Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 2539 - Miao Jing and Zhai Yaohui (40)

Chapter 2539: Miao Jing and Zhai Yaohui (40)

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As colleagues, everyone appeared kind and friendly on the surface. However, when it came to money, nothing was certain.

Even if they stayed in the same dormitory, who knew what kind of person the roommates were?

“I won’t lose it,” Miao Jing answered confidently. “I’ve already accumulated a hundred yuan. I’m going to return this to someone.”

She had earned this sum of money with her hard work. She could finally repay the favors of the Zhai family.

Even if there wasn’t enough money and it was far less than what the Zhai family had spent on her, it was fine. She was still young.

She would return a hundred yuan this time and another hundred yuan the next. A few years down the road, she could naturally clear her debt.

“That relative of yours?”

Her colleague had heard of Miao Jing’s situation.

There was no choice. Miao Jing’s monthly salary was fifty to sixty yuan. That was quite a lot.

However, Miao Jing was always reluctant to spend it on food or clothes. When the salary was paid, she always kept it well. She had never seen her spend a single cent.

Based on this, couldn’t Miao Jing save a hundred yuan after two months?

“Speaking of which, that relative of yours treats you well.”

Upon thinking that Miao Jing had no parents but her relative was willing to fetch her over to stay and groom her to study, she felt that it was really rare to have such honest relatives nowadays.

“Yes, I will definitely repay them well in the future.”

Miao Jing was well-liked in the factory as she felt grateful to others and was seeking ways to return their kindness.

Even if Miao Jing rarely mentioned this relative’s situation and didn’t share much content other than she was full of gratitude, anyone could guess that Miao Jing’s relative was in good condition.

Why was that the case?

Miao Jing’s job was not bad, right?

Being a worker at a factory was a good job that many people yearned for.

One had to know that everyone knew how many workers were needed in each factory. Under normal circumstances, newbies couldn’t get in.

Only if the parents working as workers gave up their positions to their children would there be slight changes to personnel in the factory.

When Miao Jing got in, no one in the factory had given up their position for her. That said, Miao Jing’s relative was really capable.

Secondly, look at Miao Jing’s dressing.

Miao Jing’s clothes weren’t bad, and they were fifty to sixty percent new.

Miao Jing had said before that she didn’t have parents. So, where did these new clothes come from? They must have been bought by that relative.

Miao Jing had such a capable and wealthy relative. As long as Miao Jing was more thick-skinned and stayed close to them, Miao Jing could rely on them for a living forever without having to work.

However, Miao Jing didn’t. Not only did she take the initiative to work, but she even saved all her salary so that she could pay the relative back.

Based on Miao Jing’s actions, the elders in the factory thought highly of her. They felt that she was a rare good girl.

Really, based on Miao Jing’s good character, a lot of people would have gone to the Miao family and wanted them to be their in-laws if not for Miao Jing having no parents and there was no one left in her family.

However, even if that was the case, it wasn’t that no one had developed a sharp eye for discovering capable people.

On the contrary, people who fancied Miao Jing and wanted to find a chance to interact with her might not be the best-rounded, but their conditions weren’t bad.

“Miao Jing, are you really not joining us for the movie the night after tomorrow? Don’t worry about it being too late. A lot of male colleagues from our factory will be going as well. It’s definitely safe. If it wasn’t safe, I wouldn’t have dared to go myself.” Her colleague blinked and said to Miao Jing, “You’re going to your relative’s house tomorrow. You can watch a movie the day after tomorrow. Isn’t this schedule great? There won’t be any delay at all.”

Miao Jing shook her head. “I’m not going. Watching a movie costs money.”

Rather than spending money on boring things like watching movies, she’d rather save it so that she could return it to the Zhai family sooner.

Her colleague became anxious. “How much does it cost for a movie ticket? Furthermore, you don’t have to spend a single cent. Someone’s treating you!”

Most importantly, the person treating her was a male colleague!

Miao Jing insisted. “If someone’s treating, then all the more I’m not going. It’s not easy for me to earn money. It isn’t easy for anyone to earn money. How would I have the cheek to take advantage of people like that? How can I go just because someone’s willing to treat me? I’m not going.”

She was really not used to spending other people’s money. “It’s late. I’m tired. I shall sleep first.”

As she said this, Miao Jing packed up her things and removed her clothes. She lay on the bed and fell asleep quickly.

Upon seeing Miao Jing like this, her colleague sighed. Did Miao Jing understand? If male and female colleagues went to watch a movie together, it was equivalent to going on a date.

Miao Jing had already moved out of her relative’s house. She had to find a marriage partner and give birth to children, right?

Seeing that they were still young and could afford to be picky, Miao Jing should look around more.

Don’t casually find someone to marry only after they became old. That would be suffering a loss.

Her colleague had the heart to persuade her, but Miao Jing was already asleep. Out of helplessness, her colleague could only sleep as well. She was thinking of how to explain to that male colleague who fancied Miao Jing the day after tomorrow so that he wouldn’t misunderstand her.

It was fine that they didn’t make it to the movies this time. There was always another time.

The times were different now. The movies in the cinema played at an increased frequency.

“Miao Miao, you’re here to visit Aunt?”

Once Miao Jing returned to the Zhai family, the sick Grandma Zhai immediately regained her spirits. She held Miao Jing’s hand and sat down. When they chatted, she looked alive. “How were you at the factory for the past two months? Have you adapted well? Are you getting along well with your colleagues? Did anyone bully you?”

Grandma Zhai’s nervous look was as if her daughter who had just joined the workforce was finally home. Grandma Zhai was afraid that her precious daughter would be bullied outside and wouldn’t tell her that she was suffering.

Miao Jing understood that Grandma Zhai was concerned about her. As such, she shared some details with her. “Aunt, don’t worry. My colleagues treat me well. They even invited me to watch a movie tomorrow. There would be a lot of people.”

“A lot of people?!” Grandma Zhai became alert. “Are they all female colleagues?”

“No, there are male colleagues as well. They invited me to a movie and even said that I don’t need to pay as they’ll be treating me. You really don’t have to worry about me. I’m good outside.”

The speaker had no particular intention of mentioning something, but the listener read too much into it.

There were male colleagues, and they even wanted to pay for Miao Jing’s movie ticket. If nothing was brewing, Grandma Zhai expressed that she would have lived for years in vain. “A male colleague invited you to a movie? Is it during the day or night?”

“It’s not a male colleague who invited me but my female colleague who lives in the same dormitory as me. It’s at night. It’s because it’s at night that male colleagues are joining us.. It’s safer for everyone to stay together.”

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