Reborn into A Slash Game

Chapter 30 - Kill Your Most Important Person

Chapter 30 - Kill Your Most Important Person

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Jonah was still talking aggressively, “My god, why is this fur damaged to such an extent? The fur is all burnt and only the skin is left. This is definitely a…. a what of valuable resources again?”

Evelyn kind-heartedly supplied, “A waste of valuable resources.”

Jonah clapped his hand in realisation, “Right, a waste of valuable resources!” He sighed with regret. It was only a long time later that he realised that there was someone under the Frostflame Beast’s fur.

Jonah jumped up in surprise and yelled, “There’s a person underneath!”

Evelyn whose eyes were still like that of a dead fish spoke, “A demon, to be exact.”

“Demon? Aaaahhhh! Elf, there’s a demon! Quickly run away with us! If the demon catches you, you will die with no corpse!”

“……It’s ‘die without a whole corpse’.”


Suo Fei face-palmed. This was the first time he had encountered a fool. It really made people feel caught off guard and not know whether to laugh or cry.

He snapped back to reality and immediately placated Jonah, “He is my friend.”

“Friend? Your friend is a demon?”

Suo Fei nodded.

Jonah’s eyes lit up and his face was filled with worship, “Elf, not only did you amazingly roast the boar with magic, you also have such high-grade clothing materials. You even have a demon friend! You are so amazing!”

Suo Fei was speechless. Could he say that he had never been worshipped like this before? That he had never been praised like this? That even he himself had never thought that he was so strong?

Suo Fei quickly stopped himself from getting carried away and kept a straight face, “My friend has exhausted his physical strength and currently needs to rest well. Can you help me arrange a place for us to stay?”

Jonah thumped his chest and assured, “Our village is just outside the Munroe Forest. I will bring you guys to my house!”

When he saw the two dwarves earlier, Suo Fei had already determined that he was in the Dwarven territory. In Yalance, if we were to rank the races based on how difficult they are to deal with, the Dwarves would be first and no one would dare regard them as second. The difficulty lay not with their strength, but with their personality.

They were not as unpredictable and brutal as the Demons. In fact, they were enthusiastic and candid. They were fond of liquor and fine cuisine. They were also magnanimous and value relationships. It may sound like there was no relation between Dwarves and the words ‘difficult to deal with’, but they had a fatal shortcoming: they were extremely xenophobic. They treated others with dislike, even to the point of aversion. Their bad attitude was enough to even make the most good-tempered person complain to high heaven.

To others, these dwarfs were downright racists. They considered themselves as the most outstanding race in Yalance. Their self-confidence was negatively correlated to their size. They were as warm as the breeze in spring to their own people, but they were as cold as the ice in winter to outsiders.

However, Suo Fei, this person who had thoroughly conquered the Dwarves before, knew that they were actually not racists. Merely, they were clear about their likes and dislikes. As long as they approve of a person, they could put up with whatever that person does. Similarly, if they did not approve of a person, no matter how that person ingratiates themself, they would still thoroughly reject that person.

This clear way of life applied not only to foreigners, but also to their own race. It was just that it was rare to see one that they disapprove of within their race.

At the least, this point shows that they were not born hating other races. In fact, as long as one increased their favourability well, one would find that Dwarves were the most loyal friends.

However, Suo Fei brooded that this would only hold true if everything in this world of Yalance followed his walkthrough and that another Aryan incident would not happen again.

Tragically, according to this world’s nature, everything was hard to tell. It was also not impossible for things to take a turn for the worse. It seemed that he could only take measures if the situation called for it.

When Jonah and Evelyn were being chased by the wild boar, the two dwarves ran madly towards the direction of the village. Therefore, they were already near the village.

It did not take long for them to get out of the forest. Then, they travelled a long way more. Suo Fei was already tired as hell when they finally saw the village that Jonah mentioned.

It was truly a little too modest to call it a village.

Don’t think that just because Dwarves were short, their villages would also be small. In fact, the area of the Dwarven territory was among the biggest in Yalance. It went without saying that the Humans and Elves were both tied for first place. However, the territorial area of the Dwarves, whose total population was only slightly more than that of the Elves, actually ranked second. It could be seen from this that these little friends were not to be underestimated.

The outer wall of the Dwarven village was very high. Fortunately, the scale of the village gate was acceptable. Otherwise, Suo Fei would have to climb in which would be too embarrassing.

As Suo Fei entered the centre of the village, he was immediately fascinated by the scene in front of him.

