Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress

Chapter 538 - Traditional Chinese Medicine Master Luo Le

Chapter 538: Traditional Chinese Medicine Master Luo Le

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After seeing how Xia Ruya had been showing up at the Wen Family home every single day to visit Ning Shuqian, Old Mrs. Wen decided to let her stay over for convenience’s sake, to which Xia Ruya obviously agreed to.

Although Wen Xinya was not willing to live under the same roof as Xia Ruya, Xia Ruya’s stay had no impact on her life.

Within the next few days, Xia Ruya managed to request for Master Luo Le to help Ning Shuqian take her pulse and prescribe her with a suitable herbal recipe.

Old Mr. and Mrs. Wen, Wen Haowen and the rest waited at home for the arrival of Master Luo Le whom they greatly respected.

After hearing that Master Luo Le had a penchant for drinking cover shrub red tea, Old Mr. Wen especially got a box of premium red tea for Master Luo Le. Such a great effort.

At about ten o’clock in the morning, Xia Ruya led a navy blue gown-clad Luo Le into the living room. Although Luo Le was already in his sixties, he looked much younger than his actual age due to the efforts put into maintaining his youth.

Due to the fact that Luo Le had been bribed by Xia Ruya previously, Wen Xinya did not quite respect him even though he was a famous figure in the Traditional Chinese Medicine industry. From what Old Mr. Du told her, she had learned that Luo Le was rather capable and was well known for being a great teacher to his disciples. Hence, Old Mr. Du had met Luo Le on several occasions during Traditional Chinese Medicine events, though they did not talk much.

Upon sight of Master Luo Le, Ning Shuqian smiled and greeted agitatedly. “Hello, Master Luo Le! I’ve long heard about your reputation in the Traditional Chinese Medicine industry. I’ve always regarded you with great respect.”

Luo Le smiled and said, “You flatter me, Madam Wen. Madam Wen, you look extremely pale and your breathing is faint. I’m afraid your blood may be undernourished.”

Ning Shuqian grew flustered and asked, “What… what do I do then?”

A sullen expression formed on Luo Le’s face and he said, “Don’t get too flustered yet. Lots of expectant mothers tend to show such symptoms. Let me take your pulse. Give me your right wrist.”

Ning Shuqian hurriedly extended her left hand in a moment of panic. She then recovered from the shock and retracted her left hand awkwardly before extending her right one.

Luo Le placed his hand above Ning Shuqian’s wrist and closed his eyes.

Wen Haowen was extremely nervous and kept his eyes fixed onto Luo Le’s hand that was placed on top of Ning Shuqian’s wrist. He almost held his breath while waiting for the results.

Luo Le opened his eyes and asked, “Do you feel cold and lethargic rather frequently of late?”

Ning Shuqian nodded and answered, “I do, a little.”

Luo Le continued, “Do you feel an ache in your back and tummy? Does your stomach also feel bloated all the time?”

Finding it a little hard to breathe, Ning Shuqian answered, “Sometimes!”

With a glum expression, Luo Le again asked, “Do you sometimes get random heart palpitations and find it hard to breathe? Do you also get nightmares about suffering a miscarriage?”

Turning as pale as a sheet while her lips trembled, Ning Shuqian answered, “Yes. Master Luo Le, am I going to suffer a miscarriage?”

Ning Shuqian’s words made everyone stop breathing and look at him.

Instead of answering her question directly, Luo Le said, “Madam Wen, you’re deficient in Yin blood and your blood count is too low. Such symptoms usually mean that your fetus is weak and unstable, though it may be difficult to discover. By the time you discover the condition, the fetus would have been severely malnutritioned and might become extremely unstable. Madam Wen, your body is weak and you’re at high risk because of your age. That’s why your fetus is at risk of a miscarriage.”

Ning Shuqian grabbed Luo Le’s hand agitatedly and asked, “Master Luo Le, what do I do now then? It took me so much to conceive. You must help me.”

Old Mrs. Wen panicked after hearing his words and asked anxiously, “Master Luo Le, can the fetus be saved? How are we supposed to save it? What must we do to nourish her body back into health?”

Appearing rather austere and awful, Wen Haowen said, “Master Luo Le, please do everything you can to save the fetus. We’re willing to pay any price to keep the fetus.”

With worry written all over her pretty face, Xia Ruya looked at Luo Le and said earnestly, “Master Luo Le, please help Aunt Ning. She has gone through painstaking means in order to conceive.”

Old Mr. Wen glared at Old Mrs. Wen and Wen Haowen sternly and chided. “All of you, shut up and listen to what Master Luo Le has to say.”

Wen Xinya remained quiet and looked on coldly while sitting beside Old Mr. Wen.

Appearing rather stern, Luo Le said, “I’ve handled such cases numerous times before. Hence, it’s not entirely impossible to keep the child, but everyone’s condition is different. I’ll prescribe her with a herbal recipe for stabilizing the fetus and we’ll see if it works. I’ll come back again to take Madam Wen’s pulse in another few days.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief after hearing his words.

Old Mr. Wen said with much gratitude, “Thank you, Master Luo Le.”

Everyone proceeded to thank Luo Le.

Wen Xinya interjected. “Master Luo, you’re indeed great at taking pulses. No wonder I found that Aunt Ning’s pulse was erratic and slippery when I took it previously. I thought that it was because she was still in the early stages of her pregnancy but didn’t realize that it would be because of her deficiency in blood.”

Upon hearing the loud and crisp voice which sounded out of nowhere, Luo Le looked up at Wen Xinya, who was dressed elegantly in a light green dress which made her look pretty and classy.

She must be Wen Xinya, that Miss Wen whom Xia Ruya had been talking about!

Luo Le chuckled and said, “I heard that Miss Wen is learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine from Old Mr. Du, but I’m surprised to hear that you learned about reading pulses too.”

Wen Xinya hurriedly waved her hands and said, “I’m not learning everything about reading pulses! I only have some basic knowledge about it. I can’t hold a candle to you at all, Master Luo Le.”

Luo Le remained silent with a smile.

Wen Xinya glanced at Luo Le and asked, “Master Luo Le, I do have some questions about pulse reading that I would like to ask you. Would you kindly enlighten me?”

Luo Le smiled and said, “Miss Wen, your master is Master Du and he’s known to have a pair of magical healing hands. I hold him with great respect too. I’m not fit enough to enlighten you.”

Wen Xinya turned red immediately and said, “Master Luo Le, you must be kidding me. Everyone knows that Master Du has strict standards when it comes to accepting disciples and he only has a few disciples now. Master Du merely agreed to give me some guidance on the account of my Grampy. I wouldn’t dare to claim that I’m under Master Du’s wing and embarrass him.”

What a sharp and sensitive girl. He said, “Master Du’s guidance is equivalent to ten years worth of studying.”

Appearing a little awkward, Wen Xinya said, “I’ve long heard about you, Master Luo. You accept a large number of disciples whom you’ve been teaching very well. You do your best to expand the Traditional Chinese Medicine industry and widespread your knowledge and Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. That’s why I wanted you to give me some tips. Please don’t take it to heart, Master Luo.”

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