Reborn: Super God of War

Chapter 286 - Level 5 Death Rage

Chapter 286: Level 5 Death Rage

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“Lone Wolf! Die!” roared Eighteen Massacres.

Seven Style Spear transformed again into a halberd and slashed down, aiming at Lin Jie’s head! Eighteen Massacres’ Attack Power was as high as 550 points now. Although compared to Lin Jie’s attack of 700 points, it was much lower, it was one of the highest in The New Age. No matter how high Lin Jie’s defense ability was, just a few seconds ago, Lin Jie’s health points had still decreased by 1/3 in one slash!


Dong— Dong—

Eighteen Massacres’ attack was the embodiment of his rage that wanted to be released, as well the excitement brought by the notion that Broken Blade was about to come into his possession. As such, he slashed with his halberd at Lin Jie menacingly!

Suddenly, Seven Style Spear let out a metallic cry!

What Eighteen Massacres did not expect was that the attack he was so confident in had actually been stuck when he had sliced at Lin Jie’s head! He lowered his head, and his face turned pale from shock. Lin Jie’s appearance was no longer that of a human! Enchanted Scaly Armor had grown out from his body, but it was not the kind of low-end scales, which lizards had. On the contrary, it was the Enchanted Naga Scaly Armor, which emanated a fierce sea aura!

With Eighteen Massacres’ attack stopped right at his head, Lin Jie smiled coldly and stood up.

“Eighteen Massacres, you really think your attack could make me lose 1/3 of my health? Let me tell you, my HP has already broken through 3,000 points! Even if you drink many of those precious potions, it is merely impossible for your attack to deal 700 points of damage to me!

Fear could be seen on Eighteen Massacres’ face. He trembled as he spoke, “You are harming yourself? Impossible! Berserkers don’t even have such a self-harming skill! Still, so what can you do even if you have met some miraculous encounter? I am from Dark Shrine, and I have the Possession skill! As long as the Undead Boss does not die, I am immortal! Your only shot is if you instakill me, but can you do it?”

“There are plenty of things you don’t know! You think knowing the Broken Blade’s secret is already an incredible thing? Then, let me show you my real strength!” Lin Jie glanced at all the Undead. As he was very close to Eighteen Massacres, the Undead did not even dare to attack. Otherwise, if they attacked their master and the damage was transferred, then the ones that would get injured would be themselves!

Blood Vigor exploded from Lin Jie’s body, and the vigorous strength surged into his arm.

Blood Power! Death Rage!

Death Rage had already reached level 4 since a long time ago, and its proficiency had also gradually increased as Lin Jie battled. This time’s activation was just when it broke through the limit!

Level 3 was the bottleneck of a skill. The reason for saying so was purely because of the great difficulty of obtaining skill proficiency. Training the proficiency of a skill to the maximum needed quite a few months of time, and if the player did not have a suitable technique, then one may even need to spend up to a year!

As time passed, the players had gradually discovered the secrets behind skills and had understood the importance of skill levels. In the main city, one could see Warriors shouting at the top of their lungs to practice the skill Warrior’s Roar everywhere, Paladins, who were bored, would repeatedly cast blessing on players, the Priests would try their hardest to repeatedly throw Holy Light onto players and Hunters would shoot arrows all around while holding their bows.

Meanwhile, from the first day the game had been released, these actions had already been etched in Lin Jie’s blood and had become a part of his daily life. One roar every three steps and one slash of his sword every five steps. However, Lin Jie’s movement was very small when activating these skills, so on the outside, he looked the same.

Extensive preparation eventually paid off. At that moment, Death Rage had taken the most important step to break through the level 3 limit, and thus surpassing level 3!


—”Your skill [Death Rage] has been increased to level 4!”

“Hahaha, not enough, not enough! Go up to level 5!” Lin Jie directly used that one skill point, which he had exchanged with the Demigod, and Death Rage’s level was raised yet again. It was actually reaching the height of level 5!

Level 5 Death Rage! Available to be used when one’s health bar was below 5%. In the next 5 seconds, the player would obtain 300% Damage Immunity, 300% Attack Enhancement, 300% Critical Hit Damage Enhancement, and 25% Critical Strike Chance Enhancement.

