Reborn Lady: Unparalleled Daughter of Concubine

Chapter 361 - The Final Episode

Chapter 361 The Final Episode

Fortunately, Sun Miaoyang was in Prince Ning’s Mansion. Unfortunately, Su Chenghai, the disciple of Doctor Sun, was suffering from poisoning at the same time. So when all the people in the Royal City and all the civilians of Qi were cheering for eradicating the evil, there were two dying people in Prince Ning’s Mansion.

The emperor of Qi re-ascended the throne with few concubines and descendants, so naturally, he valued Leng Changxi, his nephew, so much. He sent him countless precious tonics, and he even accompanied the Queen Mother to visit Leng Changxi after a busy day of political affairs many times. But it was a pity that Leng Changxi still didn’t get any better. Qin Yunuan took care of him day and night, losing so much weight.

At that time, Leng Changxi and Shi Ruisheng seemed to be vying with each other. There was only one blade of life-saving grass, but there were two people who needed it. Logically speaking, Sun Miaoyang should have given the life-saving fairy grass to his disciple without hesitation, but he just farmed and went for a walk with his bird every day. It seemed that he didn’t plan to save these two people at all. While Prince Ning loved his son so much, so he kept pestering him every day.

At that time, Qin Yunuan had been exhausted since she had been taking care of Leng Changxi for many days, and she seemed to hear Ting Xue’s words, “Madam, His Highness went to beg Doctor Sun again.”

“Then?” Qin Yunuan was a little tired. Her medical skills were limited. After several months of hard work, she could barely heal Leng Changxi’s skin from heat burns, making him lie in bed quietly as before. Leng Changxi had been in a coma for several months, and he had lost a lot of weight. His chin looked more pointed, and the whole person looked so thin. Qin Yunuan took care of his health with the best royal jelly and snow lotus every day. Leng Wu and Zhuge Qingtian even took turns to transport genuine energy into his body every day to protect his internal organs that had been damaged by the huge impact force.

The doctors who had been here all said that it was a miracle that Leng Changxi could survive the fire. If he woke up, it would be really a miracle of miracles. But nobody could make him walk and jump like a normal person as before.

But Qin Yunuan knew that one person could do that. Sun Miaoyang’s fairy grass could cure all diseases.

Since Prince Ning couldn’t persuade him after using both hard and soft tactics, she must do something then.

In the middle of the night, a solitary light was still burning in the courtyard of Sun Miaoyang’s house. Sun Miaoyang had fallen asleep long ago, while Shi Ruisheng, who was unable to calm down because he was poisoned, was still awake.

A little movement was enough to awake Shi Ruisheng who was suffering. He looked up and found that it was just Qin Yunuan that was standing beside his bed, his “younger female cousin” who he had been missing all the time.

“How are you?” Qin Yunuan looked cold without expression.

Shi Ruisheng had anticipated this day already. She loved Leng Changxi so much, and Leng Changxi loved her so crazily. As an outsider, Shi Ruisheng’s existence prevented them from being together for the whole life obviously. Shi Ruisheng sighed coldly in his heart. It seemed that Qin Yunuan came here to persuade him to give up the fairy grass to Leng Changxi.

“I can’t die yet.” A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Shi Ruisheng’s mouth.

“I’m here this time to beg you.” Qin Yunuan said in an extremely low voice. Shi Ruisheng sneered in his heart. The time had finally come. But in fact, he had already decided in his heart that as long as Qin Yunuan asked him to give up the fairy grass, he would definitely do as she liked. He would give her anything as long as she wanted. However, Qin Yunuan said, “Because of the pestering of my father-in-law, Doctor Sun hadn’t decided whom to give the grass to yet. I hope you can take the initiative to use the fairy grass as medicine to cure yourself. As for Changxi, I only hope that after his death, you can lend me the Ganchang Cunduan Poison.”

Shi Ruisheng had never made poisons to harm people, and Ganchang Cunduan Poison was the only poison he had made, which was a rare poison that could kill human beings in a short time. Shi Ruisheng wondered why Qin Yunuan knew that.

“It is not important why I know that.” Qin Yunuan seemed to be able to know what Shi Ruisheng was thinking, “I only hope that you can lend me this poison by then. If Changxi died, I wouldn’t live in this world alone then. I will go with him.”

Shi Ruisheng looked at Qin Yunuan with the corner of his eye. He didn’t dare to look into her eyes. What shone in her eyes was affection for Leng Changxi and indifference to life and death. Shi Ruisheng couldn’t bear that. He hated that the woman he loved only cared about another man, and she was even willing to give up her life for him.

“I’d rather you force me to give up the fairy grass.” Shi Ruisheng said faintly, which made Qin Yunuan sigh, “I just want to be with him forever. I would die with him if I couldn’t live with him.”

“Don’t be like this.” Shi Ruisheng turned his head and looked at the faint moonlight outside. He didn’t know what to say. He just bowed his head and sighed, “Go back. I have my plan.”

