Reborn into A Slash Game

Chapter 14 - Your Name

Chapter 14 - Your Name

Boy, it’s a waste of your talent not to contend for Oscars!

The film emperor Samael deliberately pulled Suo Fei’s hand gently (fog), dotingly (dense fog), and affectionately (boundless fog) to go deep into the cave.

Suo Fei bowed his head to think. If he didn’t know the plot beforehand, he would definitely believe that the demon in front of him fell in love with him at first sight. But true love only happens in romance novels, and this is a highly explicit, danmei game masterpiece!

Love at first sight? What’s that?

Love? Is that something you eat?

Suo Fei: QAQ

In this way, a demon boy and an elven boy reached the lair of the ninth-grade ferocious beast hand in hand, filling the air with all kinds of sweetness.

The Ten-Coloured Cockatrice held true to its name. It had ten colours interspersed on its shiny fur, as dazzling as a neon light. The Ten-Coloured Cockatrice had not lost its temper yet and was uncommonly lovely. It was about the size of an adult’s palm, and its fluffy fur shone with a resplendent glow. It was cute enough to make a girl’s heart flutter.

Although Suo Fei was not a girl, he was a fur-con!

Its shiny fur deeply moved him. Oh, how beautiful. He knew that it would be extremely vicious after transformation, but… it is so beautiful! Samael caught the look of adoration in his eyes. He averted his gaze with a deadpan expression and softly prodded him, “You can adopt it if you like.”

Suo Fei raised his head to look at him. Listening to his tone and looking at his expression, if he was a naive girl, his whole face would most likely blush shyly and timidly run over to adopt it. However, he was not a girl. Deep inside, he was a 27-year-old uncle!

Suo Fei kept a straight face and spoke with difficulty, “It’s furry, I don’t like it.”

“Oh?” Samael squinted his eyes, and pointedly stared at the pink pouch hanging on his chest.

Suo Fei frowned. “The fur of the Frostflame Beast only has two colours, this one has ten. Are you sure you don’t like it?”

Crap, he knew. He knew that he kept the Frostflame Beast’s corpse to himself. Suo Fei gritted his teeth and forced himself to reply, “It has too many colours, I don’t like it.” Don’t like it, my arse. I really like it!

“You don’t like it?” Samael looked at Suo Fei, his purple eyes were pitch-dark. What gentle? What doting? All of it went down the drain! He could not even block this murderous gaze, okay!

Realising that he could only take the soft approach, Suo Fei caved in, “I like it. I quite like it.” A weakling like him could only be helpless in the face of this formidable evil force!

Suo Fei organised his thoughts. If the ferocious beast was not suppressed, Samael would definitely drink his blood to replenish his power and suppress the beast. If Samael enacted his ploy quickly and the two of them moved with tacit understanding, he would be able to survive. Hence, Suo Fei dug into his interspatial bag. He needed to equip himself.

Since Samael already knew that he had taken the body of the Frostflame Beast and still wanted to use him as bait, Suo Fei was suddenly emboldened. He gallantly took out more than half of the Frostflame Beast’s hide. Then, the arrogant Suo Fei hinted to Samael, “A dagger would be useful.”

Samael raised his eyebrows. The elf in front of him had instantly changed from timid and cowardly to fearless and awe-inspiring. His personality changed a little too fast.

Asura Blade was an artifact that could be bound by blood. There was no such thing as stealing and looting as no one could activate it except him. So, he generously handed the dagger to Suo Fei. Suo Fei took it and began to cut it skillfully. He became more comfortable with it after each use. It was sharp and required little effort, truly a great [Skinning Knife].

The hide of the Frostflame Beast was moderately thick. It was also clean and tidy. Suo Fei cut it back and forth. He soon lopped off a big fold of fur which he spread on the ground. Again, he cut it back and forth until it resembled a humanoid.

After tossing about for a long time, he finally finished his work and handed back the Asura Blade to Samael. Then, he draped the hide over his body and fiddled with it until he was covered tightly, only revealing a pair of eyes. He appeared ridiculous and comical. However, Samael did not laugh at all.

The hide of the Frostflame Beast had high defensive power hence it was clear that the elf was trying to protect himself, but why would he? It must be because he was aware of the danger. The Ten-Coloured Cockatrice appeared cute and harmless to entice its prey. People unfamiliar with it would be easily fooled, but evidently, the elf before him knew it was a trap.

