Reborn Master vs. School Beauty

Chapter C334 Tunnel

Jian Wei floated in front of me and started vomiting. It was obvious that my words made her sick, but when Li Bing heard my words, she could only sigh.

The bus entered a long tunnel and the car went dark. Suddenly, I felt a fragrant wind blowing in front of me, and I felt the warm cherry lips suddenly press against my mouth, and even my tongue went into my mouth, and it felt so good, but when the bus left the tunnel, the cherry lips had already left my mouth, and I looked around with my eyes wide open, seeing all the girls around me who were supposed to do what they were doing, and I didn't know who was kissing me. I looked at Jian Wei, who had already flown outside and was playing happily in the air, so the person I just kissed must have been in the car!

Who was she? There were all girls in the car. There had to be one of them. Could it be Li Bing Bing? I looked at Li Bing Bing, and she looked out the window. It was probably because the conversation from before angered her, so she didn't pay attention to me. I looked at Li Bing, and looked at Li Bing, and she looked out the window, and it was probably because the conversation from earlier angered her, so she didn't pay attention to me.

Was this another dream? It shouldn't be, after a few dreams, I have the ability to distinguish between dreams and reality, and right now I'm in reality. What happened just now really confused me, after just being scolded by Li Bing Bing, the girls were all in a heated discussion, but when we were passing through the tunnel, someone suddenly came over to kiss me. Who is this person?!

Before I could think about who was kissing me, something happened to the bus in front, slowed it down, and stopped by the side of the road. Something even weirder happened, and then one after the other, all the buses went wrong and couldn't move anymore.

The drivers packed for a while, but they were all confused, because there was enough gas in the tank, and there was no problem with the engine and other parts, but they couldn't start the engine, no matter how hard they tried.

I picked up my cell phone and opened the map software, but it only displayed the road and the distance to Iron Hat Mountain, but there was no specific place name. This place was about 30 kilometers away from Iron Hat Mountain, and the surroundings were all wilderness and mountains, but all the cars had stopped and were unable to move forward.

The students were counting on the teacher to make a decision. Li Bing Bing said, "We should first find a village to rest and eat something before leaving."

Some of the teachers thought that they should wait on the spot and ask the school to send a car to help them. After all, there were still enough goods on the trucks here, so it wouldn't be a problem for them to sleep on the side of the road.

Therefore, most people decided to wait on the spot, but Li Bing Bing was stubborn. She insisted that she had been here when she was young, and that she could go to a small village if she went around the hill in front of them.

Wang Bao asked me, "Do you think Teacher Li's words are reliable? Are we going with her?"

Of course, I decided to follow Li Bing Bing: "The weather right now isn't that good. If we can find a village to stay for the night, that would be the best choice, at least it would be better than squatting by the road and drinking from the northwest wind. I think what Teacher Li said makes sense. Let's go too."

Wang Bao nodded and said, "Alright, I'm risking my life to accompany you. I'll go wherever you go." He was also carrying a large travel bag. It was very heavy and looked very heavy.

I asked, "What's in your bag? Why does it look so heavy?"

Wang Bao said, "It's all for food. When we're outside, it will be very painful if we don't have anything to eat. I've encountered this kind of situation before and almost died from it."

"You glutton, there's no saving you." I teased him.

Wang Bao only smiled and said, "Are you still talking about me? Your bag isn't light either. Don't tell me there's nothing to eat inside?"

I thought, "I really don't have much to eat in my bag. It's all weird stuff, but I can't tell you about that." So I didn't say anything, just smiled.

Wang Bao instantly misunderstood and thought that there was really something delicious in my bag, so he leaned over and whispered, "Bro, if there is really something delicious, don't take it all for yourself. We can exchange it all. "Aiyo, just look at the change in the weather. The mist has grown so much thicker after just passing through that tunnel."

There was really nothing I could do about him, so I nodded my head noncommittally and dismissed him.

Li Bing Bing insisted on going to the small village. The students in the class usually had a good relationship with her, so they all expressed that they would follow. Some of the students in the other classes that she taught were also willing to follow.

From time to time, I would ask Li Bing, "Professor Li, you should be from the city, why have you come to this kind of place?"

"My parents brought me here to play when I was very young. In my memories, there was a small village here, but ever since I left, my parents' relationship with me became very bad. I don't know why," Li Bing Bing replied.

When she said this, her expression was extremely ugly, as if she had remembered something unpleasant.

I thought, "If this is her grief, why does she have to come to this place? Is there some secret in it?"

Just as he was thinking this, everyone had already reached the hillside. The road had become very hard to walk on. Thorns were everywhere, and the stones were very slippery. Some girls had sprained their feet and were limping.

After they walked around the hill, Li Bing Bing pointed eastward happily and said, "Look, that's the village I've been to before. It's called Liujing Village."

It was a very small village, roughly dozens of households. The small bungalow was the same as it was a few decades ago, and to the south of the village were a few flat fields with all kinds of crops growing on them.

After all, we could find a place to rest and even have a hot meal. After the accident with the car, we finally had something that made us feel gratified.

Lin Dai stood by my side, worried, "Why do I feel that it's a little strange? I've seen many movies like this before, and it's just like this. If we pass by a small village, we'll encounter some strange incidents."

Lei Yuan laughed, "You must have seen too many movies, right? That's just a movie, what's there to be afraid of. If you let me write a movie, I can make up something even more scary, and this is where Teacher Li came from, so there shouldn't be any problems. We can rest here, eat and sleep."

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