Reborn into A Slash Game

Chapter 20 - Scum Gong x Cheap Shou

Chapter 20 - Scum Gong x Cheap Shou

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Suo Fei was waiting for Manzy Argoux. Since he asked Suo Fei to stay, then he would surely come. When he heard someone knocking, Suo Fei got up to answer the door.

The colour of the night was so intense, as blue as the deep blue sea. There was a kind of refreshing coolness even during the hot summer.

Suo Fei had just opened the door, he had yet to even say a word when he was immediately hugged by the other person. Because of his small height, his face was buried on the other’s chest. He felt the coldness of the silk clothing as the arms that embraced him tightened even more. It was as if he was afraid that Suo Fei would run away as soon as he let go.

His silver hair was extremely eye-catching as it seemed to shine in the deep blue night. Suo Fei didn’t see the person’s face but with his long hair and pointy ears, he could only be Manzy Argoux.

So….. What kind of situation is this?!

Greeting me with such a warm hug, is it because Manzy baobei saw through this ultimate shou’s outer shell and discovered that deep down he has an ultimate gong aura? Was that why he thirstily threw himself into my arms?

But baobei, can’t you be a little bit delicate? Laozi is about to be strangled by you!

He couldn’t move nor could he shake off the arms that were choking him. Suo Fei was speechless. Fortunately, Manzy wouldn’t go so far as to actually strangle him on this dark and windy night. When he was finally ‘emotionally stable’, he sighed against Suo Fei’s ear, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

What did he mean by “I’m glad you’re okay?” Suo Fei reflected on these six words. He clearly understood every single word, so why is it so confusing when put together? Manzi finally let go of him. There was still a sense of arrogance in his eyes, which was characteristic of the Elves, but in those silver eyes was a sliver of warmth. He held Suo Fei’s hand and softly spoke, “It’s cold outside. Let’s go in.”

Suo Fei followed him, entering the room in a daze. His head was spinning very fast. This situation, there’s definitely an inside story!

If we rule out the imaginary scenario that Manzy was submitting to his ultimate gong aura, then it could only be that Manzy was in a relationship with the real Sofey Evans. Manzy had unyielding love for his family, his kingdom and his race. Sofey Evans’ father chopped down the Holy Tree, almost ruining the Elven race. After such a major event, he could still talk to Grantlyn’s son in such a gentle and warm voice. The worth of this relationship is definitely not small!

Upholding the sophisticated idea of ‘meeting contingencies by sticking to his old ways’, Suo Fei clamped his mouth shut tightly. He was determined not to say a word, knowing that if he exposed something, he would be killed to silence him.

The two sat face to face after entering the room. Still holding Suo Fei’s hand, Manzy looked at Suo Fei and asked in a whisper, “Why did you leave? Isn’t it safer to stay by my side?” Suo Fei kept silent. There was a flash in Manzy’s eyes as he asked, “Are you still mad at me?”

Seeing that Suo Fei still didn’t respond, Manzy sighed. There was a hint of helplessness in his beautiful eyes, “Fey, you know that it was just a fling. I only care about you alone.” Manzy spoke with sincere affection. Suo Fei felt a bit disconnected from the plot. What the hell? That escalated quickly. The two were definitely in a relationship, then?Manzy was screwing around but still expects Sofey Evans to be understanding of him?

Huh. Sofey Evans, you are not only an ultimate shou, you are even a magnanimouscheap shou

Seeing Manzy this way, Suo Fei thought carefully. He lowered his head and nervously replied, “My father destroyed the Holy Tree….. I…” Manzy cut him off, “I believe you. It has nothing to do with you.”

Suo Fei was surprised in his heart, but he still kept a face filled with grievances as he uttered, “M-My mother… Is she alright?” Manzy responded after a short pause, “Come with me to Valinor. I’ll take you to see her.”

When he heard this, Suo Fei finally let go of the worries in his heart. ‘Vixanne is still alive, that’s great!’ Manzy saw that his expression loosened up so he persisted to convince him, “Come with me, I will hold a right of passage for you there.”

Suo Fei was still immersed in the good news that Vixanne is alive. He didn’t pay much attention to what Manzy said. Isn’t rite of passage just a formality? He already came of age whether they hold it or not. However, Manzy’s following words made him return to the matter at hand. “When you officially become an adult, give it all to me. Okay?”

…… Is this a roundabout way to ask for sex?

Seeing that Suo Fei was in a trance, Manzy smiled ambiguously. He leaned forward and dropped a kiss on his forehead before whispering in a husky voice, “Fey, I’ve waited for too long.”

Suo Fei was still in a daze even after Manzy had left the room. To be precise, he was in a daze as he had let his imagination run wild. He sat motionless, fantasizing for a long time when he suddenly slapped his thigh, he had come to a verdict: What a good dog bloodprime time soap opera!

Let’s leave aside the truth for now and see how Suo Fei had been fantasizing.