He knew but he still intended to walk into the trap? Samael looked on coldly.

Suo Fei had wrapped himself up hence it was not very convenient for him to move. He was also deeply afraid, so he advanced slowly. In the midst of it, he suddenly stopped and looked back at Samael.

Samael’s expression darkened. Is he scheming something?

Suo Fei hesitated before asking, “Would you like one?”

Samael: …..

As soon as he said it, Suo Fei felt stupid for asking. He is going to be the meat-shield so it did not matter if his movements are restricted. On the other hand, Samael is a powerful DPS. How could he move about if he is all wrapped up? If he is a step slower, wouldn’t his odds of dying increase?

However, to protect the vital parts, Suo Fei took out a beast hide the size of his chest and threw it to Samael, “Chestguard.” Samael looked at the hide with uncertainty before picking it up and tying it to his chest.

Suo Fei took a deep breath before moving forward. When he was halfway through, Samael suddenly uttered, “Tell me… Your name.”

“Sofey Evans,” Suo Fei replied after a slight pause.

“Samael Launay.”

Suo Fei realised that the two of them had been together for a while but they only exchanged their names at this moment. He had known the other person for a long time, but Samael did not. Suo Fei miserably realised that Samael didn’t want to know his name at all. After all, he was going to die. Who would bother remembering a corpse’s name?

Suo Fei continued to walk towards the fierce beast. Looking at the gentle and adorable kid in front of him, he was filled with mixed emotions. Acting decisively, Suo Fei suddenly charged forward as he unleashed his Elven ability, enhanced agility.

His accuracy surprised Samael. As expected, this elf knew the Ten-ColouredCockatrice, he thought. Without thinking, Samael activated the Asura Blade. He vanished in a flash of light and the giant blade struck the ferocious beast.

Suo Fei was able to grab the feelers but it was difficult to accomplish. It would only be exposed while they were unevolved. As soon as someone approached it, it would immediately transform, hence the feelers would be hidden inside it.

Suo Fei’s task was to hold its feelers sternly so that it would not be able to conceal it even if it transformed. This was why it was difficult for Samael to carry out on his own.

As long as the feelers did not shrink into its body, the ferocious beast’s defensive power would only be a third of its original strength. As long as it did not launch an attack and was promptly hacked into halves, their problem would be solved in an instant. However, the sequel was that Suo Fei would die.

Originally, if Suo Fei did not constrain the feelers, it should have been hidden inside. Once the ferocious beast died, its antennae would explode and its whole body would detonate. Everything from fur to beast core would be blown up.

Since Suo Fei held the feelers outside its body, even though it would still explode, the ferocious beast would not. Therefore, it could be said that Samael would successfully acquire the beast core while Suo Fei’s life would be gone, gone with the feelers.

When he saw Asura Blade being unsheathed, Suo Fei silently prayed in his heart, hoping that the fur of the Frostflame Beast could withstand the shockwave. It was fine even if he was seriously injured, as long as he could keep his life!

As he thought of this, he was shocked to find that Asura Blade was not aimed at the ferocious beast, but was instead directed straight at him! W-what’s this situation? Boy, even if you wanted to silence me by killing me, now is not the right time! People often say, “don’t burn bridges after crossing it” but why are you burning the bridge even before you cross it?!

Suo Fei had yet to react when the Asura Blade mercilessly slashed before his eyes. A moment later, an explosive stream of sword Qi gushed out.

He’s not dead?

He then noticed that there was still a soft thing on his hand. Suo Fei took a quick glance and was stunned in place.

Samael first chopped off its feelers.

Suo Fei was only stunned for a while before he threw the feelers into his interspatial bag and ran in the opposite direction. Freaking hell, they might really lose their life!

Originally, Suo Fei was supposed to suppress the feelers then Samael would immediately kill it. This would happen in a split-second. Their problem would be immediately solved, even though it might endanger Suo Fei’s life. However, Samael backhandedly slashed the feelers. Although Suo Fei did not have to worry about the explosion, they also missed the best opportunity to kill the ferocious beast.

Now that its feelers were cut, although its defensive was reduced to a third, its attack damage had not changed! If it went on a rampage, it may even destroy the entire cave. Suo Fei did not know whether to laugh or cry. Obviously, Samael wished to protect his life, but in this situation, all the ferocious beasts would be buried together with him… is it worth it?

