Reborn into A Slash Game

Chapter 11 - The First Meeting

Chapter 11 - The First Meeting

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To be exact, it was someone that would indulgently share his burden and help him overcome his difficulty.

Suo Fei had just made a large cut on the ferocious beast’s leg when the little cub noticed and leaped towards him. It then opened its mouth and bit into it. At first, Suo Fei shrugged it off. There’s such a big mountain of meat. He might as well let his cute, little pet eat as much as he wanted. He’s a generous master.

But just as he thought of that, the whole beast leg was gone!

Suo Fei gaped in fright at the eaten beast leg that was now nothing but fur and bones. He turned to look at the little cub who was staring at him with sparkling big eyes and a face full of expectation. He immediately comforted himself. An Illusion… It must have been an illusion.

With a solemn face, Suo Fei started cutting the other leg. As before, just as he had cut it open, the little cub excitedly pounced onto the meat. The next moment, only the fur and bones were left.

This time, Suo Fei was unable to console himself. The legs were really eaten by this little thing, a little cub the size of two palms! The scene was just like an ant eating two legs of an elephant. The main problem was that its size had not changed at all!

Suo Fei picked the little cub up and swung it around. This weight should only be around three or four catties. What about the two gigantic beast legs? Where did they go?

He wanted to ask it to spit it out, but sadly, he could not speak the beast language. Forget it! The cub had already eaten it. He didn’t even have any idea where it went. Therefore, Suo Fei had no choice but to forget about discussing it and continue cutting the giant beast.

Unfortunately, he had still underestimated his cute little pet. As soon as the fur’s protective layer was cut through, in a flash the flesh of the giant beast would be eaten up, just like the first time, with nothing remaining but bones and skin.

This way, skinning and deboning was completed very quickly. However….. From a whole giant beast, only one of the forelegs was left! The eagle-eyed Suo Fei swiftly threw it into the interspatial bag to safeguard it.

Glaring at the little cub whose face was full of satisfaction, Suo Fei bellowed, “You! Is your stomach a black hole?! Do you realise that you ate a whole city?! You prodigal beast!”

Little cub: If this divine beast’s teeth were all grown, I would’ve eaten everything – fur, bones, skull, and all! I would not leave even a little bit for you, you stupid servant!

Although he was shouting, Suo Fei wasn’t actually that angry. The ferocious beast was truly too big. Even if he wanted everything – fur, meat, and even the bones, it was impossible to keep them all. Originally, he wanted to take as much as he could, but right now, most of the space had been occupied so he took out the snacks and replaced them with meat. What was left of the fur were placed into the interspatial bag in rolls. The bones were also easily placed inside piece by piece.

The way the little cub ate was extremely amazing. It ate the meat clean off the bones, saving him a lot of trouble.

Ah, one more important thing! Suo Fei suddenly remembered. In Yalance, ferocious beasts of all grades have a beast core, it is equivalent to its origin. The higher the beast’s grade, the higher the grade of its beast core.

Ordinary low-grade beast cores had little use. It could only be used to refine some medicine. On the other hand, beast cores above fifth-grade were extremely valuable. It could be used as a material for many things. It was a necessary component to make clothes and weapons of superior quality as it could greatly enhance its stats and abilities.

Beast cores above seventh-grade had another feature: It contained the innate ability of the ferocious beast. Even if it wasn’t integrated into the item, the ability could still be activated just by holding the beast core.

For a weakling like Suo Fei, this was simply a life-saving item.

After digging around for a long time, Suo Fei finally found the palm-sized beast core. It was oval-shaped, with colours of blue and red revolving with splendour. Sometimes it was cool, sometimes it was warm.

The size of the beast core determined the number of times it could be used. A palm-sized beast core like that could be used up to ten thousand times. It was an extremely rare, huge beast core. If it was inlaid into a staff, its number of uses could potentially double.

Although he didn’t know what innate ability the beast core possesses, Suo Fei was already brimming with joy. He joyfully stowed it into the interspatial bag. This was his means to braving Valinor and rescuing Vixanne!

Thinking of Vixanne raised his spirits. Right now, getting out here was a matter of great urgency.

His eyes fell onto the unconscious young demon and his expression turned complicated.

Was he really Samael Launay?

Suo Fei heaved a heavy sigh. He sized up the youth lying on the ground with mixed feelings in his heart.

Why? Since Samael existed in this world, why the hell didn’t he transmigrate as him?!

When he played the game, he obviously played as Samael Launay. According to reason, he should have transmigrated to him. He didn’t have any connection with Sofey Evans. Well, other than their names being similar… but there’s a difference between English and Chinese. Transliteration really sucks.

If Sofey Evans liked being a super M, then Samael Launey loved being a super S.

Their upbringing and life experiences could not be more different.

Before the plot unfolded, Sofey Evans was a young master who was born with a golden spoon. He had a noble status, the love of his parents, and a bright future.

