Reborn into A Slash Game

Chapter 23 - Don't Let Others Kiss You

Chapter 23 - Don’t Let Others Kiss You

Samael approached Suo Fei step by step as the Asura Blade hummed with excitement. Suo Fei was already drenched with cold sweat. He slipped his hands into the interspatial bag, mulling over how he could put up a fight. I can’t die so unjustly.

Samael was already near him when he forcibly suppressed the Asura Blade into its dagger-like appearance. Suo Fei was confused about what was happening so he couldn’t help but cry out, “Why…”

Before he could finish his sentence, his mouth was suddenly covered. Don’t be dirty-minded… It wasn’t covered with Samael’s lips or anything like that, but with Samael’s arm.

The smell of blood reached Suo Fei’s nose and he tasted a little bit of rust. Then, he couldn’t smell anything anymore. He looked at Samael’s arm in doubt. Where is the wound? It was as extremely smooth as before. Samael’s eyes flickered. He once again swung his sword against his arm before Suo Fei could stop him. Blood started dripping continuously as the cut was much bigger than last time.

Suo Fei who saw him cut himself felt that it was extremely painful yet Samael did not even flinch. He wordlessly placed his arm in front of Suo Fei’s mouth once again. If Suo Fei still did not understand the situation at this point, then he could only be an idiot. He cleverly pressed his mouth to the wound. As before, the wound quickly recovered just as he tasted the blood. It was simply amazing.

After Suo Fei got over his shock, he remembered that when they were in the Knuhl Forest, Samael wanted to cut his own arm to let Suo Fei drink his blood in order to resist the poison. They tried a few times but all were obstructed by Samael’s godly healing power so he couldn’t drink. Thinking back, could it be that it wasn’t because Samael could heal quickly but because of him?

A kiss from him could heal wounds? This is too insane! While Suo Fei was still dumbfounded, Samael was also lost in deep thoughts.

After a while, he picked up the Asura Blade. Seeing that he wanted to cut himself again, Suo Fei hurriedly stopped him. Even though he can heal him, wouldn’t the wound still be painful? He should learn to cherish himself. Samael appeased him, “Don’t worry, you don’t have to open your mouth this time, just try pressing your lips against it.”

Er… Suo Fei understood what he meant. He wanted to verify which had a healing effect: was it his saliva or a simple kiss from him?

Without waiting for Suo Fei’s assent. Samael cut himself and handed his bloody arm over. Suo Fei paused, feeling somewhat uncomfortable in his heart. He lowered his head to the wound, holding his mouth tightly shut. After a short while, the wound healed again. It was truly amazing.

Suo Fei felt unresigned. He snatched the small dagger and stabbed himself in the arm. Grimacing in pain, he lowered his head to reach the wound. His lips had just touched the wound when he clearly felt warm current flowing into the wound. Immediately, the wound naturally healed and didn’t hurt anymore.

No wonder Samael felt suspicious. It turned out that there will be a distinct sensation after kissing.

After several experiments, they came to the conclusion that Suo Fei’s mouth had a miraculous effect: it could act as a super-powerful bandage. With just one kiss, the wound would immediately recover, leaving no scars.

However, they were still uncertain whether it could heal all kinds of wounds. It was hard to say whether it would work for injuries like fatal injuries, fractured arms and fractured legs. After all, the risk would be too great if they wanted to verify it. It would be too idiotic to experiment on themselves.

At last, Samael looked at Suo Fei and warned, “Don’t use it rashly. Don’t tell anyone else.” Suo Fei nodded in agreement. This ability was way over the top. If someone else knew about it, he couldn’t imagine what kind of disaster it would lead to.

In fact, Suo Fei had always wondered before. Sofey Evans’ appearance was not the best and his personality was even annoyingly weak and cowardly. So, why was it that he was always under the limelight everywhere he went? It would be ridiculous if it was because of his Mary Sue aura.

However, if it was because his ability got exposed, then it would make sense. So… The reason why the ultimate shou became the ultimate shou was that he had this kind of cheat?

Suo Fei was lost for words. Although 《Yalance》 was primarily a highly erotic danmei game, the reason why it was called a masterpiece was not because of its stunning graphics and its numerous sub-plots and side-stories, but because the settings of all the characters who appeared in the game were intricately linked with each other.

Moreover, each of the playable characters had a distinct and clear main plot. Of course, capturing the shous (or gongs) was the ultimate goal, but it was not the only goal.

Just like Samael’s character. At the beginning of the game, they recounted his past experiences. Looking at his rough childhood, it could be seen that the original game took great care of the details of his childhood. Such a f*cking miserable past made Samael’s character gloomier, foreshadowing that he would blacken and become powerful later on.

After Samael began to capture each of the races’ little shous, the players could follow his perspective and find the root cause of his blackening. It went without saying that he had a past with all the races.