All these thoughts passed in a flash. While he was running away, the ferocious beast launched its attack. The huge shockwave shook the entire cave.

Suo Fei looked back and confirmed that Samael was able to protect himself with the Asura blade. His face was dreadfully pale and blood dripped from his lips, but his purple eyes were steady and fierce. He was obviously hurt, but he still had no intention of retreating.

The ferocious beast roared furiously. Samael raised the Asura Blade with one hand and stabbed it to his own chest. The Asura Blade greedily sucked the blood gushing out of his wound, occasionally emitting sounds of contentment. At the same time, the black blade glowed with red light as Samael’s blood activated the mad nature of the Asura Blade.

Samael pulled out the blade from his chest. Blood dripped onto his clothes without him realising it. His black hair fluttered in the wind, and his purple eyes were dark. Under the dazzling red glow, the Asura Blade pierced the ferocious beast and slashed it in half.

The Ten-Coloured Cockatrice fell with a loud thud. Suo Fei stared at it for a long time, stupefied.

Samael stood with the support of the Asura Blade. The red glow had disappeared and Suo Fei could only catch sight of his back. He was tall and slender, but he had a stubborn and unyielding temperament. Fate treated him unkindly, but he never surrendered.

Samael was seriously injured. First, he was poisoned by the Myriad Poison Forest. Then, he suffered a fatal blow from a ferocious beast. After that, he offered all his blood to the Asura Blade as a sacrifice. Suo Fei knew that if he left him alone, he wouldn’t have the strength to pick up the beast core so he could only wait for death.

Since the rule of this world was that Sofey Evans and Samael Launay could not coexist. He could coldly watch Samael die…

‘Coldly watch’ my arse!

He is an actual, living person. A young man who is so miserable that he had to struggle to live up to this age. Although he suspected that he wanted to kill Laozi, he still let go of Laozi at the last minute. Although Laozi is not soft-hearted, Laozi also couldn’t just sit by and watch a person lose their life!

What ‘it was in the plot’ bullshit? What ‘rules of the world’ nonsense?

If I listened to you, wouldn’t Laozi become just like that cowardly Sofey Evans?

Laozi is Suo Fei, got it? Let that ultimate shou go to hell.

Suo Fei rushed back. He wanted to approach the dead ferocious beast first, but a thought flashed across his mind. He ran towards Samael and took the Asura Blade from him. Without his support, Samael fell to the ground. His purple eyes shifted towards Suo Fei, the light in his eyes slowly fading away. He surely misunderstood something judging by the look in his eyes.

Suo Fei did not bother explaining to the boy who was possessed by paranoia. He hurried to the ferocious beast and cut its fur with the Asura Blade. Cutting the Ten-Coloured Cockatrice was not as tidy as when he was cutting the Frostflame Beast. Its blood was bright red, similar to the human blood, emitting a strong smell of iron.

Such a gory dissection was truly difficult for a recluse like Suo Fei. But now that a life was at stake, Suo Fei could only prevent himself from vomiting and quickly cut open its body. After he retrieved the beast core, he was surprised to find that it had been damaged. It seemed that Samael had cut the ferocious beast exactly where the beast core was located. A third of it was rapidly dissolving into the dead body.

Suo Fei immediately took out what was left of the beast core and ran back to Samael.

When he returned, there was a flicker of doubt in Samael’s eyes. Just as he was about to speak, Suo Fei abruptly stuffed the warm and bloody beast core into his mouth.

It was totally unexpected, causing Samael to choke. His eyes widened with surprise. Suo Fei saw that the beautiful purple eyes of the young demon in front of him were filled with surprise and disbelief. His enchanting face was no longer cold and indifferent, neither was it falsely gentle and caring. He was just like a normal teenager, showing all his emotions on his face.

Samael had only lapsed for a second but it was enough to make Suo Fei’s heart skip a beat. Sure enough, he was a face-con.

The beast core slowly melted in his mouth, accompanied by the smell of blood and a sweet refreshing feeling. Samael fixed his gaze towards the elf. He had short, messy hair. His face, neck, and hands were covered with blood, appearing to be in a wretched plight.

He detested blood, detested his vampiric physique, but at this moment, he was dazzled by the beauty of the elf who was drenched in blood.

Sofey Evans, was it?

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