Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 900 - Dreaming About Miaomiao

Chapter 900 Dreaming About Miaomiao

Zang Linger had also felt that Chu Mochen’s talk of giving his life to Song Yunxuan was nonsense.

However, after waiting for a long time, she did not hear the Great Master deny his idea.

She could not help asking the Great Master, “Great Master, is the proposal that Mr. Chu mentioned feasible?”

“Yes.” The Great Master sighed and looked at Chu Mochen with a look of responsibility in his eyes as if it had been both admiration and concern.

How generous it was to give one’s life to another.

What was more, it took a lot of dedication to share one’s life with others.


Zang Linger was also a little delighted.

“But, Mr. Chu, you’ll cut short your normal span of life.”

The Great Master reminded Chu Mochen.

As soon as Chu Mochen heard the Great Master say it was feasible, he was relieved. He was so happy that he could not even think about whether he would lose his life or not.

His life did not disappear into thin air. He shared his life with Song Yunxuan, making her continue to live.

What difference did it make if he lost a few decades?

Zang Linger could see that Chu Mochen was not stingy with his life.

He was willing to give his life to Song Yunxuan.

But the more that happened, the stranger it was.

Anything with a high return was always a high risk.

Although Chu Mochen was willing to give his life to Song Yunxuan, what kind of price would he pay after all?

“Is this easy to do?” Zang Linger asked the Great Master.

The Great Master hesitated and then said, “Not difficult.”

“Is there any danger?”

The Great Master shook his head, “As long as I do well enough, there is no danger.”

But this was an act against heaven. Even if he did well, he was not sure whether the future would be smooth.

“It’s just…” The Great Master began to speak but stopped.

Zang Linger was also nervous, “Just what?”

“This is against the order of heaven. Mr. Chu, your original life expectancy will be reduced by ten years, so that you can share the rest with Miss Song.”

He would lose ten years of life for no reason. If it hadn’t been for deep love, who would have taken such a risk?

Zang Linger had thought that Chu Mochen would have at least considered it for a few more seconds.

But Chu Mochen didn’t give it a second thought. “It doesn’t matter.” He nodded directly, “If I can be with her, I’ll take ten years off.”

Zang Linger did not say anything, but she knew very well that ten years was just the beginning. Finally, he would use the rest of his life with Song Yunxuan evenly.

If Chu Mochen had been able to be eighty, losing ten years would have made him seventy.

He was over thirty years old. After subtracting those thirty years, he only had about thirty years left to share with Song Yunxuan.

In this way, he and Song Yunxuan just could live ten more years.

That was to say maybe Chu Mochen would die in his forties…

He was so young… He and Song Yunxuan’s child had not yet been able to be an adult… Did he just die like that?

Was it worth it?

Zang Linger wanted to ask Chu Mochen if it was worth it, but she found the question rather dull.

It was because Chu Mochen would tell her it was worth it without thinking.

It was because in his heart, he couldn’t live without Song Yunxuan.

The dozen years he spent with Song Yunxuan may be more meaningful than the decades he lived without her.

“Mr. Chu, since you have made such a decision, please come to see me tomorrow evening. I have also accepted the help of you and Miss Song. Although it hurts me, the intermediary, a little, I think it is worth it to meet your wishes.”

“Thank you very much, Great Master.”

Chu Mochen thanked the Great Master.

Zang Linger also thanked him.

Song Yunxuan had settled the matter between her and Song Yunying and was waiting for Chu Mochen to come back.

But she waited a long time and did not see Chu Mochen, so she took a nap.

It was during that brief moment that she had a dream.

In the dream, a child was holding her hand and repeatedly calling her mommy.

Song Yunxuan looked down and saw her big belly had been restored to flatness as if she had finished giving birth.

And the child had grown tall enough to reach her thighs.

This child had smooth hair, tied with two pigtails, appearing nifty and lovely.

But the child’s height was so short that Song Yunxuan couldn’t see her face without crouching down.


Listening to the child call her, Song Yunxuan smiled.

Then she crouched down and looked at the child’s face.

As she crouched down, her eyes were on a level with the child.

She suddenly realized that the child in front of her was none other than her daughter Gu Miaomiao who had passed away.



Gu Miaomiao was happy, too. She gave a shout of joy and pounced on her.

Song Yunxuan wanted to pick Gu Miaomiao up.

But when she tightened her arms, she found that Gu Miaomiao was gone.

She bowed her head and found that her flat belly had turned into a big belly in labor.


She reached for her belly and woke up all of a sudden.

Chu Mochen had been back in the hospital room.

Seeing Song Yunxuan asleep, he did not disturb her.

Now he saw her wake up from her dream, calling Gu Miaomiao’s name, so he asked her with concern, “What’s wrong?”

A layer of sweat rose on Song Yunxuan’s forehead. Seeing that it was Chu Mochen who asked her, she felt relieved. Looking at him, she said, “You’re back?”

Chu Mochen nodded and asked her with concern, “Have a nightmare?”

Song Yunxuan sat up from the hospital bed and looked down at her stomach, feeling that it was not a nightmare.

After all, the child in the dream turned into Gu Miaomiao and then into her belly.

She smiled, “It’s not a nightmare.”

“Is that a sweet dream?” Chu Mochen saw the smile on her face and felt relieved.

Song Yunxuan touched her stomach, her eyes full of love, “I think this baby will be a daughter.”

“Why do you think so?”

Chu Mochen also reached out and touched her stomach.

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Because I dreamed about a little girl.”

She dreamed of Gu Miaomiao.

Her mother-daughter relationship with Gu Miaomiao had not been over yet.

Gu Miaomiao must be her daughter again.

“Did you dream of Miaomiao?”

Chu Mochen guessed, thinking of the name she had called out in her waking dreams.

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Yes.”

“So Miaomiao will be our daughter this time.” Chu Mochen smiled at her stomach.

He knew Song Yunxuan couldn’t get Gu Miaomiao out of her mind and Gu Miaomiao’s death was also a knot in her heart.

Revenge had been paid.

However, if the baby was a girl, he would be willing to name her “Miaomiao” as well.

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