The strength rampaging in Lin Jie’s arm was about to tear it apart. As Broken Blade was swung around, heavy gusts of wind were created all around. Lin Jie was like a furious lion that wanted to bite off people’s bodies!

“Shield Cut!”


Broken Blade had no sharp edge, but it forcibly pierced into Eighteen Massacres’ muscles—from his right shoulder all the way down to his thigh. Lin Jie had cut Eighteen Massacres into half with one slash!


“This is impossible…” Eighteen Massacres widened his eyes. He had become a corpse without even being able to use Immortal Body! As he died, the Undead lost the strength to support their lives, and their bones were scattered all over the ground. Deathbringer even completely perished, forming black smoke.

Deathbringer originally was the mission’s summoned beast to help Eighteen Massacres just like Naga Gion when Lin Jie had been undergoing his mission at the sea. They were helpers in the mission, so once the person executing the mission died, naturally, that monster would disappear too.

The battle had ended!

Lin Jie immediately gulped down a Health Potion and sat down to recover his health points, constantly on guard in case Eighteen Massacres had any means to revive! What if that guy had some weird mean to revive, and then kill Lin Jie when he was unaware? That would be a tragedy.

In that battle, Lin Jie also completely understood that his future path could not be predicted! He was a person that had been reborn, but definitely not a dictator—he was changing, and others were also changing! To actually grasp his fate in his own hands was to grow stronger! Meanwhile, reflecting on himself, he had not had such a realization the whole time before. Lin Jie had decided that subsequently, he would go deep into seclusion for a long period of time to raise his level, skills, and equipment and try his best to increase his strength in all aspects!

Lin Jie walked beside Eighteen Massacres’ corpse and then kicked it away. Normal players had already learned the small technique on how to use their corpses to cover up the equipment dropped, and Eighteen Massacres was no exception. As Eighteen Massacres was flipped over, a black belt was revealed.

[Dark Venomous Belt] (Gold)

Requires: Level 30

Defense: 40-50

Health Points: +300

Strength: +10

Endurance: +10

Willpower: +5

Additional effect: Seed of Deadly Poison, when you receive attacks, there are chances for the target to be infected with the Seed of Deadly Poison. In the next 3 seconds, the target’s health bar’s highest limit will decrease by 1% every second.

“A superb item! I was just worried that there was no suitable equipment for me as I reached level 30. It’s really when I’m sleepy, someone would give a pillow to me 1 . Eighteen Massacres, I will need to thank you!” Lin Jie laughed heartily.

Every 10 levels was a dividing line for equipment. Level 30 Gold equipment would have attributes 30% higher than that of level 25 Gold equipment. Normally, when players reached a new phase of levels, they would change the low-level equipment on them as even if they owned level 30 Silver equipment, their attributes would just be 10% higher than that of level 20 Gold equipment. As for level 25 Gold equipment, they could not be compared at all.

However, the prices of Silver equipment were much lower than Gold equipment. That was the temptation of high-level Silver equipment! Even with a whole body of Silver equipment, one would be able to easily kill a player wearing low-leveled Gold equipment. Therefore, once normal players reached a new phase of levels, their first choice of equipment would be Silver.

Eighteen Massacres, on the other hand, had given Lin Jie a huge present!

After equipping the Dark Venomous Belt, Lin Jie’s health points rose by yet another 180 points, reaching the height of 3,195 points. His health was like that of a Blood Bull 1 . After activating Enchanted Scaly Armor, he would be even more thick-skinned, and no one would be able to injure him!

The target, who had received the opposing mission, had already died, and as Deathbringer had disappeared, a scroll entered Lin Jie’s line of sight. That was a secret scroll, extravagant, and elegant; a broken armor was carved on it, which made it extremely mysterious.

[Primordial Secret Scroll]: A secret scroll which records Primordial techniques, you better show it to your mentor, he will guide you on how to unseal the secret scroll.

Lin Jie curved up his lips. ‘Unseal? There’s no need!’

Emilia’s tear was the best item to remove a seal! A drop of tear circled on the secret scroll and gradually rippled, the secret scroll then transformed into a scroll and went into Lin Jie’s body.

—”You learned the Epic Skill [Armor Removal].”

