Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 1865 - I Should Return

Chapter 1865: I Should Return

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“Since there are three bedrooms, your grandparents live in one of them. The other larger one is for Wei Wei and is combined together with the study room. The last one is for your aunt, right?” Qiao Nan put her fingers up for Wei Jiajia to count.

Wei Jiajia nodded. “That’s right. My aunt’s room isn’t very big. It’s smaller than the typical study rooms.”

“And you told me that your dad occasionally spends the night at your grandma’s house, right? Your dad is a soldier and doesn’t even have much time to spend time with you and your mom. Do you think it’s normal for him to stay at your grandma’s house instead of spending time with his wife and child? Moreover, since the three rooms already have their owners, have you ever thought about where your dad sleeps when he sleeps over at your grandma’s house?”

“My-my dad…” Wei Jiajia was speechless. She had no idea where her dad slept when he spent the night at her grandma’s house. “Maybe he sleeps in the living room!”

Her dad would never sleep in her grandparents’ room. Her dad had never talked about it, but she knew that her dad thought that there was a smell in their room because her grandparents were advanced in age. Wei Wei had grown up being spoiled and pampered. He had been upset about sharing a room with someone else in his school’s dormitory, so there was no way he would share his bed space with someone else, even if this ‘someone else’ was the uncle who had raised and treated him well.

With her aunt…

No, that was impossible!

“Since you guys don’t know where he sleeps in the Wei family’s house, there’s no way I would know. I’m just a bystander looking at this matter in a very rational manner. That’s what I think. They’re not biological siblings. Even biological siblings aren’t that close once they grow up. Besides, Wei Xiaomei is already a mother with a child, even though she’s never gotten married in her life. Do you think it’s appropriate for a grown man like your dad to sleep in the living room when he has a younger sister who’s so old and unmarried? Is it appropriate for him to be staying over at the Wei family’s house?”

China was still a conservative and traditional country. Such a situation had to be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, it would only attract gossip.

“It’s already quite humiliating that Wei Xiaomei had Wei Wei out of wedlock. Even if your dad doesn’t mind that Wei Xiaomei has almost no reputation left, do you think he would not care about his own reputation?” Others might not consider this, but Wei De would surely be the first person to consider such a situation.

“There are many things that are taken for granted because people get used to them. Actually, that’s a very scary habit to have. You seem to have forgotten about why the neighbors never seem to have anything to say about Wei Wei staying with the Wei family. That’s because they have no idea that Wei Xiaomei is an adopted daughter of the Wei family.”

Even after coming to Ping Cheng, everyone else apart from the Zhai family thought that Wei Xiaomei had given birth to Wei Wei after getting married and had then gotten divorced. It was just that the man she had gotten married to was not a good person and had not wanted anything to do with his son after getting divorced.

Because she was too upset, Wei Xiaomei had never talked about that man. Even Wei Wei himself had no idea what his father’s name was. This was why he had been mocked and ridiculed in school.

Since the neighbors did not know that Wei Xiaomei had been adopted, no one would find it strange if Wei De were to occasionally spend the night at the Wei family’s house. That was why no one had suspected or misunderstood anything.

It was exactly because of such an environment that everyone had taken it for granted and overlooked the illogical and unreasonable parts. As long as their neighbors found out that the Wei family had adopted Wei Xiaomei, those people would probably start rumors about the Wei family when they thought back about the Wei family’s situation.

“Say something, Mom. I don’t believe Auntie Qiao.” It was true that her dad did not treat her as well as he treated Wei Wei, but she did not believe that her dad and his family were people like that. They could not have been lying to her mom, to her, and to her maternal grandma’s family all this time.

“I…” Zhai Hua was confused and couldn’t think critically. At this time, Zhai Hua had not returned from her trance and was unable to say anything.

Qiao Nan sighed. “There’s no need for us to keep guessing. It’s very simple for us to find out the truth. When you go back, take anything with Wei Wei’s and Wei De’s DNA. It can be a strand of hair. Sister Zhai Hua, given your capabilities, I’m sure that you’ll be able to find someone to do a DNA test. Let’s not start baseless accusations and make wild assumptions. Let’s put our trust in science. What do you guys think about that?”

“…” Zhai Hua remained silent. She was like a fly without its head.

Wei Jiajia gritted her teeth. “Fine!” Testing their DNA would be better than letting their imaginations run wild and scaring themselves. They needed an answer to this anyway. If Auntie Qiao had gotten it wrong, she would never be envious about her dad treating Wei Wei well in the future and would even apologize to her dad for her suspicions.

On the contrary, if it turned out to be true…

Wei Jiajia looked at Zhai Hua worriedly. Apart from herself, the one who would be dealt the hardest blow was her mom.

“Jiajia, are you sure?” Zhai Hua had only reluctantly agreed because her daughter had agreed to it. She was unable to accept it, and she could tell that Jiajia would be even more unable to handle such truth. She preferred Wei De treating Wei Xiaomei and Wei Wei well out of the goodness of his heart instead.

But if it turned out that Wei Wei was indeed Wei De’s biological child, she would become a huge joke.

“All right, since Jiajia thinks we should do it, let’s do it!” Zhai Hua clenched her fist. “It’s already the fifth day of the new year tomorrow. I should bring Jiajia back home. No matter what, thank you for your concern, Qiao Nan.” At least, Qiao Nan had brought this problem up so that she would no longer have to worry about this problem in the future if they investigated it now.

After coming to a decision, the mother-and-daughter pair left the Zhai family’s old villa for Ping Cheng the next day. Of course, it was not just Zhai Hua and her daughter who left this time. Since it was already the fifth day of the new year, Qiao Nan thought that her door would be fixed by now since it had been half a month since that incident. If it was not, she would buy a lock and learn how to fix it herself.

Qiao Nan felt uneasy staying in the Zhai family’s old villa for the long term.

“Qiao Nan, there’s no hurry for you to leave. Our house is so big and we have so many rooms. You can continue staying here! Now that Hua Hua and Jiajia are gone, I’ll have no one to accompany me if you leave too!” Now that the new year celebrations were over, Miao Jing was regretful that she had not been able to present her watch as a gift, let alone that bracelet.

Why was it so easy for other people to give their gifts away? They had already prepared their gifts but had never gotten the chance to give it away!

“Auntie Miao, thank you for your hospitality. I’ve been bothering you for way too long. My rented apartment should be fixed by now. I have to return eventually.” And so, it was time for her to bid farewell.

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