The numerous little houses were densely packed, like chocolate sprinkles on a cookie. It looked disorderly, but it somehow felt warm and cordial.

The Dwarves were tiny but loud. Although their population was small, they were still outrageously enthusiastic. The village was bustling with activity, way livelier than the Human territory.

The dwarves saw Jonah and they all clamoured to greet them. Jonah also enthusiastically introduced Suo Fei’s group with pride in his voice, “The elf and demon are both my friends.”

Hence, they didn’t show them any racial discrimination. Although the dwarves had to look up at the elf, they accepted it quickly because the Dwarves took the word ‘friend’ very seriously.

Suo Fei looked around the Dwarven village along the way and the sense of discrepancy gave him an extremely novel feeling. He really wanted Samael to see how pocket-sized the little houses were, but sadly, he was still unconscious.

The little cub, on the other hand, had been very excited ever since it had entered the village. Oh lord, this divine beast suddenly grew a size bigger! These little houses are suitable for this divine beast!

They walked a little further and met a dwarf uncle whose face was covered with a beard. He immediately shouted after seeing Jonah, “Jonah, you brat! Your grandpa has been looking for you all day! Now, he’s waiting for you to come back to give you a beating!”

Jonah immediately wilted after hearing this. He mumbled, “Uncle Simba, is my grandpa at home or is he in the shop? I… I just went out to play. Isn’t this returning before it gets dark?”

Evelyn, whose lifelong mission was to cut the ground under Jonah’s feet, followed to say, “Indeed. We came back before the sky turned dark the next day.”

The dwarf uncle called Simba narrowed his eyes, “You brats actually spent the night outside. No wonder Eugene, that old man, was that anxious. Hurry and go back!”

Jonah didn’t dare to speak more. He merely quickened his pace, speedily running home.

Suo Fei didn’t have the chance to make fun of Uncle Simba’s mighty and domineering name because he was stunned by the name ‘Eugene’.

Eugene the Dwarf… it couldn’t be him right?

Should he probe about it? In the end, is his luck super good or super bad?

Finally, Suo Fei couldn’t refrain himself and asked the dwarf, “Jonah, is your surname Hall?”

Jonah’s face was scrunched up with worry. When he heard Suo Fei’s question, he bafflingly answered, “Elf, how did you know? My father’s surname is Hall. I’m Jonah Hall.”

It really is Eugene Hall! Eugene Hall the Dwarf!

In Yalance, Eugene Hall was not a conquerable character (Who would want to conquer a rotten old man?). Nevertheless, he was an eminent NPC in the game.

Eugene was the only Craftsman God in the entire Yalance. Why? Simply put, he was an S-tier Craftsman. To be more precise, his skills were heaven-defying. His Crafting skill was all maxed out and he was also a top-tier Grandmaster of life skills.

In the game, he was synonymous with the words ‘top-grade equipment’. Except for a few renowned artifacts, he was the only Grandmaster who was able to manually make [Epic] grade equipment.

It stood to reason that Suo Fei should have felt happy to be able to meet such a mysterious money-spinner. However… it would be underestimating 《Yalance》, this despicable game, if he were to say that it was too easy.

It was true that Eugene Hall’s crafting ability was extraordinary, but his temper was as stinky as a century-old stone found deep in a pit latrine. Calling him a rotten old man was already a compliment. He was the perfect representation of the Dwarves’ trait of being clear about their likes and dislikes, but unfortunately, his worldview was that he hated everyone except himself.

He lived alone year in, year out. He obviously was an old dwarf with a sunny disposition, but he lived like a ghost in a gloomy castle. His cynicism was in the same league as that of the adult ultimate gong-kun.

He was such a cheat character that he held the title of having the most creative talent in Yalance. He was unparallelled to the extent that others scramble for his creations.

But, he hated everyone. He would never waver even if he was offered countless treasures and top-grade materials. If one wanted him to personally craft an item, there was only one condition——They must kill their most important person with their own hand.

It went without saying that Suo Fei encountered Eugene Hall back when he played the game. It was naturally not difficult even when faced with the conditions he proposed as players can still [LOAD] their saved game file. At that time, Suo Fei had just captured the lil’ shou of the Sylph race and the Sylph was the only one with him. Therefore, he saved the file, and then, he ruthlessly killed the lil’ shou of the Sylph race in front of Eugene.

He initially thought that he would be able to obtain a top-grade equipment once he had satisfied the condition.