Skill: Armor Destroy

Casting Resource: Action

Skill Description: When you get close to the target, your subsequent attack action will be consumed to cause the target’s armor to crack and deprive the target’s armor attributes enhancement by 70% and make the target unable to use the equipment’s skills. Lasts for 1 minute, cooldown time 30 seconds.

Job Restriction: Berserker

“Hahaha, this skill is so despicable, I like it!” Lin Jie laughed heartily.

Warriors and Bandits had a common skill—Disarm. The effect was to cause the target to temporarily lose one’s weapon. It reduced Attack Power, and the target would be unable to use skills. However, compared to Armor Removal, the difference was as vast as the distance between the sky and earth.

Weapons could be roughly split into two types, “Melee Weapons” and “Ranged Weapons”.

Armors included breastplates, greaves, belts, wrist guards, and helmets… Excluding equipment that enhanced Attack like necklaces and rings, the other armors were all within the scope of Armor Removal! What’s more, Armor Removal consumed the number of attacks. In other words, using Armor Removal would substitute the attack at that time. Then what about using Army Obliteration to release Armor Removal? Wouldn’t he be able to remove four pieces of armor at once?

“Congratulations boss! Congratulations boss!”

The three pitiful laborers had already revived, and very timely, run in front of Lin Jie to congratulate him. Lin Jie was in a good mood. He stretched his hand towards Big Brother, and the three’s vision blurred. Then, cracking sounds could suddenly be heard. One could only see that the Bronze greaves on Big Brother had cracked into pieces under everyone’s eyes!

One of the underlings blinked and said in surprise, “A skill which destroys clothes! Boss, can you use this skill on female players? Big brother? Big brother? Can we also go and learn this skill….”

“Stop f*cking, calling me!” At that moment, the respected Big Brother was covering his chilling crotch while full of embarrassment. He asked meekly, “Boss, what is that skill?”

When he got closer, Lin Jie’s Armor Removal had already broken his greaves into pieces of broken armor. The quality of Bronze equipment was extremely poor, it was nearly disintegrated by the Epic Skill.

Lin Jie laughed and said, “This is an Epic Skill, Armor Removal!”

“Boss is really valiant and invincible, the first in the world… Erm, could you cancel the skill? I- I’m embarrassed,” asked the big brother meekly as he lowered his head to take a look.

“Big brother? What are you embarrassed about? I can’t see anything,” said a certain underling with a sincere face as he widened his eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, big brother don’t be embarrassed, weren’t you always boasting that it was all due to this that trained your good vision? How did that sentence go again? A single red in the midst of thick foliage, there’s no need for numbers to move people 1 !”

Looking at that underling reciting the poem as he shook his head, Lin Jie hurriedly canceled Armor Removal, and the cracked greaves instantly went back to its original state.

Big Brother heaved a sigh of relief, but his face was still flushed red from the embarrassment. He regretted that he didn’t make those two b*stards lie on the ground for a few more hours just now.

Lin Jie snapped his finger and said, “This time, it can be counted as the three of you are working for me. You’ve done well. However, if Eighteen Massacres learns that, he will definitely send people to hunt you down. All three of you are new players, so most probably, you will not have any ability to resist.”

Big Brother smiled bitterly and replied, “True, but that’s alright. Boss, your reward is already enough for the three of us to live comfortably for a period of time. If worse comes to worst, we can just delete this account and start anew.”

The two underlings also nodded and said with their faces full of reluctance, “No matter success or failure, being open-minded is the most important. At worst, we can just start from the beginning again!”

“No need to be so pessimistic.” Lin Jie was also amused by the other two. He waved his hand and said, “The three of you, although your skills are not that good, you’re quite clever. My Provisions shop is just nicely lacking employees. Once you reach City of Light, go to the Sky Provisions Shop. No matter how audacious Eighteen Massacres is, it is impossible for him to bother you.”

“Thank you, boss, thank you, boss!” said Big Brother excitedly. He patted his two underlings’ shoulders. “Hurry and say thank you!”

“Thank you, thank you.” The two underlings hurriedly thanked Lin Jie.

“Alright, I also need to go first. This time, it was a huge gain! However, I need to destroy this Tower of Plague, or else it will be bad if it continuously produces Undeads,” said Lin Jie. Then, he looked elsewhere and smiled slightly.

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