Reborn Lady: Unparalleled Daughter of Concubine

Chapter 26 - Beg for One's Own Luck

Chapter 26 Beg for One’s Own Luck

The blessing ceremony was ruined, and the lecture was ridiculous. When everyone was at loose ends about the bad luck, a young monk ran into the door and reported, “Xuan Zhi, the dignitary Xuan Zhi is here.”

“Today’s Buddha Dharma Sermon was disturbed for the detention of Hui An, and I feel extremely sorry for that. Therefore, I invited the dignitary Xuan Zhi who, luckily, was traveling in the surrounding area. Master Xuan Zhi’s Dharma is profound. I believe that his words can be thought-provoking.” Leng Changxi continued his words slowly, “For the three of them, Hui An, Jie Chen, and Lvliu, they should be liable for disturbing the ceremony, showing disrespect for the Buddha and also slandering Third Miss Qin. Since it happened in the Wan’an Temple, Jie Chen and Hui An were all disciples of the temple. I am going to leave them to the dignitary Hui Neng. Does anyone have an opinion about that?”

Xuan Zhi was as famous as Hui Neng in the Qi Empire. However, he was always cultivating himself behind closed doors and seldom met guests. Those who could invite him were by no means ordinary. Everyone looked at Leng Changxi with quite different eyes. There was naturally no objection to Leng Changxi’s proposal and people nodded in agreement.

After the Sermon, Qin Yunuan was about to go back to the side room to pack things up for the return. A young monk ran to her with a letter in his hand and saluted. “Third Miss Qin, this was a letter to Madam Qin from our Master Hui Neng.” Then he pointed to Lvliu in the distance, “Master would like that girl to stay in the temple and take punishment. Master thought that he should notice Madam Qin. I would appreciate it if Third Miss could hand it over.”

“Master Hui Neng was compassionate and I should learn from him.” Qin Yunuan returned a salute respectfully. The young monk walked away, scratching his head. He couldn’t understand Qin Yunuan’s words. How compassionate could the punishment be?

Qin Yunuan sighed slightly. This young monk might never understand. If Lvliu returned to the Qin Mansion as a servant whose mischief was revealed, Dou Qing’e would not spare her. She might rather die to live. Leaving her at the temple was saving her life. The dignitary Hui Neng was wise enough to decide in this way.

Qin Yunuan was about to leave when a sharp cry sounded behind her, “Third Miss, please stay for a moment. Lvliu had something to say.”

Qin Yunuan turned around slowly and saw Lvliu breaking free from the two monks and running towards her. As she stepped back subconsciously, Maner and Tong blocked in front to prevent her from coming closer.

“Our Miss has nothing to say with you. What evil tricks are you playing this time?” Tong put malicious words on Lvliu.

Lvliu was overwhelmed by sadness. Gritting her teeth, she kneeled in front of Qin Yunuan. “Third Miss, I knew that I was wrong. I was possessed by the devil, but I had no choice. My father and mother passed away early, and I struggled my life with my younger sister in the Qin family. I had to obey Madam’s order, or my sister would be in danger. I had to…”

“Bah,” Tong didn’t show any sympathy for this arrogant and vicious girl, “You came to hurt our Miss for your sister’s safety. You are selfish.”

“Who is your sister?” Qin Yunuan asked gently.

Lvliu said with tears in her eyes, “Fusheng, the porter girl you sent to Second Miss’ courtyard.”

“Oh, you two are sisters,” Maner couldn’t help and said, “Having such an evil elder sister, no wonder the younger one is also wicked.”

Qin Yunuan frowned slightly and spoke to Lvliu, “Why do you say these to me?”

What could Lvliu do? What could she do after she had been arrested? She had dealt with the black dirt on her soles and the Red Flower Powder, but those things appeared again under General Leng’s inspection. Now that she had nowhere to hide under their eyes, it was already a miracle to live.

“I begged for nothing but the mercy of Third Miss for my sister. Fusheng was threatened by Madam to report to her. Now that she had been sent to Second Miss. She was beaten and scolded every day. Her life was not good.” Lvliu said with a trembling voice. She would kowtow for the happiness of her sister’s life.

“Do you want me to protect your sister at the Qin house?” Qin Yunuan snorted. Lvliu was daydreaming if she thought so.

Lvliu choked and did not dare to speak. After a while, she said, “I wasn’t that arrogant. I just wish that Third Miss would stop embarrassing my sister.”

“Stop embarrassing?” Qin Yunuan leaned over. The hot breath condensed into a white mist and gradually spread in the cold air. However, sorrow congealed on her eyebrows. “Was my embarrassment harsher than your suppression? Why would I fight back if you don’t even start the war with one trick after another? Now you are lucky enough to live in the Wan’an Temple, under the surveillance of the Leng Army. Fusheng had to beg for her own luck. You were born in the Qin’s Mansion, and you know best what the inner yard was like.”

Qin Yunuan turned to leave. Lvliu suddenly shouted, “Something was in the scriptures. Third Miss, there was something in the scriptures.”

