Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 8 - Cry Hard

Chapter 8: Cry Hard

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“Sister, what have you done wrong, that I should be angry with you?”

Qiao Zijin was stunned and her face turned red. She could not respond to Qiao Nan.

Seeing Qiao Zijin’s reaction, Qiao Nan sneered. It seemed that Qiao Zijin was aware that she had done Qiao Nan much wrong, and this made Qiao Nan angry!

At a loss for what to say, Qiao Zijin steered away from this topic. Her face was down and her eyes tearful. “Yesterday, Dad quarreled with Mom. It was fierce, and Mom cried. My heart aches. If there is a way to make them stop fighting, I am willing to do it regardless of what it takes.”

Qiao Nan looked down and she pursed her mouth. She did not say a word.

Qiao Zijin stole a glance at Qiao Nan and tried again. “Actually, I know a little about what happened. Since our parents lost their cradle-to-grave jobs, Mom takes care of the family funds while dad brings in the money. But dad’s income is so miserly and barely enough for the whole family’s expenses. Moreover, both of us are studying. Sigh, our family do not have enough money, and our parents are definitely troubled by this.”

Qiao Nan remained silent and did not speak.

Qiao Zijin pursed her lips unhappily. “Nan Nan, how about this. I will quit school and find a job? If one of us is working, the burden on our parents will be lessened, then they won’t quarrel. As long as our parents are fine, no matter what sacrifice I make, it will be worth it. Nan Nan, I believe that you think so too, right?

Qiao Nan smirked, her smile full of sarcasm. “Sister, it’s great that you think that way. Since a young age, I have never objected to what you say. This time, I will definitely support you too. Your latest school results are average and not so good, it would be difficult for you to pick a school. My results are better than yours, and I will definitely continue to do better than you in the future. You can rest assured that I will study hard and find a good job in future to repay your sacrifice today. Sister, these years, Mom really didn’t pamper you for nothing. You are willing to sacrifice so much for her. ”

Qiao Nan did not take the bait, Qiao Zijin was mad and almost driven to her grave. After she heard these words from Qiao Nan, she rolled her eyes with fury.

Qiao Zijin has been narrow-minded since she was a child and liked to compete in everything. In particular, she was not willing to lose to her sister, Qiao Nan.

Unfortunately, besides gaining the favor of Ding Jiayi, she was not comparable to Qiao Nan in any other way. Particularly, after they attended school, the results of the two were often compared.

For many years, Qiao Zijin had not once performed better than Qiao Nan in her studies.

Qiao Nan’s earlier words about their academic performance were like a needle pierced straight into Qiao Zijin’s heart.

Ding Jiayi, who had been eavesdropping behind the door, could not help but rush in. She pointed at Qiao Nan’s nose and started scolding her.

“You are a brat with no conscience. For the sake of me and this family, your sister would rather quit school than to see your dad arguing with me. And you? Aren’t you ashamed to let your sister quit school and sacrifice so much for this family? I have given birth to you for nothing, all these years spent raising you were in vain.”

For a moment, Qiao Nan was stunned. She then looked at Qiao Zijin.

She had long known that Qiao Zijin was playing her tactics. What she did not expect was that her mother actually hiding behind the door and eavesdropping!

Ignoring Qiao Nan’s astonishment, Ding Jiayi continued and said, “Let me tell you. If you still regard me as your mom, tell your dad tonight that you are stupid, that you have no ability, and you don’t wish to attend school. You want to go out to work. Did you hear me?”

Qiao Zijin had already stood up and walked to Ding Jiayi’s side, without saying a word.

“Wretched girl! I have said so much. Whether you heard it or not, make some noise. You are a jinx, you have neither heart or ears!”.

Ding Jiayi rushed forward in a step and gripped Qiao Nan’s hair, shouting in Qiao Nan’s ears.

In the previous life, Ding Jiayi scolded Qiao Nan a lot but did not hit her much.

In this life, yesterday’s event was like the activation of a switch in Ding Jiayi’s body. As long as she was not satisfied with Qiao Nan’s reaction, she would hit Qiao Nan with her hands.

Qiao Nan’s ears hurt badly and her eyes were red. She grabbed Ding Jiayi’s other hand and bit her hard.

Ding Jiayi screamed and let go of Qiao Nan’s hair. Without a word, Qiao Nan rushed out of the house.

Her father was not there. Qiao Nan dared not stay in this home. In this life, Qiao Nan refused to quit school and her mother hated her till death.

“You are a wretched girl!” Qiao Nan, who ran outside the house, faintly heard her mother’s curse. She had the wind at her back and she ran as fast as she could – like a rabbit.

Qiao Zijin, whom she bumped into while leaving, frowned. She seemed to have seen blood on Qiao Nan’s clothes again. Was she wrong?

Today, her mother had not slapped Qiao Nan. Qiao Nan could not possibly have a nosebleed again.

Qiao Nan, who was running with her head down, was halted by someone’s shoulders. Her whole body almost fell backwards.

She fell in a posterior position and just as she thought that her bum would hit the floor, her waist felt an arm that was tough, familiar yet strange, that exuded irresistible warmth, help her up.

“You’re hurt again?”

Zhai Sheng saw that Qiao Nan’s neck, which was as fair and slender as a white swan, was covered in patches of blood again. There seemed to be wrath in his tone.

Qiao Nan reached out and wanted to touch her ears. A while ago, when she was gripped by her mother, she felt pain but the pain had worsened now.

Zhai Sheng grabbed Qiao Nan’s hand. “Don’t move.”.

Zhai Sheng took a look and asked Qiao Nan to turn sideways. True enough, he saw a gash on Qiao Nan’s ear.

“Who did this? Is there a child abuser in the quad?”

Qiao Nan’s face dimmed. “My mom.”

Zhai Sheng’s eyebrows moved. He heard that Aunt Ding favoured the elder daughter and did not treat the younger daughter well. But this was worse. This was abuse. “Why did she do that?”

“My mother asked me to quit school and find a job, but I refused to.” As Qiao Nan opened her mouth, her tears started to roll.

When she was at home, she could still hold her tears. Somehow, before Zhai Sheng, Qiao Nan could not help but cry. Perhaps Zhai Sheng’s voice was too calm. As her sense of security increased, the more wronged she felt.

“Alright, wipe your tears away. I will take you to your dad.” Zhai Sheng reached out and wanted to wipe away the tears on Qiao Nan’s face, but stopped before he could do so.

Zhai Sheng took Qiao Nan to the entrance of the factory where Qiao Dongliang worked. “The tears that you were holding back just now, please let it all out later. You don’t have to say anything. Just cry hard. Whatever is the matter, your dad will ask your mom when he goes back. Understand?”

Qiao Nan nodded obediently.

Seeing that Qiao Nan had understood his words, Zhai Sheng told the factory’s security guard that he was looking for Qiao Dongliang. After a while, Qiao Dongliang came out.

Following what Zhai Sheng had taught her, Qiao Nan began to cry as soon as she saw Qiao Dongliang.

Having accumulated the grievances for two lifetimes, how bad could Qiao Nan’s crying get?

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