Just as Sun Guohong had expected, Fang Shiyou had taken all the photographs not because he was afraid that Sun Guohong and Xu Shengnan would use them to slander him. Fang Shiyou was hoping to see if he could use these photographs to find out where his ‘true love’ was and to see if that child looked like the boy in the photograph now that he had grown up.

The boy in the photograph was about five or six years old and was rotund and chubby. Unfortunately, the boy’s skin was too dark, unlike Fang Shiyou, who had pale skin and good facial features.

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