Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Forward

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“You saw me start the fire yesterday. Today, you start the fire.”

Yan Kuan sat in the cave like a master. They had already traveled for two days. On the first day, they were lucky enough to find a cave to rest in. However, they had slept under a big tree yesterday.

Of course, there was only a sleeping bag. No matter how unwilling Shen Xiaoxiao was, the temperature at night in the forest during winter was definitely not something that she could do.

In China, there was at least a place of eight square meters that could shelter her from the wind and rain. However, here, she definitely needed a sleeping bag.

Fortunately, Yan Kuan was a man of his word. He said that she would “be his woman” in the jungle, but he really did not touch her.

However, these small actions were incessant. For example, he hugged her tightly. In his words, it was to keep her warm.

Every morning, she would wake up from an uncomfortable situation at the top of an iron pillar. Those who had experienced human affairs would naturally know what this thing was.

However, she, Shen Xiaoxiao, would not care. The one who felt uncomfortable was him. He deserved it.

Now, Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Yan Kuan with some astonishment. What was this guy saying? He did not use a lighter, yet he insisted on learning how to drill wood to make fire like yesterday. What kind of madness was this?

Yan Kuan looked at her angry look. He flicked her head and said to her, “Don’t forget, it will take at least 10 days to walk out of this forest. This lighter won’t be used for that long.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was to blame. When she took the package and stayed in the underground warehouse, she had been using the lighter. Later, when the torch burned out, she used the lighter, so the lighter did not have much oil left.

Shen Xiaoxiao’s own lighter had been hidden well by her, and Yan Kuan had not seen any traces of her lighting a fire along the way. Naturally, he felt that she did not have that kind of thing.

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at the dry wood she had picked up and crouched down, resigned to her fate. She would definitely not stupidly take out her lighter. She was still waiting for an opportunity to escape, and when the time came, the lighter would be a necessity.

However, Yan Kuan had also reminded her that learning how to start a fire would only bring her benefits and no harm.

There would come a time when this lighter would run out. When that time came, what would she do if she was alone?

So in the end, although she looked very unhappy, Shen Xiaoxiao still obediently squatted down. She ignored the knock that Yan Kuan had made on her head and directly picked up the wooden stick and started to rub it.

“The fire should be closer to there… Hurry up… Hold it steady…”

In the next hour, even though Yan Kuan was cursing and directing Shen Xiaoxiao. It was rare for Shen Xiaoxiao not to lose her temper.

Although she really hated this man, she was not someone who did not know what was good for her. She knew that learning this thing would only benefit her and not harm her.

The fire finally rose. Seeing the smoke rise, the small flames rise, and then the raging fire, Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Yan Kuan with excitement and smiled foolishly.

This was a kind of unguarded smile from the bottom of her heart. Seeing it, Yan Kuan’s heart jumped and he almost missed a beat.

Devon had once said that the Little Oriental Loli was the most beautiful oriental woman in his hands. At first, he had seen her, but because he had seen her eyes full of desire many times, he didn’t think there was anything special about her. He only felt that she was exactly the same as those women he had met before. That was why he was so angry and annoyed with her.

But now, these eyes that twinkled like the stars in the night sky, coupled with her face that had dimples when she smiled, really made people love her to the extreme.

Yan Kuan was definitely not a man who wronged himself. He pulled her over with one hand and rubbed the woman’s smile into his lips.

“Woo woo…”

His kiss was passionate and domineering. Shen Xiaoxiao did not think that this man would suddenly go crazy again.

She struggled to pull him away and rubbed her lips hard as usual. It was as if she had touched something dirty. She looked at the man in front of her with a look of disgust and wariness and shouted loudly, “Bastard!”

When he heard the word that he had been hearing for the past two days, Yan Kuan gave a rare smile.

He looked at her with a bewitching face and a hint of seduction in his black eyes, a playful smile on the corner of his lips.

This smile gave Shen Xiaoxiao goosebumps all over her body. When her eyes met that pair of dark and bottomless eyes, her heart actually felt like it was suffocating. This feeling was too dangerous and too familiar.

No, she absolutely could not indulge in such temptation again. Absolutely not. Before her revenge was avenged, she, Shen Xiaoxiao, absolutely had no right to talk about matters between men and women.

She turned her head away in a sorry state, no longer looking at that gaze that could suck her soul.

Yan Kuan looked at this girl’s sorry state and deliberately avoided her. A strange emotion arose in his heart. He did not know what that was, but it was definitely not a good thing.

Seeing that she had turned around, he immediately stood up and walked out of the cave. He said indifferently, “I’m going to find some food and tidy up.”

As he left, Shen Xiaoxiao exhaled lightly. It was as if the aura that he had just suppressed had all been taken away by him when he left.

