Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 850 - The Eight Trigrams Stone Room, Advanced Version of the Fly

Chapter 850 The Eight Trigrams Stone Room, Advanced Version of the Fly

Shen Xiaoxiao and the others found a way out and entered through the passage on the stone wall one after another.

The order was still the same. The old woman and Liu Yufei walked in front. They did not dare to leave Liu Yufei, who was a monster that they did not know, at the end. They did not dare to leave their backs to her.

As soon as they walked into the passage, the water monkeys and the hole that was filled with poisonous snakes disappeared completely. It was as if no one had ever been here before.

After they walked through a section of the passage, they came to a slightly larger room. This was the first time they had seen such a room since they entered the ancient tomb.

It was not the endless corridor that they had just walked down.

oom was

This room was not very big. It could fit just 16 of them. Of course, it still looked a little crowded. However, this room was similar to the other end. They could only walk out of here by continuing to look for a way out.

The difference between this room and the outside was that it had wall lamps. They lit up all the wall lamps on the four walls. Then, with a bang, the stone door closed.

Now that they were all trapped in this small room, the room became even more crowded.

They didn’t know what the wall lamp was made of, but the light was dim, and there was actually some lamp oil inside.

Dark 15 used his curiosity to research, and dipped a cotton swab into a glass container. Lin Jiahui looked at Dark 15’s actions and sneered:

“Ignorant fool, this is a ten-thousand-year-old oil lamp. Let alone a thousand years, it won’t dry up even after ten thousand years.”

“You’re the fool, your entire family is a fool.”

Dark 15’s mouth was very sharp. He was not afraid of an old woman like Lin Jiahui, so he immediately retorted.

However, Lin Jiahui was not angry this time. Instead, she stared at the glass in his hand and smiled.

“Do you know what it’s made of? It’s made of human oil that was burned and refined by forty-nine boys and girls. What you’re holding in your hand is human oil. Hahahahahahaha.”

Dark 15 almost wanted to throw the glass plate in his hand away, but in the end, he resigned himself to fate and put it in his own metal box. He did not even bother to look at Lin Jiahui.

Human oil is human oil. As a great doctor, how could he be afraid of human oil? He had played with human brains before, making a fuss over nothing. Of course, no matter how shocked he was in his heart, he would not show it.

Everyone heard Lin Jiahui’s words, but no one said anything. After all, this place was full of weirdness and irrationality.

The room was small, so it was even more impossible to stand around randomly. Everyone leaned against the wall and stood in the corner one after another. This was also to facilitate the search for a way out.

Just as everyone was looking carefully, Shen Xiaoxiao found a little bit of bread crumbs in the corner. She picked them up and smelled it. It was really bread crumbs. This was strange. How could there be bread crumbs here? And it was fresh. Could it be that someone had been here before him, and had even eaten here before?

No way?

But at this moment, someone suddenly screamed.


“What’s wrong?”

“Oh my god, what’s that?”

Only then did everyone realize that another unlucky man in black had swallowed something into his mouth. He gripped his throat tightly, wanting to spit it out, but his face was not only flushed red… His entire body seemed to be in extreme pain as he rolled on the ground.

And there was still half a wing-like object in his mouth. This appearance made everyone’s scalp go numb. What did he eat? No, to be precise, something ran into his mouth.

“Put on a protective mask. Don’t expose your facial features.”

Lin Jiahui and Yan Kuan instructed everyone at the same time. Everyone immediately put on their gas masks. At this moment, they saw that the person who had just swallowed the strange thing had actually burst out more and more wings-like things from his facial features.

That person was also bleeding from his seven orifices and slowly dying. However, this was not the end. As he stopped struggling, everyone could see more clearly that his stomach was slowly expanding at an extremely fast speed. The army green combat uniform was completely torn apart, and the round veins on his stomach popped out. Not only that, many small bumps appeared on his stomach, and the inside was slowly squirming. It was as if something was about to explode from his stomach.

“Find a way out immediately! Everyone be careful.”

Once this stomach exploded, what would be abolished and how it would be dealt with were unknown to them. No, perhaps they knew, but no one was willing to think about it.

This was because it was too strange and terrifying. When people died, even their corpses were used as foster objects.

And what exactly was that thing that flew into the mouth? Until now, they did not know. Even more so, they did not know how it flew into the mouth of that person.

Most people continued to study and fumble on the wall. Even the robot was searching around at this moment. However, at this moment…


An extremely deep sound rang out, following that, a buzzing sound similar to that of a fly rang out as a large group of enlarged green flies flew out from that person’s stomach. They looked very similar to flies, but they had an additional mouth and a pair of sharp teeth. Each of them was the size of a ping-pong ball.

This made everyone’s heart jump to their throats. What were they going to do with these flies?

“Hurry up. Also, everyone, don’t shoot. Don’t take off your gas masks. Put on your gloves.”

“Di– Di– Di…”

The robot made another sound. It had found a way out. It was on a wall in the south. The person closest to it immediately looked for a switch in the surroundings. However, this time, there was not even a slight trace.

This was troublesome.

“Should we blow it up?”

These flies were really as they had expected. They kept circling around them like they were looking for a parasitic hole. The noise was annoying.

Someone killed one, but found that there were actually many young in the fly’s stomach. After killing the big one, they released the small ones. The small ones flew over to the corpse and ate the flesh. They would grow up in an instant. Everyone was disgusted by this scene, but there was nothing they could do.

However, these flies would inflate on their own, so they couldn’t really let it continue like this. If the room was filled with flies, it would be difficult to deal with.

“Look at the room. It doesn’t look square. It seems to be moving.”

After Dark 1’s words, everyone started to size it up again.

That wasn’t right. It was clearly square just now, so why did it suddenly change?

“The eight trigrams stone room. This is the eight trigrams stone room. Even if we find the door of life, we can’t get out without breaking the array.”

Lin Jiahui’s reaction was extremely fast. She was now on the same boat as everyone else. Moreover, she knew that if she didn’t cooperate with everyone, everyone here would die, and she would be the one to die in the end.

Therefore, when she saw the changes in the stone room, she immediately guessed what was wrong and told everyone.

“How do we break the array?” Dark 1 asked Lin Jiahui. Lin Jiahui was the one who had the final say on how to break the array. This time, Dark 1 naturally asked Lin Jiahui.

Lin Jiahui thought for a while and discussed with the yin yang master. Then, she said to everyone, “To break this array, one more person needs to die.”

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