Reborn Lady: Unparalleled Daughter of Concubine

Chapter 20 - Someone Better

Chapter 20 Someone Better

Back in the yard, nurse Liao had prepared hot tea for Qin Yunuan as soon as she went in. Qin Baochuan had been practicing writing characters in the room obediently. A thick stack of copy paper was placed next Qin Yunuan’s embroidery frame, waiting for her to check.

White steam wrapped around Qin Yunuan’s cheek, hot tea made her cheeks rosy and her heart warmed.

“Third Miss, everything was done as you said.” Nurse Liao reported the situation of this afternoon as it really was. “I took out your makeup box at noon and basked it in the sunshine to get rid of mold. When I came to collect it, the jade bracelet that Concubine left you was missing. Everyone’s room had to be searched because it was lost in the yard. Finally, we found it in Fusheng’s room.” She lowered her voice. “Now Fusheng was locked in that empty house of the backyard.”

Qin Yunuan frowned. “Didn’t I say that it should be handed over to Mother?” She was confused, but she knew that nurse Liao was sensible enough that she wouldn’t go against her will without any reason.

“Yes, and I did.” nurse Liao said with slight embarrassment. “But then Grand Miss had such a horrible accident. I was stopped by the gatekeeper of Cui Xuan courtyard, saying that the Lady was in a bad mood. However, I also scored a lucky hit.” After nurse Liao finished, she took out a round white bead from her waist and told Qin, “When I came back and asked Fusheng, this fell from her and she seemed to be very nervous about the bead.”

Qin Yunuan’s fingertips paused, but she still took the bead. This was a mellow East Sea pearl of high quality. Qin Yunuan had seen such pearl in her past life when embroidering for her sister on the Coronation suit of Prince Sima Ray. No other place except East Qin could produce pearls of this excellency.

“The pearl of East Qin.” Qin Yunuan murmured to herself. This was very likely the same pearl that Su Chenghai gifted to Qin Yunzhuang. Qin Yunzhuang’s rewards for her servants are indeed luxurious. Fusheng was not only Dou Qing’e’s informer but also helped Qin Yunzhuang in many ways. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be granted a big reward like this. The fragrance flew into Qin Yunuan’s nose, she sniffed and turned around to ask nurse Liao. “What tea are you making today? It smells extraordinarily aromatic and good.”

Nurse Liao was surprised and then answered, “Isn’t it just the usual green tea? Third Miss, you have been drinking this for some time.”

“That’s weird.” Qin Yunuan sniffed carefully around the teacup and found the soft, mellow fragrance much lighter. It seemed that the aroma did not rise from her tea.

Nurse Liao smiled, “Third Miss has a better sense of smell and memory ever since childhood. It’s probably the fragrance of flowers or incense in other yards.”

“My nose is far from being sensitive,” Qin Yunuan smiled, tilting her head slightly. Then she saw the pearl at hand. Doubtfully, she pinched the pearl to the tip of her nose and sniffed. She became serious suddenly. “Nurse Liao, bring me all the spices in our room.”

“Third Miss, you want some spice?” Nurse Liao was amazed. “Those are only used when the Lady and the Grand Miss came. I could send Da Shi to the fair tomorrow for some white plum blossom. What about that?”

Dou Qing’e and Qin Yunzhuang came to Qin Yunuan’s yard rarely, for her place was remote and had a smell of dust. Qin Yunuan would save some money for fine spices when the two came in her past life. Now she didn’t have the time to care much about what her place smelled like.

“Nurse, just please take them here. I’m not using them.”

Qin Yunuan had her doubt for a long time. Roughly speaking, Shangguan Yee resented Qin Yunzhuang for becoming a scapegoat. So she sent the spices secretly to frame her. Then those spices made Qin Yunzhuang’s face uncomfortable, and Qin Yuwan was punished. Everything seemed to be perfectly reasonable. But one of the most basic issues was ignored, which was time.

It was only two or three days from the day Qin Yunzhuang returned from the palace. Ningxianglu had to take seven or eight days to be effective. That was too weird, having such an effect in just three days.

“Third Miss, all the spices are here.” Nurse Liao placed the sealed wooden boxes with spices on the table in a line of Qin Yunuan to select.

Each small box was as big as a fist, carrying spices not of great quantity but variety. Qin Yunuan opened and sniffed each one twice under uncertainty. Nurse Liao stood aside worriedly, handing the tea over when Qin Yunuan was confused by various types of fragrance. She asked, “How was it, Third Miss?”

“I’m sure,” Qin Yunuan held the pearl firmly and said, “This pearl was soaked in white sandalwood.”

White sandalwood was more valuable and fragrant than other types of sandalwood, without the acrid smell of spices. It also had medicinal value.

Soaking pearls in spices were popular in recent years. The dazzling pearls giving off fragrance were more popular among the noble ladies.


Qin Yunuan frowned. All things on earth mutually reinforce and neutralize. Ningxianglu was incompatible with white sandalwood. When taking in both at the same time, the side effects of Ningxianglu could be catalyzed by the white sandalwood.

This pearl…was a gift of Su Chenghai!

