Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 18 - Valued

Chapter 18: Valued

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“Nan Nan, how can you spend money so indiscriminately?” Qiao Zijin was not happy, she knew that the money that Qiao Nan had on hand was not much, and that she had saved it up over the years.

She was actually thinking of asking Qiao Nan to spend the money on her, so that she could attend high school in a proud fashion.

Qiao Dongliang’s happy face turned dark. “How is this a waste of money, the money is well spent!”

Qiao Dongliang knew that buying books from the waste recycling station were much cheaper than purchasing new ones directly from the school. Not only the money was not wasted, but it was also worth it!

“Let me ask you, where did your money come from?” Ding Jiayi tugged at Qiao Nan. “How much did you spend on buying the book? How much do you have left? Take it out.”

Wretched girl, she even dared to hide money.

“What are you doing?” Qiao Dongliang pulled Qiao Nan behind him. Ding Jiayi did not dare to come forward to touch Qiao Nan. “The money was from me.”

However, he had not given much. It seemed that Nan Nan had never spent that money. After so many years of savings, they were finally put to a good use at this crucial moment!

“Nan Nan, is the money enough, did you buy just one book? If that’s not enough, don’t be afraid, tell me. I will buy for you!”

It was obvious to Qiao Dongliang that the younger daughter would never be able to receive a single cent from his wife. No matter how small the amount was, any money that the younger daughter had would be confiscated by his wife.

Fortunately, his wife did not know about this stash. Otherwise, the younger daughter ​would not have conceived the idea of buying books from the waste recycling station.

Moreover, the elder daughter had spent all the money that he had given her and even bought those novels.

With this, Qiao Dongliang began to pay more attention to the younger daughter who had been quiet all this time.

Both daughters should be loved, but five fingers were not of the same length. In Qiao Dongliang’s impression, besides performing better in her studies, Qiao Nan did not have any other positive qualities.

But today or recently, Qiao Dongliang found out that, besides not as being as affectionate as the elder daughter, the younger daughter actually had many merits. Not only did she have the tendency to do the right thing, but she was also very intelligent.

If Old Ding was not the mother of the younger daughter, she might not be able to bully her.

True enough, having heard what Qiao Nan said next, Qiao Dongliang became very certain of this.

“No, I found the secondary one and two textbooks.”

“Where are they?” Ding Jiayi asked loudly.

When she found all those books, she would not leave any for Qiao Nan. At the very least, she would ask the school to extend an additional year for Qiao Nan to complete her compulsory education. Not more than that!

“They are not at home anyway.” Qiao Nan snorted. “Which book would you like to see? I will bring it back.”

When she brought the book home, Dad was already home. If Dad was around, Mom would not dare to grab her book, nor would she dare to tear it.

When she heard Qiao Nan’s answer, Ding Jiayi was furious. On the contrary, Qiao Dongliang laughed. He touched the younger daughter’s head. “This is quite good.”

The younger daughter had also learnt guerrilla warfare with the old Ding. She had inherited the qualities of the old Qiao family.

If Qiao Nan had been a son, the old Qiao family would have a successor. This was a living soldier with great potential!

Qiao Dongliang took a glance at Ding Jiayi who had the cheek to be angry. “Old Ding, remember what I said? Nan Nan is good, we have to nurture her.”

Qiao Dongliang’s words made Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin’s faces change simultaneously. Not only were they unable make Qiao Nan quit school and work, but now they had to nurture her. How were they going to do that?!

If they nurtured Qiao Nan, what about Qiao Zijin?

Qiao Dongliang was the sole breadwinner, and all the savings in the family had been wiped out by Ding Jiayi.

One earns and four spent, Out of the four, two were big spenders, Ding Jiayi thought. She was at the top of her anger and ulcers formed all around her mouth that night.

Ding Jiayi, who was bitter in her heart, could not bring herself to tell Qiao Dongliang about this. She could only worry about this herself.

The next morning when Qiao Dongliang saw Ding Jiayi had a mouth of ulcers, he only thought that his wife was heaty, but the two daughters knew in their hearts why Ding Jiayi were like this.

Qiao Nan could not even protect herself, not to mention that she had always been the one being sacrificed. No matter how anxious Ding Jiayi was, at this time, Qiao Nan was not willing or able to help.

So, one day before the start of school, Qiao Nan continued to go to the Zhai family to revise. In order to avoid Ding Jiayi, Qiao Nan did not even go home for lunch at noon, she spent five cents and bought a loaf of bread to tide over her hunger.

She waited until the evening when Qiao Dongliang got off work before she went home again.

After revising for two days, Qiao Nan became more aware of her current standard. After some consideration, Qiao Nan felt that it was necessary to talk to Qiao Dongliang. “Dad.”

“Is there something? Come in.”

Qiao Dongliang pointed to the stool in the room, Qiao Nan sat on it. “Dad, this is the situation, I have to let you know. Mom’s attitude, as you know, during this summer vacation… Dad, this time after school starts, my results may not be as good as before, or may even be a little worse. Dad, can you not take into account the mid-term exam results, and wait for my performance at end of the term?”

Qiao Nan was really worried that with only half a semester of time, she might not be able to catch up, and then if her mother kicked up a fuss, her dad would relent and make her quit school.

Qiao Dongliang thought about it: ‘Yes, but Nan Nan, you have to remember that since you have made a promise, I can disregard the mid-term exam, but you have to give me a satisfactory answer in the final term. Otherwise, I won’t be able to explain it to your mother either.’

In teaching a child, having flexibility is important.

You can’t pull the reigns too tightly, neither can you let it loose too much.

The fiasco of Qiao Zijin’s middle school examination made Qiao Dongliang reflected for a long time. He felt that the couple had been too assured with their elder daughter and too lax in monitoring her studies. As a result, Qiao Zijin became who she was.

He did want to make a second mistake twice, this time, on his younger daughter.

“Okay.” Qiao Nan did not know ​​Qiao Dongliang’s thoughts, but she placed these words of Qiao Dongliang in her heart with great importance.

In any case, she won more than half a year’s time for herself.

“Dad, then I shall go and revise.” Having given the opportunity that she fought hard for, Qiao Nan cherished it immensely and immediately went back to the room to read.

“Mom.” Qiao Zijin stayed with Ding Jiayi at the stove, her eyes full of worries.

“Phew… ” Ding Jiayi breathed a sigh of relief. “Don’t worry, Mom will find a way. The wretched girl will start school tomorrow, so don’t bother about it this year. But after you go to high school, you have to save more money. Also, that savings of Qiao Nan, you didn’t know?”

When she heard that she had to tighten her belt, Qiao Zijin was unhappy. “Daddy only gave me and Nan Nan a few cents. I thought that Qiao Nan also spent it all. I didn’t know that she saved them up.”

“In future, keep a tight watch for me and don’t let her have any money on hand. Look at this matter. If she doesn’t have money, she can’t buy books and when she fails her middle school exams, she will have to work. It will at most be delayed for a year.”

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