Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 4 - Chu Mochen Returns Home.

Chapter 4: Chu Mochen Returns Home.

Amah does not know what Song Yunxuan is thinking.

She goes to buy plane tickets following Song Yunxuan’s instructions.

Amah feels a little distressed on the way: “Miss, we have spent so much money on the plane tickets. After we return to Yuncheng, if Song Family reduces our wages, our living expenses will not be enough this month.”

Song Yunxuan smiles gently, reminds Amah to put their luggage at the security check and explains to her: “Song Family has a large fortune and ranks among the top ones in Yuncheng. I don’t think my brother needs to be mean to us, let alone he won’t do it.”

Speaking of which, she curls the smile at the corner of her mouth a little deeper, and there is a meaningful cold eyesight.

Song Yunqiang thinks about all his sisters when Song Family needs a joint-marriage. Undoubtedly, he still wants to pinch the soft persimmon (meaning bullying honest people) first.

Other illegitimate daughters have their own mothers to protect them, while she Song Yunxuan has nothing to rely on.

Song Yunqiang takes her back, undoubtedly to capture her financially and materially.

Let her know that she can enjoy wealth forever after joint-marriage, and then entice her to agree to the joint-marriage.

Therefore, from this point of view,

Even if she has spent all her savings now, Song Yunqiang will still reimburse all for her.

It’s just a pity that Song Yunxuan is tired of the tricks he used to lure her into joint-marriage when she was still Gu Changge.

She goes back, waiting to see how Song Yunqiang sends her to the bed of the man of the joint-marriage.

She doesn’t say much all the way, and Amah looks at her carefully nearby.

There is a slight shock when the plane takes off.

Amah gives a shriek of fright.

Song Yunxuan, who closes her eyes and pretends to sleep, opens her eyes to reassure her: “Amah, don’t be afraid, it’s just a normal shaking when the plane takes off.”

“But Miss, will this plane take us to somewhere no one can find us like Malaysia Airlines?”

Looking at Amah’s frightened appearance, Song Yunxuan can’t help laughing: “Amah, you think too much, Malaysia Airlines accident won’t happen frequently, and besides, there should be no important big figures on our plane.”

But when she says this,

she suddenly notices a man looking at him in the seat beside her.

She is puzzled at first, and then the smile on her mouth corner becomes softer and sweeter.

She knows that Song Yunxuan has a beautiful face worth remembering, because it is with her beautiful face that Song Yunxuan’s mother entered the entertainment business.

Now that she has Song Yunxuan’s face, it’s really that heaven wants to lend her a hand to avenge!

She and the man look at each other eye to eye. The indifferent eyes only stop in her face for a few seconds. Then he draws back his sight and looks down at the magazine in his hand.

Next to him, a young bodyguard, who resembles a secretary, notices his sight and asks him softly, “Master, what’s the matter?”


When he says so, the bodyguard no longer asks anything.

Only when he opens the magazine, his fingers freeze slightly.

Looking down the man’s line of sight, the title on the magazine is –

Extraordinary Lady, a Businesswoman in Yuncheng, has her Heart Transplanted to her Young Sister after Being Amputated

“Gu Changge is so kindhearted?!”

He closes the magazine with some sarcasm.

His words are caught by Song Yunxuan not far away. She pauses for a while and asks him boldly: “Sir, can I borrow your magazine?”

The man called Master looks sideways.

Suddenly, he sees the 18-year-old girl curling her mouth corner and looking at him with a smile on her face.

This girl is natural and graceful when talking to others, and she is not at all like a girl from a small place like Qingchen.

He has a strange feeling in his heart, and his eyes slightly darken.

His fingers do not move.

Seeing that he turns back on her, Song Yunxuan decides to stop: “If you don’t want to, forget it.”

If he is unwilling, there is no need to demand it.

It’s just a magazine. When she gets to Yuncheng, she can buy one from any bookstore to read it.

“Come and get it.”

Song Yunxuan is surprised and looks at the man strangely.

The man stretches out his hand and firmly grasps the magazine with his slender phalanges: “come and get it.”

As her seat is inside, she can’t reach it without going out.

Seeing this, Amah stretches out her hand to help her.

The man repeats his words in a low voice, “come and get it yourself.”

Amah is shocked by the low, icy words.

Even Song Yunxuan freezes for a moment.

The man is so strange in character, and his bodyguard called him Master.

Is this … is this Chu Mochen?!

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