Did he know about the white sandalwood on it? If he did, was it his intention sending the pearl to Qin Yunzhuang? Why did he add insult to Qin Yuwan’s injury? Was he the boss behind everything and was hurriedly in search of a scapegoat? No, he had just met Qin Yunzhuang after being apart for a long time. There could be hardly any contradictions or conflicts of interest between them. Why bother circling to hurt Qin Yunzhuang’s appearance?

Why did this cousin give her so many questions to wonder about, after arriving for just two days? She couldn’t understand him.

Seeing Qin Yunuan was out of her mind, nurse Liao reminded gently, “Third Miss, what should we do about Fusheng?”

A hint of shrewdness bloomed in Qin Yunuan’s deep dark eyes. “Now that Mother was annoyed, don’t trouble her. But punishment is necessary.” Pursing her lips, Qin Yunuan said, “Now that Second Miss was put in confinement without anyone around her for amusement. Fusheng had studied Yue opera for a few years, why not send her to Second Miss’ yard? I could also show some appreciation for my sister.”

One wanted to keep her under her eyes, while the other was eager to defame Baochuan. Now it’s time for the two to fight in one house.

Nurse Liao was amazed. Looking at the calm Qin Yunuan with admiration and surprise in her eyes, she felt as if Third Miss had been reborn. She knew it well that Third Miss was clever enough, but she had been hiding. Now that Third Miss grew up to know how to protect herself. She couldn’t be happier.

“What’s wrong, nurse Liao?” Qin Yunuan asked, tilting her head.

“Nothing.” Nurse Liao bowed quickly. “I’ll do it right away.” Her girl had lived up to her expectation, so she couldn’t let her down either.

Nurse Liao was very efficient. Early in the next morning, Fusheng was sent to Qin Yuwan’s yard. When she came back to report, Qin Baochuan was taking a cold shower in the yard under Qin Yunuan’s supervision. The snow was melting, and it was even colder than the snowy days. People would rather hide lazily inside their house, drinking wine for warmth. This five-year-old persisted, however, gritting teeth in the yard.

“Can you carry on? Just say it if you can’t.” Qin Yunuan spoke in a firm and unquestionable tone. Though seemingly dignified, she cared for her brother deeply in her heart. She was too protective of Qin Baochuan in the past life, which made him timid and shy. Although this time Qin Yuwan was temporarily locked in the house, other people would slander him as well. She’d better start shaping Qin Baochuan’s perseverance now.

“I can.” Qin Baochuan gritted his teeth, his small arms and face were frozen red, but his expression was very serious. “Sister, please continue to pour down cold water. Baochuan is not cold, not cold at all. Just like sister said, ‘To be bestowed with great responsibility, one must be crucified with ordeal and tribulation so as to break one’s will, subdue one’s spirit, exhaust one’s muscles, starve one’s flesh’. I could do this little thing.”

Even Qin Yunuan was a little moved by Baochuan’s sensibility. She poured the remaining half of the cold water with a few scoops, and then called for Maner hurriedly to carry Qin Baochuan into the house. Qin Baochuan waved his hands with a tough look. “I can walk by myself. I’m a grown man.” He limped into the room with two freezing and stiff legs.

“Third Miss, everything was done.” Nurse Liao came to her and glanced at where Qin Baochuan bathed subconsciously. Water ran into the stream of melting snow. Nurse Liao sighed. She understood Qin Yunuan’s intention.

“But I heard a message on the way back.” Following Qin Yunuan into the room, nurse Liao made sure that no one was around and then said. “I heard from Cui Xuan courtyard that the Lady chose you for the Temple Festival this time. Third Miss, you will go to the temple and pray.”

Seeing nurse Liao’s worried face, Qin Yunuan laughed. “Is nurse Liao afraid that I would be in trouble or doubt that Mother had ulterior motives?”

“No,” nurse Liao replied hurriedly with embarrassment on her face. “It’s just that Third Miss seldom goes out and couldn’t be that familiar with the outside world. I felt uneasy.” If Qin Yunuan went to the temple on behalf of the whole mansion of Grand Commandant, the Lady would definitely send servant girls of her side to accompany her. Being surrounded by the Lady’s people was what worried her.

Qin Yunuan also understood this. Frankly speaking, she was afraid that Dou Qing’e would take advantage of her using this occasion. Though she was nothing but a daughter of a concubine, Dou Qing’e was domineering and cautious. She would never let anyone get in the way of Qin Yunzhuang’s road to power. Words of what happened on the Flower Fairy Festival also spread out these days. It was not surprising that she turned against her deliberately.

However, to relieve nurse Liao, Qin Yunuan said with a smile on her face, “Don’t think too much, nurse Liao. Now that the Brother was traveling far away, our oldest sister had scars on her face, and Second Miss was in confinement. So now I’m the only one who could go and pray for the family. That’s the rule. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Nurse Liao was a little hesitant and said, “We could also discuss with Master Su…”

“There would be no need.” Qin Yunuan seemed a little uncomfortable at the sudden mention of Su Chenghai. “My cousin came to Beijing to do business. He was out traveling every day. Besides, although he was a relative, it’s still inappropriate to contact with other men in private. Don’t you worry, nurse Liao. It’s useless to fight against destiny. I will counter every trick as I go.”

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