Reborn into A Slash Game

Chapter 6 - The Tragedy of Valinor

Chapter 6 - The Tragedy of Valinor

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Suo Fei froze, unable to speak nor move.

He could only sit down and let the beautiful Elves do their work.

The ceremonial dress was the real deal. All these layers of clothes definitely couldn’t be handled by one person. As a result, he was surrounded by a great number of beautiful women.

He wasn’t shaken by the golden opportunity of seeing a naked body.

His tears were already overflowing in his heart. This kind of feeling couldn’t be described simply as “waiting for death to come”.

This is the kind of feeling where he helplessly watch himself take the step into the pit of hell, one step at a time.

And the people around him were still throwing out chafing remarks: “Except for a hundred years ago when His Highness Manzy came of age at the Star Temple, no one else had the honour.”

“With that being said, our Young Master is the future successor of the Evans family. Naturally, his rite of passage would be held at the Star Temple.”

“Also, it is His Highness Manzy who will put on the cloak for Young Master.”

“This matter is of extreme importance. The family head will crown him and his bosom friend will cloak him. It represents how much importance the Elven King has placed on our Evans family.”

Nothing was able to cheer up Suo Fei. In the face of life and death, even Manzy baobei couldn’t cheer him up.

He was gnashing his teeth in anger. He hated himself for not playing the main route of ‘Sofey Evans’ even once so that he could know more about what’s going to happen next.

Right now, he could only remember that Grantlyn cut the Holy Tree during Sofey’s rite of passage, but he wasn’t sure whether it was before or after the ceremony.

“Of course it’s important. It’s not just His Highness Manzy. I heard that all the Three Great Families’ direct descendants in the city will attend the ceremony at Star Temple today…”

When Suo Fei heard this sentence, he had a sudden moment of realisation.

‘Oh, so that’s when he did it,’ he thought.

It wasn’t before or after the ceremony. Grantlyn must have cut the Holy Tree at the same time as the rite of passage!

Grantlyn must have been planning for a long time. Sofey Evans is the Young Master of the Evans family, thus his coming-of-age ceremony must be grand. Just like what the female elf said a moment ago, the Elven Prince will cloak him and all the direct descendants of the Three Great Families will attend the ceremony.

What does this mean?

This meant that all of the elites of the Elven Race in Valinor will be gathered together hence there would be no Elves who could threaten him!

With his status, he could easily get close to the Holy Tree.

Suo Fei looked out of the window. The whole of Valinor was enshrouded by the brilliant light of the Holy Tree.

Suo Fei realised that it was unnecessary to rush to the Star Temple as it was certain that Grantlyn wouldn’t be there. He must be lying in wait around the Holy Tree, waiting for the opportune moment to act.

With that in mind, Suo Fei finally calmed down.

At this moment, the girls finally stopped fiddling with him like a doll. The tedious ceremonial dress was finally worn.

He looked at the man in the mirror, somewhat in a trance.

Sofey Evans’ appearance was not exceptional among the Elves. Compared with Manzy’s earth-shattering looks, he’s just the appetizer, not even close.

If it was such an ordinary face, why was it that it attracted everyone’s attention in the plot? Was it really because of the divine protagonist halo?

Suo Fei sighed. Compared to the conscientious game developers, he really lost. Perhaps the game designers drew too many beautiful lil’ gongs and lil’ shous. It is up to the player to decide the introduced character’s importance, therefore they weren’t allowed to do any shoddy work.

As Vixanne removed her spell from Suo Fei, he could finally move.

However, he was genuinely well-behaved at the moment. He looked straight at the mirror with his mouth clamped shut. He looked more like a doll than someone who was casted a spell on.

Seeing him like this, Vixanne heaved a sigh of relief and continued to prepare what was needed.

After five to six minutes of silence, Suo Fei saw that Vixanne finally slackened her vigilance. He spoke in a whisper: “Mother, I’m a little nervous.”

Vixanne helplessly smiled and appeasingly sat beside him: “It’s all right, relax. Your father will personally crown you and Manzy His Highness will cloak you. With the blessing of God, you will certainly be an outstanding warrior that brings glory to Valinor!”

Suo Fei hung his head low, appearing very adorable.

Vixanne patted his soft, short hair and gave him a doting smile.


“Hm? Is there anything else?”

Suo Fei hesitated before finally saying: “I…. I want to relieve myself.”

Vixanne was stunned but immediately understood: “You child, go quickly. We’re leaving for the Star Hall in a while.”

Suo Fei nodded with some embarrassment, got up and walked out of the door.

The ceremonial dress was too cumbersome. He was tightly wrapped with layer after layer, severely restricting his movements. Nevertheless, it may not necessarily be a bad thing as slowing down would not expose that his mind was tense with a great sense of urgency.

Walking steadily towards the toilet, Suo Fei on one hand scolded himself for being inseparable from the WC but on the other hand began going crazy because of the bits and pieces on his body. If he were to unbutton the clothes normally, the Holy Tree would have already been cut off a long time ago.