What happened later was exactly the same as Qin Yunuan predicted. Within a few days, Sun Miaoyang cured Leng Changxi with the fairy grass. Before leaving, he gave Qin Yunuan a significant look and shook his head with regret seemingly. On the day Leng Changxi woke up, the news of Shi Ruisheng’s death from poison came from Sun Miaoyang’s yard.

Recalling what happened a few months ago, Qin Yunuan still felt quite emotional.

“I knew that that as long as I came to him and told him that I would commit suicide if you died, he would give up the fairy grass definitely. Although he appeared to have given up the grass of his own accord, in fact, I was the one who killed him.” Qin Yunuan felt guilty every time she talked about this.

Leng Changxi kissed Qin Yunuan’s forehead gently, “So, if I really died, you would die for love and leave Baochuan alone?”

“Yeah.” Qin Yunuan lowered her head slightly with a shy look, “I just know that if you couldn’t be with me, life would mean nothing for me.”

Leng Changxi was moved by Qin Yunuan’s explicit words. He hugged her tightly, “Sometimes I really hope that you can be more rational and always live a good life, but I was just so happy after hearing what you said.”

“That’s the best.” Qin Yunuan embraced Leng Changxi with her slightly bulging abdomen between them, which could not affect the sweetness between them at all. “You will live a happy life then. We’ve suffered so much, and finally, we can live a plain life from now on.”

“Yeah.” Leng Changxi caressed Qin Yunuan’s plump face affectionately, “A few days ago, Zhuge Qingtian sent me a letter. The Infanta is also pregnant. If her baby was a daughter, they wanted to marry her to our son.”

“That’s great.” Qin Yunuan nodded with a smile. Women around her got pregnant one after another, and her second child was also growing up. The next generation would thrive certainly. “The Infanta is a heroic woman, so her daughter must be as great as her mom.”

Leng Changxi touched Qin Yunuan’s small nose, “I’m afraid she will be as dull as his father. If it hadn’t been for your trick, how would Zhuge Qingtian have confided his feelings to the Infanta? But that’s fine. Although the emperor of West Xia found out that the Infanta’s father was in collusion with North Di, he didn’t punish the Infanta. Instead, he retained her title of Infanta, and the lovers finally got married.”

“I just wonder how mom in West Xia is.” The Elder Princess of West Xia died 20 years ago. The emperor of West Xia, Jing Donghua, gave Princess Qinghe another title for her to stay in the Royal Palace. It was even said that the emperor of West Xia dismissed all his concubines in the Palace for this beauty and cherished only her. It was really infinite royal graciousness.

“Jing Donghua will definitely treat mom well, but I don’t know whether the officials will criticize them. But if Jing Donghua couldn’t solve even these small problems, he would be unqualified for his position as the emperor.”

Although Leng Changxi seemed to regard Jiang Donghua as an outsider, he trusted him greatly in his words. In fact, in Leng Changxi’s heart, apart from Prince Ning, Jing Donghua and Princess Qinghe were the people he respected most.

While they were talking, Baochuan had already returned from school, carrying a sturdy cloth bag on his back. Once he came in, he walked into the room familiarly and asked Leng Wu, “Has Dun’er read books today?”

To this three-year-old nephew, the nine-year-old Qin Baochuan looked like an adult. Fortunately, Dun’er liked this uncle very much. They played in the room for a while, and Baochuan then changed into plain clothes and walked out. When he left the room, he saw Qin Yunuan smiling at him.

“Sister, what are you doing?” Baochuan smiled fatuously, touched the back side of his head, and laughed all the time.

Qin Yunuan gestured at the kid with two pigtails out of the door. Qin Yunuan had sharp eyes, so she could see clearly that it was an eight or nine-year-old girl outside who looked in the direction of Baochuan with a shy look.

“I see.” Qin Yunuan smiled at Baochuan, “She’s pretty. She will be a beauty.”

Baochuan blushed instantly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Okay. I won’t talk about it then.” Qin Yunuan gestured at the door, “Don’t let her wait for you for so long.”

Although Qin Baochuan looked a little embarrassed, he picked up his pace and walked out of the door. Leng Changxi just took a cloak out of the room and put it on Qin Yunuan’s shoulders at this time. Looking at Qin Baochuan’s back, he couldn’t help smiling, “The children have grown up.”

Qin Yunuan touched her abdomen, “There is another one here.”

Leng Changxi also touched her abdomen gently, “This girl is so small. She has come to full term, but your abdomen is still so small.”

“How do you know this is a girl?”

“It’s good to have a girl. It’s better to have a girl as smart as you.” Leng Changxi kissed Qin Yunuan’s forehead, “Let me and Dun’er protect you in the future.”

Qin Yunuan smiled, but suddenly she frowned because of the pain in her abdomen.

“What’s wrong?” Leng Changxi was so nervous.

“I…” Qin Yunuan frowned. At this time, her pants were already wet, and her water broke. “It hurts! It hurts!” Qin Yunuan grasped Leng Changxi’s sleeve tightly, and the pain became more and more obvious.

Qin Yunuan knew clearly that a new life was coming, and their life would also have a new beginning…

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