As dusk approached, a few strokes of turquoise color were added to the sky. Under the snow that had not yet melt, tender green grass sprang up. The condensed mist was burning in the golden sunset, peaceful and warm.

Qin Yunuan stood by the Qin Family’s carriage, saying farewell to Fang Ziying.

“I know it is not easy for you to come out. If there is a chance in the future, I will go to the mansion of Grand Commandant for a chat.” Fang Ziying held Qin Yunuan by the hand, unwilling to part. It was not easy to find a close friend.

“Never mind,” Qin Yunuan was also reluctant. She was locked in the yard by her legal mother every day and had no friends in her previous life. She was like a domesticated animal, embroidering for her sister constantly. Fang Ziying was her first friend. “You are the legal daughter of the Grand Tutor. They may criticize if you lower your status and come to see me, which was not good for you or me. We will meet someday if we had the chance.”

Around them, young ladies and masters were boarding the carriage to return. Few people lingered in front of the gate.

The two were about to continue their chat when a high-pitched male voice came in the distance, “Fourth Miss Fang and Third Miss Qin had such a deep friendship. I’m starting to envy.”

Shangguan Rang strode towards them, expanded his folding fan in front of Qin Yunuan and started waving pretentiously.

“Why do you envy the friendship of girls?” Fang Ziying glanced. She had always looked down on those silly heads of the Shangguan Family. She even argued with Shangguan Yee last time on the road to the palace.

Shangguan Yee was sitting on a troika, of which the dark purple curtains were neatly tasseled and shook in the mountain wind. She was obviously in a bad mood, leaning on the carriage window and stared at them.

Maner said that Shangguan Yee was furious when returning to her room at noon, giving her servant girl two slaps in the face. She must have got the news of Qin Yunzhuang’s face recovered and was very upset about it.

Shangguan Rang failed to notice the fury in Shangguan Yee’s eyes. He reached to Qin Yunuan and said more cheekily, “What I envy about was not your friendship but Fourth Miss Fang. She was unforgettable in your mind. I wish that someday, I will also have this honor.”

“You are shameless to say it in public, young master Shangguan.” Qin Yunuan gazed coldly at Shangguan Rang, who thought he was romantic.

Shangguan Rang stroke his fan and smiled as if he had been enchanted, “I speak from the bottom of my heart. Why would I be shameless?”

Qin Yunuan didn’t want to have much involvement with this kind of man. She turned around to leave, but Shangguan Rang caught her up and asked, “I spent thousands on a piece of luxurious silk. Would you appreciate it with me?”

“My carriage is ready. Appreciating will postpone the returning time.”

“It’s ok.” Shangguan Rang continued to ask, “I heard that Prince Ning’s Mansion was in charge of refurbishing the White Horse Academy. It can be completed on the third day of March. Third Miss Qin, may I invite you on a trip to the Academy next time?”

Qin Yunuan nodded politely. “I am a female family member. It is not easy for me to go out of the house. Besides, going out alone with young master Shangguan might be inappropriate.”

“Well…” Shangguan Rang was trying to invite again, but a voice cold like the abyss murmured, “Young Master Shangguan, aren’t you cold? You’re waving your fan in winter.”

Who else would have it been if this charismatic voice hadn’t been from Leng Changxi?

Qin Yunuan was already sitting on the carriage. She lifted the curtain subconsciously when hearing the voice. Leng Changxi stood straight like a pine tree, but the dark stubble around his jaw revealed his fatigue. Prince Ning’s Mansion was in charge of the refurbishing of the White Horse Academy, and Leng Changxi was also responsible for some follow-up affairs with the East Qin, plus everything that happened on today’s blessing. Things had been tough for a 19-year-old boy like him.

Leng Changxi stood with his hands behind his back under the carriage and said to Shangguan Rang coldly, “This is the carriage of the Third Miss Qin. I’m afraid it’s not good manners if a young master lingers around here.”

Shangguan Rang was a little awkward. He nodded with a smile and said, “I just want to invite…”

“I heard that.” Disdain lingered on Leng Changxi’s lips. “Firstly, the silk that you bought was a secondary product from the Yuman Embroidery Shop in the east of our Prince Ning’s Mansion. It took far less than thousands of tael of gold. Secondly, the White Horse Academy would be completed not on the third day of March, but the first day. If you really want a trip here, don’t get it wrong. Thirdly…”

Hearing this, Shangguan Rang had a burst of complexion and was even more astonished to hear an extra “third”. As he lifted his head, he saw Leng Changxi reaching out and pointing towards the carriage of the Shangguan Mansion. “Miss Shangguan has been waiting for a long time. If you don’t return, she might be angry.”

Shangguan Rang put on airs outside the house, but he was afraid of his father and would listen to his younger sister. Everyone knew that secret.

Watching Shangguan Rang’s back retreating hurriedly, Qin Yunuan sighed in relief and lowered the carriage curtain. She held up a hand warmer on the small wooden table.

“I have something to tell you.” Leng Changxi’s voice penetrated through the thick cotton curtain like a sharp arrow, shaking Qin Yunuan’s heart. She leaned towards the cotton curtain, and said in an even more polite tone, “What do you have to say?”

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