Whereas Samael Launay was the most unfortunate of all the unfortunates. Not only did his parents disappear when he was born, but he was also discarded into the territory of the extremely ruthless and greedy Demons. He had to live arduously and had several close calls with death. Then, he took advantage of a fortuitous opportunity to escape from the Demon territory and entered the territory of the Humans. As he looked like an adorable three-year-old child, he was adopted by an ordinary human.

His misery was, in fact, not over. Contrarily, it got worse. Although ordinary humans were at the very bottom rung of the society, with barely enough to eat and wear, they still treated him very well, as if he were their own child.

It didn’t last long. Samael was not human. His life span was hundreds or even thousands of times that of humans. For that reason, his speed of growth was unbelievably slow. The human had raised him for five years, but his appearance still remained like a three-year-old

In the small village which had little or no connection to news, Samael’s abnormality sent them into a panic. To them, Demons were fierce and cruel beings that were more terrifying than Devils. The child before their eyes turned out to be a demon, which frightened them.

As time went on, the human who adopted him became more and more fearful of the child until he couldn’t bear it any longer. He heeded the villagers’ advice to discard Samael.

He was abandoned a hundred li outside the village, but Samael unexpectedly returned within three days and three nights. He was abandoned, again and again. However, no matter how far the place was, he was able to find the village and come back. The people went insane.

They wanted to kill Samael.

This was when the calamity started. For a human to want to kill a Demon the normal way was simply a joke. As a result, they paid a heavy price for their recklessness.

When the sharp blade pierced through Samael’s small body, the protection system of a demon was activated. During an outburst of a primeval demon, the power it exuded was quite amazing. Even though Samael had no consciousness at all of what was happening, his power was still enough to destroy the entire village.

Even then, Samael subconsciously tried to protect the villagers. However, the surviving villagers did not appreciate him. Because of this calamity, the villagers buried their fears in their hearts. They approached Samael, fawned on him, before using more cruel means for their crazy revenge.

This background summary unfolded before his eyes as a CG cutscene when Suo Fei was choosing a character. He remembered it well but had not experienced it himself. Many people lamented that this person was really tragic, they vented their emotions until the world thoroughly collapsed.

When Suo Fei finished venting, he mused that such a malicious character setting, in fact, could also be a foreshadowing of the future plot development.

Just like Sofey Evans who grew up like a flower in a greenhouse. After he was faced with major life changes, his worldview collapsed. He was unable to recover from the disaster and thus, he could only succumb to his fate, allowing anyone to play with him.

Samael Launay was the exact opposite. After he was born, he suffered one tragedy to another.

Before he even reached adulthood, he had already wandered through the continent of Yalance.

He already came into contact with each of the races, but he had always been mistreated due to his demon identity. Being used and betrayed by others were common occurrences to him. This was the way Samael grew up. He was simply the emissary of vengeance.

He lost faith in all of the races and loathed the entire world.

As a matter of course, his revenge came.

When Samael grew up, the game officially started. He had outstanding abilities due to his primeval demon lineage. His heart was filled with malice, making him merciless. He started from scratch and traveled across the entire Yalance, took over all races, and conquered the nine peerless little shous…. And then….

Suo Fei had no idea what happened after that.

Because … because after that there was a power outage ah! After that, he couldn’t play anymore ah!

His 10P feast hadn’t even started when he crossed over ah!

At this very moment, Suo Fei who had become the most tragic character in 《Yalance》 stared at Samael who was about to become the most domineering character in 《Yalance》, silently weeping.

It…it should have been him!

Those nine little shous should have also been his! Let this damn, super M, ultimate shou go to hell! He wanted to be Samael Launay ah! Can’t you let me [LOAD] the game from the start?

Suo Fei, who was immersed in his own world, didn’t realize that the youth lying on the ground had already opened his eyes.

Samael looked at the elf in front of him. He could clearly see the familiar look of disgust (fog) and hatred (dense fog) from those beautiful silver eyes. He had seen it too many times that he was already accustomed to it. The corner of his lips turned up with indifference. He sat up and pulled the elf over. While he had yet to react, Samael bit down onto his pale neck.

Suo Fei stayed still as his mind had momentarily blanked out. He sensitively felt a lick on his neck, followed by a prick. He gasped, immediately understanding what was happening.

Samael was sucking his blood!

This place was the Knuhl Forest. Samael obtained his Divine Artifact in here, the Asura Blade then he tested out his blade on the now-dead Frostflame Beast.

The Asura Blade required its owner’s blood for it to be activated. Killing a monster like the seventh-grade ferocious beast required a lot of blood. The Asura Blade was invincible, but only a few would dare to make a contract with it. The reason was that the risks were too great.

Before you could become its master, you might have already been sucked dry by it.

But who’s Samael? He became the game developer’s object of affection when they finally found their conscience after madly abusing him. For some unknown reason, his body could suck other people’s blood and transform it into his own. This was simply a golden finger tailored for him to use the Asura Blade.

As the blood in his body was rapidly sucked out, Suo Fei began to feel dizzy.

He will die. He will surely die.

The young Samael could probably still have a good heart. The adult Samael however…. Even primeval demons would sobbingly run away when they meet him.

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