Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 969 - Monkey Leads the Way

Chapter 969: Monkey Leads the Way

Shen Xiaoxiao was completely speechless at the sudden appearance of the monkey behind her. She did not know what was going on, but she had actually been targeted by a monkey. Moreover, this was a monkey that knew how to act cute.

Sometimes, Shen Xiaoxiao really wanted to directly make a move on this thing that was always behind them because they always had a feeling of being spied on. However, every time she was about to make a move… This monkey would give her a tearful feeling.

Monkeys were really smart. Sometimes, they were even smarter than humans.

“Why don’t we discuss it with this monkey?”

Yan Kuan’s suggestion made Shen Xiaoxiao stunned. Could they discuss it?

“This can be discussed?”

“Naturally, this monkey is definitely smarter than the monkeys outside. It even has some intelligence.”

“Enlightened? You’re not joking, right?”

Shen Xiaoxiao was somewhat incredulous. Why was it that his words were getting more and more mystical?

“I’m not joking, Xiaoxiao. I think it’s necessary for me to educate you. You have to know that the outside world and this place are completely different worlds. From now on, you can no longer view everything here from the perspective of the outside world. Do you understand?”


It was rare to see Yan Kuan so serious. Shen Xiaoxiao also knew that her ‘old’ thinking was definitely not going to work. She looked at Yan Kuan, nodded, and said, “I know. Is it like World of Warcraft? In the game, many wild beasts have the same attack power and intelligence as humans.”

“Yes, you can say that. So Xiaoxiao, even if this monkey is always acting cute, it might have already plotted against us.”

“Oh, I understand. Then I’ll negotiate with this monkey.”

“You’ll do it?”

“Of course, doesn’t it like to act cute? Moreover, it doesn’t attack us but only follows us. It obviously knows that it’s not our opponent. Since it’s not our opponent, then our bargaining power will be even greater.”

“Alright, you try it. If it really doesn’t work, just directly solve it. We absolutely cannot bring a useless thing behind us. Moreover, it might even stab us in the back at a critical moment. Therefore, it’s better to directly kill the thing that is still useless in the face of danger.”

When Yan Kuan finished speaking, the corner of his lips was still smiling. His gaze towards the golden monkey was even filled with playfulness. However, his smile caused the golden monkey’s body to instantly turn cold. It really wanted to run away and run away… However, because of the beast tide, it was brought out of this place.

Although it knew the route, there were too many dangers. For an animal like it that did not have enough attack power, it was already very difficult to survive in the second layer of the forbidden zone. It was also because of its good luck… it had been born in the Second Forbidden Zone since it was young.

Therefore, after it was brought out this time, some of the fierce beasts in the First Forbidden Zone were also its nemesis.

Therefore, when the slightly intelligent golden monkey saw these two humans that obviously had extremely strong attack power, it would immediately make the choice to follow.

However, the gaze of this man was so terrifying now. Why did it feel that there was a murderous aura surrounding it?

The golden monkey knew that it was impossible for it to escape. It saw the woman. That’s right, it didn’t know that this human was male or female. As for how it knew that this was a human… That was because these humans could still be seen occasionally in the Second Forbidden Zone. However, almost all of them had cooked the food of those ferocious beasts, so it didn’t see anyone who had left alive.

That wasn’t right either. It had happened many years ago. However, the golden snub-nosed monkey had yet to be born at that time. There wouldn’t be any inheritances between the monkeys that would tell them about it.

“Little monkey, you can either lead the way for us or scram on your own.”

Yan Kuan was stunned for half a second. He didn’t expect Xiaoxiao to be so direct.

However, being direct was good. If she were to be direct, no matter how smart this monkey was, it wouldn’t have so many crooked thoughts like humans, right?

What surprised Shen Xiaoxiao was that the little monkey could really understand. It tilted its head as if it was thinking. Of course, this did not allow it to think too much. Moreover, it did not expect that this woman was not as weak as it had imagined. Just when the killing intent in her body was rising, it was afraid.

The little monkey barked a few times as if it wanted to say something. However, it guessed that the other party could not understand it, so it pointed with its finger. This direction was the direction that they were preparing to move in. It was going to point the way.

“Little monkey, remember to find a shortcut. Otherwise, when we encounter a tiger, I’ll let it feed on you.”

When the little monkey heard this, its entire body trembled. How could these humans be so smart? They were much smarter than the humans it had seen before.

After a few more screams, the little monkey ran out in a string.

“This monkey has really become a spirit.”

“Let’s go. With it leading the way, we’ll be much more relaxed.”

“I just want to find the children as soon as possible. I don’t want to think about anything else.”

Yan Kuan glanced at Xiaoxiao. He had the same thought in his heart.


“Little Treasure, did you hear anything?”

Da Bao was sleeping in the cave, but she kept feeling like she heard some kind of roar, but she didn’t know where it came from.

“I heard it.”

“Ah? You heard it? Why didn’t you tell me if you heard it?”

Little Treasure glanced at Da Bao and said,”Why would I tell you? We’re not going out anyway. Even if we heard it, it was from outside. What does it have to do with us? Don’t tell me you want to go outside and watch the show now?”

Da Bao was hit by the bull’s-eye. When she looked at Little Treasure, she smiled embarrassedly.

Little Treasure looked at her like this and said with an exceptionally mature sigh, “We just escaped from the big wolf’s mouth. Don’t think about these things. We can’t leave this lake until we’ve practiced our skills. If something happens to one of us, it’ll be too late to cry. Also, you’ve forgotten that those animals are so big. If we stand up, we’ll only reach their thighs. If we meet any giant elephants or snakes, let me ask you, how are we going to run? Have you thought about it?”

Da Bao, of course, had never thought about this. She was just curious. She could not figure out what kind of animal was making such a loud noise. They had heard it from the lake, and Da Bao was a child after all. How could she not be curious?

“Alright, be good. Go to sleep. Get up early tomorrow to practice. When we have the ability to save ourselves, we will go out. Mommy said that sharpening knives does not delay the work of cutting firewood. If we go out now, there is no hope of us leaving this forest. We will definitely die.”

“You say it like we’re so useless. Didn’t we kill two big wolves?”

“First, the wolves must have underestimated their enemy. They think that we are children and are not aggressive. Second, that was because we used our brains and pincer attacks to win the opportunity. But Da Bao, let me ask you, what if it is a snake? A big snake. Not only can it use its mouth to swallow us, but its long tail can also wrap us up in the air? What are we going to do then?”

“If the pterosaur in the sky carries us up in the air, even if it doesn’t kill us, if it loosens its claws, we will fall to our death, not to mention other animals.”

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