Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 28 - Cosmetic Accident

Chapter 28: Cosmetic Accident

Shao Xue wants to see clearly the cruelty in the eyes of Song Yunxuan.

But in the blink of an eye, when she looks at it carefully again, she finds that there is only her figure reflected in Song Yunxuan’s eyes.

Apart from that, there is nothing left.

Shao Xue uncertainly makes a request: “Miss Song, can you help me keep this secret?”

Song Yunxuan nods gently, “Please be assured that no one will know the secret except you and me.”

Shao Xue is very grateful, but after recalling Song Yunxuan’s words again, she still tentatively says, “Miss Song…”

Then she stops talking just after she calls her name.

Song Yunxuan looks at her strangely, “What?”

“I have a request. Can Miss Song help me?”

Song Yunxuan looks perplexed in her eyes, but she probably knows Shao Xue’s request in her mind.

She makes a smile which is clean and clear: “Say it please, if I can do it, I’ll help you.”

Shao Xue takes a breath as if she is gathering courage.

After two or three seconds, she looks at Song Yunxuan with passion in her eyes, and says solemnly, “Miss Song, would you please help me get revenge together?”

Song Yunxuan looks at her with surprise on her face and frowns at her. “Me?”

“I know that Miss Song has no grievances against Shao Tianze, but,” she grits her teeth, “if Miss Song can help me in taking revenge, I would like to use my life to repay Miss Song. I am willing to become your slave serving Miss Song for a lifetime, and I will never have any dissidence with you.”

Song Yunxuan carefully considers her words.

If there is a loyal companion on the way ahead, some things will naturally be easier to do.

What’s more, this person is Shao Tianze’s sister?

Shao Xue’s words come out with a feeling of extreme hatred.

Song Yunxuan knows that Shao Xue would not lie at this time.

She also believes that at this moment Shao Xue’s pledge is from the bottom of her heart. But she has never been an easy believer in others.

Thinking of it, Song Yunxuan slightly pouts her lips, questioning Shao Xue as if she didn’t understand what she meant, “What do you mean by saying no dissidence with me?”

Shao Xue clenches her teeth, loosens Song Yunxuan’s hand, kneels down in front of her bed, looks at her sincerely, and raises her hand towards heaven, swearing, “I swear to heaven that if Miss Song helps me get avenged, I will follow Miss Song all my life and be loyal to Miss Song. If I betray Miss Song, I will surely be struck by thunder in the future, and die in my boots!”

Such an oath comes out of Shao Xue’s mouth which moderates the cold feelings in Song Yunxuan’s eyes.

Her fingers move slightly.

Quickly, in response, she reaches out to help Shao Xue: “Get up, it’s not worth your oath.”

Shao Xue refuses to rise: “No, Miss Song, I hate the person who killed my parents. If Miss Song is willing to help me avenge, I can also swear an oath a hundred times worse than this one!”

Staring at Shao Xue, Song Yunxuan speaks in a gentle voice: “Shao Tianze is your brother after all, even if he is merely adopted by your parents, your parents have affections for him. Your parents in Heaven certainly don’t want you to fight with Shao Tianze like this for a lifetime.”

Shao Xue grasps Song Yunxuan’s hand with tears staying in her eyes which she refuses to let them fall down resolutely. “Miss Song, my parents have affections for Shao Tianze, but Shao Tianze can lie without blinking, killing my parents. As long as I think of his treacherousness, I will feel sad for my parents. Shao Tianze is not at all a human but an animal!”

Shao Xue’s hatred of Shao Tianze goes deep into her bone.

She holds Song Yunxuan’s arm, different feelings changing in her eyes. A cold feeling lingers in her eyes for a long time.

It takes a while before she slowly nods watched by Shao Xue with tears, “I’ll help you.”


Not just to help you!

I also want to avenge myself!

Shao Xue, I hope you won’t blame me for taking advantage of your hatred after you know the truth in the future.

Because that kind of hatred will wake you up in the middle of the night, and make you lost your appetite. Every night it will turn into a nightmare from which you can’t escape. It will make you suffer and burst into crying.

The news of Song Yunxuan’s stay in the hospital is blocked.

Xiao Hong, editor-in-chief of the magazine, repeatedly warns the magazine’s staff not to disseminate the news of Song Yunxuan being burned.

Although people feel distressed by Song Yunxuan, they still feel that Song Yunxuan has something hard to tell so that they have no idea of spreading it out.

Song Yunxuan goes through the hospital formalities to be discharged in the afternoon. Shao Xue takes charge of all the process and even pays for the treatment herself.

Song Yunxuan does not go back to the magazine. She simply has some words with Xiao Hong, and then takes a taxi home.

It is over four o’clock when she comes home in the afternoon.

Song Yunqiang had come back earlier than her. Probably because he got drunk at noon, so his vision is a little blurred.

Seeing Song Yunxuan comes in through the door, his face is full of displeasure.

Song Yunxuan finds nurse Wang standing beside Song Yunqiang in a panic as if she had just been severely rebuked.

When Song Yunxuan observes this scene, her eyebrows are slightly raised up, her lips are drooping, and a strong chilling expression hangs on her face.