Scum gong Manzy Argoux and cheap shou Sofey Evans flirted with each other for a long time then finally hooked up together. (Suo Fei: The time they were together is definitely not short.) However, the amorous nature of the scum gong didn’t change even after they got together. Every now and then, he would linger around wild flowers and wild grasses. The cheap shou knew that he couldn’t leave the matter at that. He would pick up a fight with the scum gong, but the scum gong would be able to coax the shou to forgive him. Then, the cycle repeats.

However, although the gong is a scum, he unexpectedly cherished the teen-aged shou. He didn’t even touch him yet because he was still a teenager. It seemed that the two made a promise that once he reached adulthood they would blah blah blah…

Tsk. After filling his imagination, Suo Fei came to a conclusion: Sure enough, it is the scum gong x cheap CP from time immemorial.

Suo Fei sighed with satisfaction. Just as he was about to get into the bed to sleep, the door opened again. Manzy came back. Suo Fei looked in surprise at Manzy. With some association with his previous thoughts, he suspected that Manzy was regretting it. He didn’t want to wait until the rite of passage and wants to do it with him now, is that it?

But baobei, although this daye is interested in you, daye’s chrysanthemum is not interested at all, okay!

Suo Fei watched him vigilantly. Manzy was not in the least aware of it and approached him. He pulled out a palm-sized round bead from his bosom. The bead exuded a milky white glow as if it was dripping with lanolin, soft and smooth. “This is a gift I got for you when I went traveling but I never had the chance to give it to you.”

Suo Fei accepted the bead. “Thank you,” he muttered after a while.

“What are you thanking me for? Alright. You should rest early. Good night.” With these words, he kissed Suo Fei again on the forehead. Suo Fei stood motionless as he watched him leave. When Manzy had left, Suo Fei bolted to the door to lock it.

He took out the bead and scrutinised it under the dim room lights. It didn’t seem anything special except that it was beautifully round. However, Manzy is the sole prince of the Elves. The gifts for his lover shouldn’t be so bad. Based on the supreme principle that people should accept what has been given to them, Suo Fei wordlessly stuffed the bead into his interspatial bag.

Then, he remembered the beast core of the Frostflame Beast which he had thrown inside a while back and was suddenly curious about what skills it had.

He opened the interspatial bag to find the beast core but was struck dumbfounded.


In the master bedroom of Mauer’s City Lord.

Aryan had just finished bathing. His short golden hair was dripping wet, playfully sticking out everywhere. He only wore a loose bathrobe, slightly revealing his slim figure. He walked out barefooted. He was about to call for someone but he stopped before it left his lips.

There were no lights in the room, but it was not pitch-dark at night in Mauer City, therefore he could see a vague figure under the deep blue glow of the night sky. The man was dressed in a black robe with only a rim of black and shiny fur on its collar. The robe was made of special material. It didn’t have any luster as if it had sucked in all its luster.

If Suo Fei was here, he would definitely cry out in alarm as the man’s robes were exactly the same as what Grantlyn’s group wore. When Aryan saw the man clearly, a gust of impatience surged up in him and he angrily said, “I already told you, I won’t join your group. It’s impossible……”

“Stop stubbornly saying that.” The black-robed man interrupted him.

The voice of the black-robed man sounded strange. His tone was slow and unhurried, and the sound gave a vague feeling that it came out from something.

Aryan was immediately on guard. He pursed his lips and watched the black-robed man. The black-robed man stood motionless. His whole body was covered in black and his face could not be seen. “I’m not here today to talk about it.”

Aryan stared at him, “What then?”

The black-robed man paused for a while before asking, “Did a primeval demon come to Mauer City today?” Aryan knitted his eyebrows. The black-robed man must be referring to Samael. He was not surprised that he would know about Samael’s arrival, but it was unexpected for him to be interested in Samael.

“Yes, I arranged for him to rest here.”

“How come,” the black-robed man flashed a smile before he continued ambiguously, “you didn’t ask him to sleep with you?” Aryan was stunned. Even if he loved to laugh, he would still somewhat feel ashamed when facing such glaring sarcasm.

He had a high status now so no one would dare rake up his past. He kept everything in his heart and yet, this ‘old friend’ is so fearless to actually recklessly ridicule him. However, it seemed that the black-robed man’s teasing was unintentional so he didn’t make any fuss about it. He glanced at Aryan and said in a whisper, “It’s just that I saw you struggling so I wanted to advise you. Don’t let such a good opportunity go by.”

He continued after a pause, “A Divine Artifact is right in front of you. It would be a pity if you’re not able to seize it.”

After he said this, the black-robed man vanished from sight. He didn’t reveal anything about him from beginning to end, except his unique black robes and his deliberately disguised voice.

‘One of the three Divine Artifacts in the entire Yalance is actually within my reach!Aryan’s green eyes brightened at this thought.

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