Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 889 - A Miserable Marriage

Chapter 889 A Miserable Marriage

“Why did you do this?”

Gu Yi looked at Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze sat quietly in the wheelchair. He sneered, “If you grow up and meet a woman like your mother, you will hate her as I do.”

“Hate her?”

Gu Yi narrowed his eyes, confused.

As far as he knew, what his father had was precisely thanks to his mother.

Why did his father hate his mother?

Shao Tianze certainly knew that a boy under ten didn’t understand what he said.

He smiled, “You thought I bite the hand that feeds me, right?”

Although Gu Yi did not say it out, he knew his son well.

Shao Tianze nailed what he thought.

“You must find it strange. I got everything because I married your mother, but I killed her. I’m a despicable and shameless person to you, right?”

Gu Yi did not respond. He looked at Shao Tianze.

The smile on Shao Tianze’s face was mocking and cool, “The person I killed was the president of the Gu’s group.”

“You killed my mother!”

Gu Yi shouted.

Shao Tianze’s smile suddenly vanished. He looked fiercely at his innocent son, “Your mother? In addition to giving birth to you and your sister, Gu Changge didn’t perform her duties as a mother for one day.”

He asked sternly.

It made Gu Yi’s vague memory of his mother even more dazed.

Although Gu Changge was his mother, she was very busy every single day.

She had no time for Gu Miaomiao or him. It seemed that she devoted all her energy to the company management.

His mother had always been busy with business.

She had never spent some quality time with Gu Yi or Gu Miaomiao.

“You can’t remember she was nice to you, can you?”

Shao Tianze asked Gu Yi.

Gu Yi was speechless.

Shao Tianze laughed, “You are just the heirs she must give birth to. She saw you only as her heirs, not her children. She didn’t have the consciousness of being a mother or a wife.”

When Shao Tianze was saying this, he showed extreme dissatisfaction with Gu Changge.

“I killed her. So what? Whether she is alive or dead, there is no difference to you.”

“No.” Gu Yi raised his eyes. He looked at his father, “Gu Changge is our mother. Gu Changle is not.”

Shao Tianze narrowed his eyes. Gu Yi’s answer sealed his lips. He didn’t say anything.

Gu Yi continued, “Miaomiao was there when Mother was alive. She was murdered after Mother died.”

She was murdered…

What Gu Yi said lay above Shao Tianze like a big rock.

Shao Tianze felt breathless.

Gu Yi looked at his father, “This is a big difference, isn’t it?”

Shao Tianze squinted his eyes. His fingers on the wheelchair armrest clenched.

It was correct.

His son was correct.

When Gu Changge was alive, although she did not fulfill her responsibilities as a mother and she did not take good care of her children, she protected them very well.

No one could hurt them.

But everything changed after her death.

Gu Miaomiao was dead.

She was murdered by Gu Changle.

Shao Tianze felt miserable.

While Gu Yi watched his father clenching his fists, he looked at him, “Why could you stand by when Auntie hurt us again and again?”

Shao Tianze looked at Gu Yi.

Shao Tianze didn’t answer. Seeing this, Gu Yi continued, “Miaomiao is not enough. She wants to kill me, doesn’t she?”

He was young, but he was raised in such a sensitive family.

He was sensitive enough to feel everything.

He had acted carefully every day to survive.

He was so fearful.

If Song Yunxuan hadn’t fought Shao Tianze, made her decision, or helped Gu Yi, how could a weak kid like him have survived till now?

Shao Tianze could not deny it.

His daughter was indeed killed by Gu Changle.

Gu Changle didn’t like Gu Yi, either.

It was because Shao Tianze and Gu Changle both agreed they should kill anyone who was related to Gu Changge after her death.

They were not supposed to let anyone who would revenge on Gu Changge survive.

Even if Gu Yi was his son, he wouldn’t let him survive.

Shao Tianze pursed his lips.

Gu Yi looked at his father. He was disappointed seeing Shao Tianze didn’t explain for a long time.

They kept silent for a few moments. Then Gu Yi said, “You killed my mother just because you wanted to kill her. Those are just excuses.”

Shao Tianze was quiet for a long time, “Probably yes…”

It might be true.

Although Gu Changge was his wife, she was too high to reach. It took a lot of effort to get close to her every time.

She was his wife.

She should be a woman at his fingertips.

However, he always felt unable to control her and unable to approach her at his will.

Over time, he gave up approaching her.

She was alienated. She was unattainable.

She was cold.

It didn’t matter anymore. He found a tender woman to replace her.

Therefore, Gu Changle replaced Gu Changge’s position in his heart.

She was gentle and considerate. She always smiled at him and inquired after his health.

When he got home late at night, Gu Changle always prepared hot drinks and food.

When his stomach hurt, Gu Changle brought him medicine.

When he felt stressed, Gu Changle gently massaged his temples to relieve the pressure.

From Gu Changle, he found too much gentleness that Gu Changge didn’t give him.

He was too addicted to this kind of life.

He even started to regret that he married Gu Changge.

He began to complain that the person who inherited the Gu Family shouldn’t be Gu Changge but Gu Changle, the woman he liked.

Years of grievances slowly bred the idea of killing Gu Changge and righting Gu Changle.

He started to make a plan of framing Gu Changge step by step.

In the end, his wish came true. He killed the woman he had exhausted all his efforts to get, along with Gu Changle.

He even forgot the uncontrollable joy and excitement he had when he married her.

He even forgot how he decided to protect her and their child all his life when she was pregnant.

He forgot everything.

He forgot the best beginning of this marriage.

And he put it to a sad end personally.

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