Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 18 - Sacrificing Tools

Chapter 18: Sacrificing Tools

Gu Changge, who was at the center of power struggle of Gu Family, deeply knows what business marriage stands for.

A man’s business marriage is to win the help of his wife’s matriarch.

While in a girl’s business marriage, she will be only used as a tool to be deserted.

Because from the day she marries out of the house, being crowned with her husband’s last name, she is ruthlessly kicked out of the ranks of the family heirs.

She did not marry out with Gu Changge’s identity since Shao Tianze married into and lived with Gu Family.

She was the eldest daughter of Gu Family, who had been taught strictly since her childhood.

She is very clear: Inheriting a family and running its business requires, apart from a benevolent appearance, tough diplomacy.

So, she’s willing to sacrifice a lot in order to win enough benefits at last to turn the table.

In Song Family, Song Yunying is obviously not enough.

Mr. Song slowly removes his eyes from her face, and gives a sigh in a weak and exhausted voice, “What a pity, Yunying……”

“Dad, what are you feeling pitiful for?”

“You have your own choice. Father is happy for that. And Dad will give you a substantial dowry.” he goes on.

Once Song Yunying has heard these words about dowry, an unsophisticated and moved smile shows up on her face.

But she doesn’t know that the dowry is the last thing she can get from Song Family which is only a tiny thing compared with Song Family’s assets and inheritance rights.

“Go, talk to your mom about your marriage. As for your dowry, I will hand it to your mother.”

“Thank you, Dad!” Song Yunying repeats it several times to show her gratitude.

However, Mr. Song is no more in the mood to listen what she’s saying. He closes his eyes, asking Song Yunying to leave with his weak voice, “You go first”.

As if this time Song Yunying hasn’t realized her father’s unhappiness, she gets up and goes out without looking back.

No wonder, having a father’s promise of a generous dowry is a good thing enough to make her happy.

What else is there left worth her attention apart from the dowry?

Song Yunxuan also is about to turn around and leave the room. But suddenly she hears the old man calls her out: “Come here, Xuanxuan.”

She feels a little confused and inconceivable.

The old man with muddy eyes seems to be able to see through her mind. He calls out again, “Come over here, Xuanxuan. Dad has a word for you.”

Song Yunxuan is sure what she has heard. She moves there, half kneeling at the bedside, looking at the old man whom she should call father.

Mr. Song looks at her face, as if to recall her mother’s appearance, sighing, “You really look like Qiaoqiao. What a beautiful girl!”

Song Yunxuan doesn’t respond. She knows that Qiaoqiao should be her mother.

Song Yunqiang is standing beside them.

“I heard that your brother was supposed to marry you into Xue Family. But now, your sister has taken your place. Would you hate her for that?”

Hate her?


She is so glad for that.

She shakes her head. She grasps her father’s hand, and looks sincerely at the old man, “Father, I won’t hate my sister and I feel happy for her.”

“Why would you be happy?”

“Because she loves Xue Tao and Jack shall have Jill.”

“Then whom will you marry to?”

“Father, I will marry no one. I will always stay with you. Is it OK?”

She won’t go nowhere.

She is staying at Song Family now.

As long as she stays at Song Family, she can approach the throne step by step and make Shao Tianze pay off his blood debt.

There is a rare look in the eyes of Mr. Song.

He seems to be imperceptibly moved with no speaking afterwards.

After a long time, when both Song Yunqiang and Song Yunxuan think the old man has fallen asleep, Mr. Song suddenly says in a low voice, “The girl will eventually get married.”

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