Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System

Chapter 1137  To Grow Stronger Faster

Chapter 1137  To Grow Stronger Faster

A vast desert landscape filled the eyes of Creige and his family. In front of them was a dragon girl who had a stern yet serious expression on her face. "Kana, why are we here?"

"Because," Kana said with a snort. "Because from this moment on, Creige, Yana, Sei, Angelica, Rain, Bi Ling, Mei Ling, Ako, Tilia, Kiliffia, all of you will be fighting me for the next one hundred years. When your mana and other sources of powers run dry, you will cultivate. When you regain your strength, you will fight again. You will repeat this process over and over every day. None of you are to even think about taking a break before your powers run dry. And make sure you come at me with the intent to kill because if you don't, I will give you a punishment worse than death."

"Mama…." Mei Ling and Bi Ling were both frightened. This was the first time they ever felt their Mama was scary.

"Kana, why are we doing this?" Creige asked.

"To make you stronger faster. I have thought of many different ways to do this. I thought of so many ways, but nothing would work out even after all the simulations I ran. In order to survive in the real where that bastard and Nia come from, you will all need to be able to at least fight me to a standstill for one hour." Kana had thought long and hard after hearing from Nia about the place she came from. It was not a place she could easily take her family. A newborn there was on par with the weakest in Aurora. When she heard this, she could not stand around anymore. She had to find a way to strengthen her family.

In the end, the solution was this. She created this desert plane that had bad footing and was filled with each power they were able to cultivate. The last key was battling. As long as they cultivated and battled someone stronger than them who would push them to their limits, they would progress at a faster speed.

"I understand." Creige understood clearly what Kana was trying to do. He did not hesitate to pull out his sword. The look in Kana's eyes told him one thing…. "You girls better get ready. Because the battle is about to start."

"Let's begin!" Kana suddenly flashed forward. Yana, who was not ready at all, suddenly felt a heavy weight on her chest and was flung backward. She instantly coughed up a mouth full of blood as she flew through the air, only stopping after she crashed through twenty sand dunes. Yana looked up in a daze. She now understood her mama was not joking around! She quickly healed her wounds, took out her sword, and charged forward.

"Mama, do we need to do this!?" Mei Ling was frightened beyond belief. She was brought back to her days of training with her Mama, but this time, it was even more violent than before! Of course, after she asked this question, Mei Ling regretted it because all it did was bring attention to herself.

Kana suddenly appeared in front of Mei Ling and sternly said: "Yes." Then, a small object was sent flying. "Mei!" Bi ling cried out as she went to go give chase after her sister only for her to receive a kick to the side sending her in a different direction.

Angelica and Rain had already gotten their swords out and went after Kana. Ako and the others also did the same. They knew better than to just let Kana play pinball with them. But unlike before, Kana was not letting them off easily. She was using fifty percent of her power on them. She planned to slowly raise the threshold until they were at least eighty percent.

"Hey, sorry I am late… Oofff!" Camlia, who had just gotten Kana's message, entered the portal Kana had set for her. She had only said a few words before she was sent flying.

Camlia crashed into the ground, creating a crater. She stared blankly up at the sky, trying to wonder why she was suddenly beaten up. "Auntie, Camlia, you need to attack Mama until your powers are all used up. Only then can you take a break. So… ummm…. Good luck!"

Camlia wanted to curse! Why did she enter the damn portal!? She already felt it was funny that Kana left her a message saying: "Big Sister, I got a big surprise for you. Enter the portal when you get home!"

"That's it! I am now mad!" Camlia shot up and flew directly at Kana. She wanted to give this little sister of hers a few slaps. Sadly, her thoughts and reality were much different. Before she could even get close to Kana, she was sent flying again just from Kana's aura.

Kana had long noticed Camlia's actions and did not know whether to laugh or cry. Her Big Sister did not think straight when she was angry! Kana had to ignore her as she continued sending her family off in all directions.

Mei Ling, who finally pulled herself out of the sand dune, pursed her lips. She did not want to fight her mama! But since she had no choice, Mei Ling decided to go all out. Her eyes turned into buttons as a massive doll mansion appeared behind her.

Kana sensed a strong power, grinned as shed suddenly flashed, and stood before Mei Ling as the doors to the doll mansion opened. "I'm glad you came! All of you out!" Kana suddenly charged forward and reached her hand inside the doll mansion.

Mei Ling was startled by her mother's actions, and before she could figure out what was happening, she saw doll after doll and as well another version of her being tossed out onto the sand. There was even the gatekeeper who normally pulled people in!

Kana wiped the fake sweat from her forehead as she looked at the newcomers. "All of you will strengthen your power here. If I hear any of you complain, I will deem you not fit to be part of my Daughter's powers, do you understand!? Also…. Dark Mei, if you do anything to my Mei Ling, I will scatter your soul, understand?"

"Yes!" Dark Mei, whom the gatekeeper normally called Little Mei, shivered in fear. She did have such thoughts since she was not outside the doll house, but seeing Kana's gaze, she quickly scratched that idea. She would just get stronger, then!

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