It started to rain outside. She knew that Yan Kuan would be back in fifteen minutes at most. His movements had always been agile and swift. Moreover, even if she had left, he could easily track her down and find her.

Therefore, it was really difficult to escape. At least at this moment, before the heavy snow arrived, it was definitely not that simple.

Sure enough, in less than a moment, Yan Kuan returned with two pheasants. It was very difficult to catch these small wild beasts near the winter because the large prey had already begun to stock up for the winter.

Wisconsin’s winter was always heavy with snow, and the Connors Jungle would have heavy snow every winter.

The winter here was definitely not easy to stay in, and it was definitely an extremely dangerous place.

Squatting at the door, he carefully cleaned up the two pheasants, strung two wooden skewers, and began to roast them on the fire.

The two did not speak. Shen Xiaoxiao sat at the side and threw a few wild chestnuts she had picked into the fire. She also held a wooden stick in her hand to roast something, but it was not a pheasant, but a wild fruit.

This was the first time Yan Kuan had seen a person eating fruit like this. However, when he thought about the cold weather, he was deep in thought. However, in the past three days, he had finally witnessed this girl’s stubbornness.

As expected, she did not eat meat. He did not know if it was because she was trained not to eat or if she did not like to eat these things. Anyway, seeing that she only ate wild fruits and some wild vegetables that she picked up randomly every day, he had never seen her eat anything else.

“Eat it.”

He tore off a roasted chicken leg and handed it to Shen Xiaoxiao. Shen Xiaoxiao ignored him. This kind of scene had happened many times in the past few days.

But this time, Yan Kuan was stubborn. He insisted that this girl eat the chicken leg. He said to her with some ill intentions, “If you don’t eat it, I don’t mind feeding you mouth to mouth.”

“Bastard.” She glared at him with his round eyes. Yan Kuan was not moved at all. He brought the drumstick closer to her.

Shen Xiaoxiao smelled the tempting aroma of the chicken and held it in her hand in a fit of pique. She took a big bite and swallowed it without even chewing it. She was instantly choked.

Yan Kuan did not give her water. Instead, he looked at her as if he was watching her die. His eyes were sharp and filled with blood.

When he saw her face turn purple, he reached out and grabbed her throat. She retched and as expected, Shen Xiaoxiao squatted beside him and started vomiting. Yan Kuan glanced at her and said with a warning tone, “Chew and swallow slowly. If you dare to swallow it whole again, I don’t mind feeding you slowly. Food, you don’t need me to explain how precious it is in the jungle in winter, right? If you want to save enough energy to walk out of here, you have to eat it even if you don’t want to.”

Shen Xiaoxiao looked at him and those words hit hard on her heart. Yes, she was stubborn. She thought that she couldn’t get used to the fishy smell, but here, without enough meat, she couldn’t walk out of the jungle.

This was not an eight-square-meter dark prison. She didn’t need to stay in the dark prison every day without moving. She could maintain her physical strength for a day.

Now, she walked every day and was in danger. Occasionally, she encountered wild beasts and had to fight with her life. She needed enough food to replenish her physical strength, so she couldn’t be unreasonable. She even said that she wanted to take revenge. This was unbearable. How could she take revenge?

She opened her mouth and bit down on the roasted chicken. Perhaps after she accepted it in her heart, the feeling of rejection became much smaller. She even tasted a trace of delicious food.

The nausea that she had just swallowed came naturally, but she had to swallow it. No matter how bad it tasted, she had to swallow it.

Seeing that this girl who knew how to adapt to the situation was obedient and no longer resisted, he once again discovered the good points of this girl. ‘She has a temper, but she is very sensible, smart, and has a very strong endurance.’

Suddenly, he began to understand why this girl was able to stay safely under Devon for 10 years. For such a person, such an extremely smart person, it was really not difficult for her to keep her life.

However, why did she climb onto his bed at that time? Even if he was willing to believe that he had misjudged her, he still could not understand why she wanted to climb onto his bed on her own accord?

“It will snow tomorrow. We will decide if we should continue to move forward based on the situation.”


How did he know that it would snow? It was only October. Wasn’t it too early?

“Winter usually comes early in the jungle. Therefore, we have to walk out of the mountain when the heavy snow seals the mountain. Otherwise, it will be dangerous.

“Moreover, the heavy snow seals the mountain and the river will freeze. Therefore, in order for us to walk out unscathed, I will call for reinforcements.”

This decision was made by Yan Kuan just now. He really did not expect that the moment he left, the mad dog Devon would actually dare to attack his territory. He was really tired of living. He did not even look at who his opponent was and dared to act rashly. Good, really good.

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