Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 2305 - Not the Same (3)

Chapter 2305: Not the Same (3)

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After this happened a lot of times, Wang Yang lost all patience. He found Zhu Baoguo displeasing to the eye. They were like magnets of the same pole, repelling each other fiercely.

It was difficult for Wang Yang to pretend in front of Zhu Baoguo. He didn’t even have the slightest sense of brotherhood toward Zhu Baoguo. After sensing this, Zhu Baoguo hated Wang Yang more.

In the eyes of others, Zhu Baoguo had been bullying the honest and cute Wang Yang. However, in Zhu Baoguo’s heart, Wang Yang was a child full of pretense. Once their relationship became bad, the plan Father Wang thought of previously naturally couldn’t succeed. Wang Yang always pretended to behave well in front of others. However, in front of Zhu Baoguo, he always couldn’t help but flash his claws.

Father Wang felt helpless that things progressed to this stage today. He didn’t understand. Wang Yang used to have a lot of playmates when he was young. Even if not all of them treated Wang Yang as a boss, they listened to his words well. Why was it that when it was Zhu Baoguo’s turn, he was so stubborn?

If not for the bad relationship between Zhu Baoguo and Wang Yang, which infuriated Wang Yang, Wang Yang wouldn’t have bribed hooligans to lead Zhu Baoguo astray and even hit him. Otherwise, Zhu Baoguo could have become a good pair of brothers with Wang Yang. Not only would Zhu Baoguo not die, but there also wouldn’t be so many unpleasant things in the Wang family.

As such, Zhu Chengqi wasn’t the only one with all the problems. Zhu Baoguo was the first exception as he had caused things not to develop according to the normal conditions.

Upon thinking about the men from the Zhu family, Father Wang felt a headache. He even found Mother Zhu, who came from the Zhu family, to be displeasing to the eye. “Alright, I’ve taken my medicine. There’s no major problem. Go and see your grandson. It’s about time to bring him back from the kindergarten.”

“Alright, I’ll go fetch our grandson.” Aside from her son, her grandson was naturally the second person that Mother Zhu valued. Even Father Wang had to be in the back row.

Mother Zhu left. As Father Wang looked at her back, he doubted for the first time if his decision to marry Mother Zhu back then was wrong. If Mother Zhu was smarter, she would have realized sooner that Zhu Baoguo’s death was related to her son and the thoughts of the Wang family.

Based on the fact that Mother Zhu was Zhu Chengqi’s only biological sister, if Mother Zhu had said a few more words to Zhu Chengqi or pestered him endlessly, that will might not have appeared at all. Father Wang was really at a loss now. He married the Zhu family’s daughter as his wife. Was this something good or bad for the Wang family?

“Dear, are you alright? Dad… What did he say?” One didn’t need to know that this call wouldn’t make anyone happy. Li Yayan could be considered to be scolded by Father Wang more. Father Wang wouldn’t be like uncivilized women and curse and shout in public. However, when he was really angry and found a person to be displeasing to the eye, it was nothing for him to hurl vulgarities. What was more deadly was that every word of his would be like a knife that cuts through one’s heart.

Wang Yang picked up the call and sighed loudly. “Dad seems to have been angered until he fell sick. Thankfully, Mom came after that and fed him medicine. At this time, Dad should be fine.” Wang Yang wasn’t surprised that Father Wang would be angered until he fell sick. The Wang family had placed all hopes on him, hoping that he would repay the Wang’s family for their protection back then after inheriting everything from the Zhu family.

Now, Old Master Wang had passed away.

When Old Master Wang was still alive, Wang Yang remembered what he loved to chat with him about. Old Master Wang said that the reason why his uncles and brothers ‘progressed’ so little, especially his uncles’ careers, was because all of the Wang family’s money and resources were spent on him, helping him avoid the danger of being eliminated by the Zhu family because of Zhu Baoguo’s death.

When Zhu Baoguo died, Wang Yang was not yet an adult. Zhu Baoguo was a child from the Zhu family. No matter what, Wang Yang would have received some sort of punishment. From then on, it was also impossible for Zhu Chengqi to treat Wang Yang as a nephew and dote on him.

In order to protect Wang Yang, the Wang family had sacrificed others’ careers. As such, when Wang Yang grew up and received everything from Zhu Chengqi’s hands, he must not forget his uncles’ dedication and sacrifice and repay them well. If these people couldn’t enjoy these benefits anymore, it was fine. Wang Yang just had to take care of their younger generation more. It was all the same.

Actually, it wasn’t considered taking care of them. This should be Wang Yang’s repayment to the Wang family as he had owed them first.

Wang Yang always remembered what Old Master Wang had said. He also thought that there would be such a day and he had to make good on his words.

Wang Yang didn’t forget what had happened back then. He also wanted to repay the Wang family for taking care of him all these years. The problem was that after the lawsuit was over, what was he going to use to repay these relatives if he didn’t receive the Zhu family’s inheritance and resources? Based on what he owned now, it was pretty difficult to give them small favors, let alone big ones.

The Wang family placed all hopes on him. Once he lost, the Wang family would be left with nothing. As the person with the most prestige in the Lee family after Old Master Lee died, Father Wang couldn’t accept this hopeless lawsuit. Wang Yang felt the same as well.

Wang Yang understood very early that when his grandpa was still alive, he called the shots in the Wang family. After his grandpa was gone, his father replaced his grandpa, becoming the most powerful person in the Wang family. If his father was no longer around one day, he would become the patriarch of the Wang family.

Although he wasn’t in that position yet, Wang Yang didn’t feel that it was difficult to be in that position or how tiring it would be. Instead, Wang Yang felt that he should be the one to be in that position. He enjoyed being the center of attention of the Wang family. He was very satisfied with the Wang family looking at him as their leader.

The problem was that these were all based on the major premise that he had inherited everything in the Zhu family. Without this major premise, would the Wang family listen to his words? It was impossible.

To be the person who called the shots in the Wang family, it was either he had enough money on his hands or that he was in a high-enough position such that he could bring great benefits to the Wang family. If he received everything in the Zhu family, he didn’t need to choose between the two. He could completely satisfy both conditions at the same time.

On the contrary, if he couldn’t inherit everything in the Zhu family, he could have neither money nor authority.

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