His past with the little shous was mainly filled with him suffering tragic betrayals or exploitations, followed by the worsening of his frame of mind. In short, others felt sorry for him. When he was ‘remembering the past’, the players would discover that most of his actions were making trouble out of nothing.

For example, an orc unintentionally made a joke, but Samael kept it in mind. Therefore, he inflicted his ruthless revenge afterward. As a matter of fact, attentive players would find that Samael at that stage already had a completely twisted personality. His dark side had thoroughly taken over him. He was truly an evil scum gong.

So, the ultimate gong capturing the nine little shous might have seemed like it was because of love, but in reality, it was thoroughly because of revenge. It could be seen from the capture targets he chose that it was a premeditated revenge.

This was the reason why Suo Fei was deeply terrified of Samael. He was keenly aware of how mentally deranged Samael was at the later stages, whereas in comparison, the demon youth in front of him was too darn cute.

Suo Fei frowned at the thought. He remembered that Samael had always appeared as an adult when he was playing the game. So why is he a juvenile now?

The thought only flashed through his mind. H was more concerned about Sofey Evans. He looked back on Sofey Evan’s past with the awareness of Sofey’s magical healing ability and could see the malice of the original game.

It also cleverly explained why was it that even though Sofey Evans’ appearance and personality were not outstanding, he would always bewitch thousands and end up being harassed.

In Yalance, healing spells are rare and very ineffective. They could only temporarily relieve pain. It is considerably difficult to heal wounds quickly. Therefore, Sofey Evans’ ability would no doubt move the heart of those wildly ambitious authorities. He was simply a moving health potion that can be used unlimited times. Anyone could become invincible! Hence, it was only natural for them to contend for him.

After Suo Fei was done contemplating, he thought of how he is now Sofey Evans and that he had inherited the cheat ability, successfully transforming into a powerful health potion with a supplementary function of being a bed warmer. I really want to say: I bought a watch last year!

Aryan didn’t show up for a whole day. Suo Fei finally calmed down after he bought a watch and mowed the den. It’s useless to be bad-tempered right now. The cheat software had already been installed. Obviously, there’s no uninstall function so he could only accept it.

Fortunately, this cheat is an active skill. As long as he could prevent others from kissing him, then it wouldn’t be discovered. Naturally, if nobody discovered it, then he wouldn’t pull aggro. So, being reduced to a health potion, this kind of miserable situation, would not easily happen.

After comforting himself, Suo Fei felt much more relieved in his heart. Wait… something occurred to him once again. Doesn’t someone already know about it? Samael dage found out about it earlier than he did! He abruptly looked at Samael who also happened to be looking at him. Before he could even open his mouth, Samael already spoke, “Don’t casually kiss others.”

Suo Fei: ……

“As long as you don’t recklessly kiss people, no one will find out,” he advised in a more serious tone. Is he concerned for him?

Suo Fei stared at Samael. The demon youth in front of him had an extremely delicate appearance, but because of his dazzling looks, it was easy to make people forget that he was still young and somewhat naive beneath that appearance.

Suo Fei suddenly felt that he was somewhat too prejudiced towards Samael. He feared the adult Samael, but forgot that Samael right now was still not an adult. He was still a youth who suffered from a tragic and f**king miserable childhood. He was far from being the future extreme chuuni who is hell-bent on taking revenge on society.

After spending so many days together, he found that although Samael is taciturn and dislike meddling in others’ business, he is very easy-going. He would even take note of Suo Fei’s preferences. Suo Fei felt flattered by this sudden thought. Maybe, Samael is actually trying to befriend him? Like a somewhat awkward but attentive friend…

Aryan changed out of the equestrian outfit torn by the ferocious beast. He finally felt refreshed after taking a bath. He glowered at the clothes lying on the bed, his eyes flashing with disgust.

He eventually stifled his disgust, skillfully wore the clothes and stood in front of the dressing mirror. The youth in the mirror stood barefoot, he appeared delicate but enchanting. His skin was fair and smooth with a slight tinge of pink, just like a petal that would easily break.

His clothes could not even be counted as clothes. Although the long-sleeved wide robe was elegant, it was merely made of chiffon. The hazy outline of the youth’s slender figure made it all the more tantalising.

Deep inside the residence, a teleportation array that was difficult to be distinguished by the naked eye emitted a light glow. Then, a huge figure came out of it not long after.

The huge figure was very sturdy and no less than three meters tall. He was wearing a sleeveless top, his exposed arms looking strong and powerful. Even in the dark, it could be seen that the man had dark skin with a slightly greenish cast.

He walked up behind Aryan, completely wrapping the youth’s slender waist with just the palm of his hands. His dark, rough palm caressed the fair, smooth skin, the contrast making it all the more striking. His hoarse voice sounded somewhat strange, “My baby, you’re so beautiful.”

Aryan’s body stiffened slightly for a moment before relaxing against the man’s splayed fingers. He turned his head and his sparkling big eyes squinted faintly, instantly becoming enchanting and amorous. His voice was as smooth as water as he cried out, “Balnor…”

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