If he didn’t modify this ceremonial dress, his movements would be just like an unmarried young woman and he didn’t know when he would get there.

After a fit of rage, the once gorgeous and body-hugging ceremonial dress became a beggar’s clothing. Suo Fei moved his legs and felt pretty great.

Time waits for no one. He definitely wouldn’t be able to go out of the main entrance, therefore, he deftly climbed over the wall.

He managed to escape from the Evans’ family at last. Suo Fei ran madly, looking only forward.

He didn’t know where the Star Temple was, but he could easily locate the Holy Tree.

The Holy Tree is the light source of Valinor. Hence, where it was the brightest was the place to go; running towards the light definitely wouldn’t go wrong.

The Elves are extremely agile and run much faster than other races. However, Sofey Evans’ body was by no means remarkable and he was panting for the most part of his run.

Nevertheless, he could already see the Holy Tree from afar. Suo Fei dragged his weak legs, not minding that his chest was bursting with the need for air.

As a matter of fact, the Holy Tree was a very special existence. During the day, it would unfold rays of light that could rouse the whole of Valinor but when you get close to it, you’d find that it was by no means harsh to look at. If anything, it could only be described as gentle. The closer you are, the more light would disappear. Instead, the tree would reveal its brown branches and verdant leaves.

There was a sense of joy in Suo Fei’s heart. I’m close, the Holy Tree is intact.He arrived just in time!

He was a weakling so he wouldn’t be able to stop Grantlyn by force, but Suo Fei had other means. The reason Grantlyn chose to hack off the Holy Tree today was only because the elites of the Elves were all at the Star Temple; he used this gap to obtain success by surprise.

Suo Fei’s aim was to disturb this tranquility to render them unable to launch a sneak attack, this would at least act as a buffer.

With all his energy, Suo Fei made the final sprint.

A tremendous crash was heard through the horizon!

Suo Fei’s entire body had stopped — just like freeze-frame in a movie scene.

The sound of a huge object falling on the ground was followed by screams, one louder than the other. It was utter chaos.

Suo Fei halted his footsteps and his complexion turned ghastly pale.

The land enshrouded in light seemed to have been cut in half by a giant sword, then with a loud rumble, the other half fell into darkness and began to collapse.

The Holy Tree… fell from the sky.

The other half of Valinor was forsaken by God and sank into darkness.

Grantlyn succeeded.

Suo Fei arrived, but he made a mistake. There were two Holy Trees, one in the east and the other in the west.

Now, only the Holy Tree in the west remained.

Suo Fei was only stunned for a moment before he turned around and ran towards the Holy Tree in the east. The Elves around him were caught in a panic. Terror and disbelief could be seen on everyone’s faces. For the Elves, the fall of the Holy Tree was tantamount to the sky falling.

Suo Fei could only stop at the edge of the light. He was unable to take a step into the land that has already fallen into darkness.

Standing on the edge, he finally caught sight of this body’s father.

Grantlyn held a pitch-black sword in one hand. His long silver hair fluttered in the wind, stained with Elven blood, showing an enchanting hue. Behind him was a frenzied massacre.

Seven people who were completely covered in black held dazzling weapons and rampantly killed the Elves who were guarding the Holy Tree.

The difference in strength was too great and the Elves had no power to fight back. It was an inhumane massacre.

Blood and corpses were all over the place. Suo Fei looked with a pale complexion and his stomach kept rolling. Finally he couldn’t bear it anymore, nausea defeated him and he bent over and vomited.

At that moment, a strange laugh sounded, followed by a bantering voice: “Look, who’s this?”

As soon as he said this, one of the black-robed men came towards Suo Fei but before he walked out of the darkness, Grantlyn suddenly blocked him with a wave of his sword.

The black-robed man was slightly taken aback, seemingly afraid of Grantlyn. He snorted coldly and halted his footsteps, but his pair of red eyes remained fixed on Suo Fei. He was like a hungry beast who had found its long-lost prey.

Grantlyn stood on the edge of the darkness, looked down at Suo Fei with a cold and indifferent look in his silver eyes.

The pungent smell of blood made Suo Fei dizzy but he still raised his head up, looked at Grantlyn in the eye and asked, “Why?”

Why did you betray the Elves, why did you wreck your own family, why did you forsake Vixanne?

His response was a swift, fierce slash of the sword followed by pain from the tearing of his flesh.

Grantlyn put away his sword and watched Suo Fei bleeding from shoulder to waist. He slightly raised the corners of his mouth as he softly sighed in a mocking tone. “My incompetent son…”

Suo Fei half-knelt on the ground. The pain in his chest almost made him unconscious, but he hung desperately onto his last sense of reason and kept telling himself that he can’t fall into a coma, absolutely not.

Grantlyn had already succeeded therefore the Elves would take their revenge on the Evans family.

He had to run, quickly run, or else he wouldn’t be able to keep his small life here.

Wait a minute… Vixanne… there’s still Vixanne!

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