Who knew that the rotten old man would gloomily say, “How can the person you could kill with your own hands be your most important person? You can never kill your most important person yourself. Never.”

Therefore…. he killed for nothing.

So, this condition was simply farcical and full of ill intentions! To put it plainly, it was simply tricking the players!

For no reason, it will let you gape at all the shimmering top-grade equipment behind the rotten old man, but in reality, you could never obtain any of it.

At that time, Suo Fei badly wanted to punch the life out of the deranged old man. Unfortunately, he was unable to attack the NPC.

Even while he was recollecting, his feet didn’t stop walking. Thus, a while later, he was already in front of a commodious cottage.

As soon as Jonah arrived, an old dwarf rushed out holding a slipper in his hand. He shouted, “You brat, I must have been crazy to let you go out! Come here! Watch me beat you black and blue!”

At nearly the same time, Jonah dashed off in big, rapid strides. He shielded his head as he begged for mercy, “Grandpa, grandpa, I was wrong. I know I was wrong. Don’t hit me. Wu wu wu…”

Suo Fei who was supporting Samael and dragging the little cub merely gawked at the grandfather-grandson pair. The old dwarf chased the young one, going round and round within the small courtyard.

Compared to the stunned Suo Fei, Evelyn was already familiar with the scene before him. Thus, he turned to Suo Fei and calmly said, “Follow me. Let’s find a place for your friend to rest.”

Suo Fei followed Evelyn into the room. He strenuously pushed the two beds together, and placed a thin mattress pad on top of it. He tried it and found it comfortable. It was only then that he placed Samael down.

At this time, the grandfather-grandson pair who had run a lot finally came in. Jonah had a lot of shoe prints on his body but it was obvious that it was more bark than bite. It didn’t hurt at all. On the other hand, Eugene was heavily panting.

Suo Fei scrutinised Eugene Hall. The dwarf was not the dirty and gloomy old man in his memory. Although he still had a lot of beard, he was much cleaner. His eyes were also not as dull and lifeless as it was in the game. Instead, he was as vigorous as the dwarves in the village.

Eugene Hall also sized Suo Fei up at this moment. Then, his voice was brimming with energy as he forthrightly showed his gratitude, “Elf, thank you for saving my disgraceful grandson. If this old man could be of any help to you, please don’t hesitate to mention it. “

……T-this is definitely not that cynical old man!

Suo Fei wanted to yell, ‘Craftsman God sensei, please forge an OP equipment for me.’ But… would it really be that easy? Suo Fei, who had already fallen into a pit numerous times, thought that he should make more observations before deciding.

At night, Eugene enthusiastically served dinner for Suo Fei, personally preparing sumptuous dishes and fine liquor.

After an afternoon of observation, Suo Fei thoroughly felt the affection between the grandfather and his grandson. The grandfather might look temperamental and serious, but he felt deep love towards Jonah. Jonah might be naughty, but he was extremely dependent on Eugene.

Seeing them getting along, Suo Fei thought of his grandmother. Weren’t they like this back then? His grandmother and him had to depend on each other to live but in the end… Suo Fei couldn’t stop his eyes from turning red at the very thought of the scene of his grandmother’s departure.

He had to quickly divert his thoughts so he once again locked his gaze towards the pair of grandfather and grandson. Suo Fei suddenly remembered that in the game, although Eugene had the shining reputation of being a Craftsman God, he was a lonely person who lived by himself. Furthermore, he had also left the Dwarf territory.

Wait. An awfully terrible idea formed in Suo Fei’s mind.

He probably is that same Eugene Hall, but he is now the Eugene Hall who is still not alone. That is to say… Eugene became like that later on because his grandson Jonah died?

The grandson that he cherished and valued the most was gone. The pillar sustaining his sanity collapsed which was why the old man’s attitude was extreme to such an extent. Was that why he hated everyone?

Suo Fei remembered that when he met Jonah, the two dwarfs were being chased by a ferocious beast. Although the fierce beast was not that powerful, it would still be easy for it to kill two weaponless dwarves.

At this moment, Suo Fei simply couldn’t imagine it. If he didn’t appear in the jungle at that time, no one would come to their rescue. Therefore, these two dwarfs would have been buried there for eternity.

Then, Eugene who had lost his beloved grandsons would become completely deranged. Then, the grandfather who was initially candid, enthusiastic and amiable would fall into such a gloomy and sickly state.

Suo Fei was lost in a world of his own and didn’t notice that the unconscious Samael had opened his eyes.

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