Seeing his younger sister with such horrible coldness, Song Yunqiang suspects that he is looking at her with dazzled eyes. So, he quickly rubs his eyes.

Looking back once again, he finds Song Yunxuan shows a helpless laugh and gently shakes her head. She comes near, “Nurse Wang, what have you done that makes my eldest brother angry?”

Nurse Wang is stunned, saying, “Miss Yunxuan, the younger master can’t find you when he comes back, so…”

When Song Yunqiang came back to find that his younger sister regarded his words as nothing, going out of home freely, he would certainly feel very angry.

And he also feels that his sister does not take her eldest brother seriously.

Song Yunxuan knows the reason for this, and busily draws out a sweet smile. She comes over to massage Song Yunqiang’s shoulder. “Big brother, it’s all my fault. I made you angry. Can you forgive Xuanxuan this time?”

She takes the initiative to admit her mistake, and Song Yunqiang can not continue to put on a cold face.

Looking at his younger sister’s courtesy, Song Yunqiang feels not so bad as before. But he just stares at Wang Mama: “You don’t know where Miss is going. If you lose her, why should I keep hiring you?”

Song Yunxuan understands the meaning implied in this remark. She figures out the next sentence Song Yunqiang would say is to dismiss nurse Wang.

Hurriedly, she opens her mouth and takes the blame to herself, “Brother, don’t blame nurse Wang. When I left, I really didn’t tell her where I was going, so don’t be angry.”

“Yunxuan, why don’t I hire for you another…” Song Yunqiang wants to talk to Song Yunxuan about changing a nurse.

Song Yunxuan smiles and asks Wang Mama, “Go and change the tea for my brother. I think his tea is cold.”

Nurse Wang quickly takes away the steaming tea from the table and goes away.

After Nurse Wang has gone, she explains to him, “My elder brother, all in all, nurse Wang has brought me up. She knows a lot of my little secrets of which some are unfavorable for me. If you fired her, and she accidentally leaked them out, which damages my reputation, would I not be harmed?”

Song Yunqiang listened to his sister’s analysis so carefully that the idea of dismissing nurse Wang in his mind is also vanished because of worries and scruples.

After a while of pondering and frowning, Song Yunqiang just changes the topic: “Yunxuan, who did you secretly sneak out to meet?”

In his heart, Song Yunqiang hopes that his sister couldn’t bear her lonely heart and went to Chu Mochen.

Unfortunately, why would Song Yunxuan do such a boring thing?

Looking at the elder brother’s expression, smiling, she says, “Big brother, guess please.”

Song Yunqiang is over ten years older than his sister. He could not be indifferent to the sight of an 18-year-old girl smiling at him.

He just earnestly says, “How can I know where you were having fun? I just hope you hadn’t associated with some badass.”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head, “No, absolutely not.”

Then, she stops massaging his shoulder and sits next to him. Her peach-blossom-like face blushes a little, “Brother, I went to essential oil care, and fragrant back massage, um, and…”

By counting her fingers, she wants to introduce her eldest brother about all the nursing massage she had ever done.

Song Yunqiang does not have the patience to listen to her talk about all the maintenance projects that a woman enjoys.

He just asks her, “How did you feel?”

There’s nothing wrong with his sister if she likes the extravagant life.

After all, women! They all love vanity, BMW and a man of high social status.

Otherwise, what’s the meaning of being alive for them in this life?

Song Yunqiang thinks that women love money and vanity, so he classifies Song Yunxuan, who sneaks away to do nursing, into this category.

Song Yunxuan is asked about how she felt. But she is not as happy as he imagined.

Instead, she sits on the sofa with an uneasy face, hanging her head and playing with her fingers. She speaks unhappily and hesitantly, “I thought it would be beautiful, but… It’s very uncomfortable.”

Song Yunqiang is shocked. Did his sister go to an irregular place and get fucked?

When he thinks of it, he changes his face and asks her, “Which store have you been? Are you OK now?”

After all, she is about to marry into Chu family. It would be a bad thing to have something wrong with her.

Chu Mochen wants the girl to be a virgin.

Moreover, some beauty parlors are indeed controlled by unknown forces.

Song Yunxuan raises her head, and puts her fingers on her neck to untie the buttons one by one, “When I was massaged, they made a lot of red prints on me. It was ugly…”

The more she speaks, the higher Song Yunqiang feels his heart rises.

Looking at her untying her collar buttons, Song Yunqiang’s teeth creak due to his nervousness when her neck is about to show up.

If his sister was insulted by somebody, how could the Chu family marry his sister. And if it spoils the marriage between Song and Chu, he will certainly tear down the shop!

Looking at her brother’s expression, Song Yunxuan opens her collar and shows him the burned place: “Look, Brother.”

Song Yunxuan is so angry. But when he suddenly perceives a red patch on her neck, he is relieved: “It’s just allergy. Which shop did you visit?”

Song Yunxuan’s eyes glisten, and her lips draw out an imperceptible smile. She utters the name of the beauty parlor which is about to be framed by herself——

“Tianxiang Salon.”

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