Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 1975 - Settling Together

Chapter 1975: Settling Together

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“We’re really moving?” Qiao Nan took things as they were. She felt depressed that Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi kept troubling her. However, they were gone now, and it didn’t seem that they would be returning in the future. Qiao Nan felt a little lazy to move house. “Actually, there’s nothing much now. It’s inappropriate for me to move over now.”

Zhai Sheng carried Qiao Nan. “You’re still hesitating? Haven’t you thought it through? I’ve even typed the marriage report out. If you regret it now, it’s the same as you being a hooligan.”

Qiao Nan blushed even more as she leaned in Zhai Sheng’s arms. “No hesitation, no regrets. I just feel that our relationship hasn’t reached that stage yet, so it’s inappropriate for us to live together.” The main point was that people could easily gossip. If such gossip could be avoided, then there’s nothing wrong with wanting to listen to it less.

“Since you’re not regretting it or hesitating, what are you saying so much for? Just move in. I believe in your actions more.” Zhai Sheng was a decisive person. He never cared about other people’s gossip. He understood that even if Qiao Nan was a perfect person, there would still be gossip when the two of them were going to be together.

This was unavoidable. Why should he sacrifice his happy times because of outsiders’ opinions? “Your room’s there, right? It seems like you haven’t finished packing. Let me help you. I normally pack luggage quickly. Take a seat outside and drink that cup of tea. Give me five minutes. I promise to help you pack your luggage. We’ll return together.”

Since Qiao Nan wasn’t taking the initiative, Zhai Sheng didn’t mind being more proactive. He was a big man. He should be taking the initiative. Furthermore, for a heavier task like packing luggage, Qiao Nan should indeed sit down, rest, and have a cup of tea. He should do it.

As he finished his words, Zhai Sheng moved quickly into Qiao Nan’s room. He dragged out the big suitcase that Qiao Nan placed in the corner, opened the closet, and started working.

Qiao Nan didn’t have a lot of clothes. Even if she had left the Qiao family and lived alone, Qiao Nan didn’t add too many clothes for herself. It was because of Miao Jing’s insistence when she went to Ping Cheng this time that Qiao Nan added a few more new clothes. Qiao Nan had little clothes and Zhai Sheng moved fast enough. When Qiao Nan recovered herself and wanted to stop Zhai Sheng, the suitcase was already one-third filled.

Qiao Nan stopped Zhai Sheng in a flurry. “There’s no need to. I can do it myself. Go and have a drink outside. I’ll pack my luggage quickly.” The clothes in the closet were already half empty.

After packing the clothes, he would be pulling out the underwear from the drawers next. Upon thinking about these intimate items, how would Qiao Nan dare to say that she didn’t want to pack her luggage? It was already not bad if she could put these items into her suitcase with her own hands.

It was a pity that Qiao Nan’s hands and feet were not as quick as Zhai Sheng’s. When Qiao Nan grabbed the remaining coats from the closet, Zhai Sheng had already pulled out the drawers without a word. With a nonchalant look, he placed the neatly folded pile of underwear into the suitcase.

Qiao Nan could feel smoke rising from her head. Especially when she saw her underwear in Zhai Sheng’s hands, Qiao Nan felt that she could consider dying. “Brother Zhai, I really don’t need your help. I can do it myself. Go out and rest. Give me five minutes. I’ll be done soon.”

This time, Qiao Nan didn’t give Zhai Sheng the opportunity to refuse. She stood between Zhai Sheng and the cabinet so that Zhai Sheng couldn’t get close to it and reach out for the clothes again. She also placed both hands on Zhai Sheng and kept pushing him outside.

How would Zhai Sheng pay attention to Qiao Nan’s strength? As long as Zhai Sheng wasn’t willing to, it was impossible for Qiao Nan to even get him to move a step, let alone being pushed outside.

It was just that one must know their limits. Furthermore, Qiao Nan had already promised to move to the Zhai family’s old villa. Since he had already obtained the result he wanted, he should slow down his attacking speed.

After leaving Qiao Nan’s room obediently, Zhai Sheng sat down and drank a glass of water. Not a single drop was left. After drinking water, Zhai Sheng still felt thirsty. However, he lowered his head and reached out his hand. He seemed to be measuring something. “So, were they that small?”

Zhai Sheng didn’t forget the feeling when he had those silky fabrics in his hands. In fact, his heart suffered quite a bit of agitation. Zhai Sheng was embarrassed to show it in front of Qiao Nan just now. Now that Qiao Nan wasn’t around, the action of Zhai Sheng reaching out his hand and squeezing it in midair seemed a little awkward.

When Qiao Nan finished packing and walked out with her luggage, she was still blushing. “Brother Zhai, I’m done.” Initially, Qiao Nan still wanted to dawdle in her room. She felt quite shy to look Zhai Sheng in the eye now.

However, based on Zhai Sheng’s performance just now, Qiao Nan was worried that if she was slower, Zhai Sheng was going to come in and take the initiative to pack her luggage again. Upon thinking of that extremely embarrassing moment when Zhai Sheng held her underwear in his hands, Qiao Nan didn’t have any further thoughts. How would she dare to play any tricks?

Zhai Sheng cleared his throat and stood up. “Let me take your luggage.” Zhai Sheng took her suitcase in one hand and held Qiao Nan’s hand with the other. The couple left side by side.

Xiao Xu had been waiting in the car. Upon seeing that Qiao Nan really walked out with Zhai Sheng, he smiled heartily. “Sister Qiao, should I address you as Madam Zhai now?” He shouldn’t be addressing her wrongly now, right? She was going to stay in the Zhai family’s old villa soon. It would be too overboard if she didn’t let him address her as Madam Zhai.

Qiao Nan felt a headache. “Don’t rush to call me that. I’m fine if you want to call me Sister Qiao or Auntie Qiao.” She wasn’t in a hurry to be addressed differently. Please let her deceive herself a while more.

“Is something troubling you?” Qiao Nan’s look of deep thoughts attracted Zhai Sheng’s attention. “Weren’t you alright a few days ago?” Nan Nan’s performance today seemed to be back to how it was a few months ago. She was more sensitive now.

Qiao Nan laughed bitterly. “Even if there is something, I can’t hide it from you. Let’s talk again when we’re home.” Xiao Xu was around now. It wasn’t convenient for Qiao Nan to mention the Qiao family’s situation. She didn’t want Xiao Xu to listen to a joke.

Zhai Sheng held Qiao Nan by the shoulder so that she leaned in his arms. He was telling Qiao Nan silently that she shouldn’t feel embarrassed no matter what happened. He would always be by her side and accompany her to resolve the issue.

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