Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 9 - Dirty Tricks

Chapter 9: Dirty Tricks

Gu Changge has long been aware of Xue Tao’s dissolute reputation.

Now, as Song Yunxuan, she follows her brother to the top Yunting Business Hotel in Yuncheng, but she does not look around for half a minute for exclaiming over the luxury of Yunting.

Even Song Yunqiang feels that this sister who comes back from a small town has actually seen much of life.

Otherwise, it is impossible for her to enter the most luxurious and top entertainment place across Yuncheng without blinking an eye or showing some curiosity.

More than ten floors above Yunting are business hotels.

While on the ground floor is the prestigious Yunting Yese Bar.

Gu Changge came here for recreation several times when she was still the ruler of Gu Family, but she was ordered not to come here again by his husband, Shao Tianze.

Because, in this club, there are a lot of rich young men from the upper class and male stars from the entertainment circle.

She, Gu Changge, devoted herself wholeheartedly to Shao Tianze. The purpose of coming to Yese Bar was just to try every means to grab over the prey of Yese.

But she didn’t expect that before she won over Yese, Shao Tianze, who used to be a gentle husband, shed all pretences of cordiality.

Now, she turns into Song Yunxuan and comes to this Yese Bar again, feeling that the expensive and luxurious entertainment venue is really worth winning.

Just a few steps ahead of the place where Song Yunqiang is walking, before they reach the door, they can hear a man drinking and laughing in the front box —

“Master Xue, come and have another drink! Otherwise, after you get married, we won’t dare to persuade you to drink like this.”

“What does that matter? Even if I marry Song Family’s little daughter, you can still accompany me like today.”

“That can’t do, what if Song Family’s little daughter is a tigress? Aren’t we going to be torn by her. ”

“In this Yuncheng, except that Gu Changge is a tigress, all other women are paper tigers. Don’t be afraid!”

Having said that, he seems to feel that he has not enjoyed himself, adding another sentence and scoffing: “Even if Gu Changge is a tigress, she is even not able to be laid to rest after death now. Her husband throws her ashes into the open sea, which shows how much he hates her!”

The murderous look in Song Yunxuan’s eyes suddenly gathers and she clenches her hands tightly into a fist.

The veins stand out on the back of her hands suddenly and violently, as if to protrude from the white skin.

What a surprise – Shao Tianze is so hateful that even after she dies, he does not allow her to be buried in the cemetery of Gu Family.

Does Shao Tianze spread her ashes to the open sea for fear that she will come back to avenge herself as a ghost?

What a pity.

Even if he scatters her ashes to the ends of the earth, she Gu Changge still comes back braving the winds and waves!

She claps the door open.

Song Yunqiang and the people drinking and laughing in the box are startled by the sound of pushing the door, and they suddenly quiet down and look at Song Yunxuan standing at the door.

“Where does this little bitch come from?”

Xue Tao makes rude remarks.

Song Yunxuan slightly draws back the coldness in her eyes and turns to look at Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunqiang quickly goes over and attaches himself to Xue Tao’s ear, laughing in a low voice: “Master Xue, this is my little sister, Song Yunxuan.”

As soon as he hears Song Yunxuan, Xue Tao rolls his eyes and looks at Song Yunxuan from head to foot with his yellow hair and a long face full of pimples.

After sizing her up, he nods with a lewd look, saying: “she has indeed inherited her mother’s beauty, even if she is still young, she really has a special and unique style of her own!”

With this, he holds out his hand and calls her, “come, sister, come and have a drink with me.”

After Song Yunqiang hears this, he winks at a red-haired woman who is drinking with him.

The woman nods, gives him a knowing smile, and takes a glass enchanting, and while pouring wine, she puts a pill into it without trace.

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