Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Chapter 1690 - Returning to Saint Duke

Chapter 1690: Returning to Saint Duke

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Yanwang: There are many kinds of Heavenly Path Rewards. Once your Netherspirit Battlescouter has been upgraded, you can choose them according to the system prompt!

Chen Xiaobei: You can only choose one from all the choices?

Yanwang: Yes! Only one. Next time, whenever the number of your disciples increases by another 100 million, you can choose another one!

Yanwang: Because the rewards are gradually compounded. After you have chosen your first reward, the best option is to continue choosing the same option to continue increasing the boost!

Chen Xiaobei: Can you give me an example of the rewards?

Yanwang: For example, people with low cultivation will choose to boost their cultivation speed! People with high cultivation will choose to boost their merit points reward! There’s also an attack boost, a defense boost…

Yanwang: The point is, there are many kinds of rewards to choose from. As long as the number of disciples do not fall below 100 million, the boost will not expire!

Chen Xiaobei: I understand now! That’s exactly like adding a buff aura when you play games! The only difference is that the buff that I get here is long-term!

Yanwang: Mm, as long as you protect your disciples and keep their numbers from dropping drastically, the reward will remain.

Chen Xiaobei: Alright! Old brother, can you tell me what other ingredients do I need to upgrade the Netherspirit Battlescouter? In retrospect, I should’ve prioritized upgrading it!

Yanwang: No problem. I will send a list of the ingredients and upgrade method to you in the private chat later!

Chen Xiaobei: Alright! If there’s nothing else, I have to go! After receiving all that Red Envelopes, it’s time to get back to work and continue working hard!

Not long after he exited the group chat, Yanwang’s message came.

Chen Xiaobei took a quick look at the ingredients and the method, and thought to himself, “I already have some of the lower grade Spiritual Items in my Infinite Space Ring. I might need to ask Ao Liancheng to help me gather the rest of the ingredients!”

Chen Xiaobei checked the message again and made a list of the three ingredients he could not find.

After that, he scanned through the High-grade Heavenly Dog Biscuit recipe.

It was about the same – most of the Spiritual Medicines could be found in his Infinite Space Ring except for three Earth-God level Spiritual Medicines which he would need Ao Liancheng to obtain.

He put them down on the same list and walked out of the lounge.

“Zhufeng, aren’t you supposed to be resting? Why did you come out?” Ao Liancheng asked.

Chen Xiaobei presented him with the list and said, “There are three ingredients and three Divine Medicines here. I was hoping you could help me find out where I could get them!”

Ao Liancheng took a look at the list and frowned. “These things are all Three-star Earth-God grade materials. There’s none of it within the nine zones! I’ll probably have to go to Apocalypse Starfield to find out!”

“Do you have any contacts there?” Chen Xiaobei asked.

“I can only promise you that I will try…” Ao Liancheng’s forehead was still creased. “Our Neptune Starfield intelligence department rarely sets foot in Apocalypse Starfield. I cannot be certain if they will be able to find these!”

Chen Xiaobei nodded. “Right now, you are the only dignitary I know. No matter what the outcome is, please at least try to find them. Oh, also, look for the three ingredients first!”

Ao Liancheng replied, “Aren’t you very close with Ling Qingfeng? She has broader connections than I do!”

“Really?” Chen Xiaobei looked puzzled. “But you’re fourth super-elite on the Nine-Zones Earth Leaderboard, and like me, she’s placed eleven. How could she be compared to you?”

Ao Liancheng shook his head. “This has nothing to do with placement! It all has to do with her Divine Dragon Royal Family’s background!”

“Divine Dragon Royal Family?” Chen Xiaobei repeated. “Could it be that the Divine Dragon Royal Family is richer than the Neptune Royal Family?

“10,000 years ago, we were almost equaled, ” Ao Liancheng sighed. “But the three of our God-Ascension elites died by sacrificing themselves to seal the Demonic Beast, and their three God-Ascension elites are still alive and well, thriving in Apocalypse Starfield! Today, Ling Qingfeng is more popular than I am in Apocalypse Starfield!”

Chen Xiaobei brightened up. “I understand now! I will ask her when we return!”

Ao Liancheng stuttered awkwardly, “Er… Do you know… Ling Qinfeng’s preference?”

“I do…” Chen Xiaobei smiled. “Back at home, same-sex marriage is legal in many countries. I don’t discriminate against her…”

“Not discriminate…” Ao Liancheng grinned back cheekily. “I’m afraid that you’re in the dark about this… It will be awkward if you develop any feelings for her!”

“Er… That’s impossible…” Chen Xiaobei scratched the back of his head.

Ao Liancheng maintained his grin and teased, “Hehe, you better watch out. Ling Qingfeng, that girl… her type is as attractive as they come. Daily contact with her may just spark some fires!”

“Alright! Enough of that! Remember to help me find those things! Also, don’t forget to look for the Greenhill emperor!” Chen Xiaobei reminded him.

“Don’t worry! Your matters are also our matters! I will do my best!” Ao Liancheng promised. “Oh, right. The 100 jin of Earth-God materials for tomorrow morning – have you figured out a solution? If you don’t have the materials, you will be eliminated!”

“I’m already prepared!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged, the corner of his lips curved upwards showing a confident smile.

“What? When?” Ao Liancheng’s eyes widened. “Earth-God materials are not like Chinese cabbages (easily available)! Don’t tell me they fell from the sky?!”

“Haha! You guessed correctly! They really fell from the heavens!” Chen Xiaobei’s smile grew wider. “I’m going to go rest now. Call me when we arrive in Saint Duke!”

Ao Liancheng shouted, “Hey! Don’t go… This is not a joke… Without the Earth-God materials, it’s useless even if we make it back to Saint Duke!”

Chen Xiaobei only smiled.

Back in his room, Chen Xiaobei sent the list of the six items to Diao Chan so that she could keep an eye for them as she searched for Little Fox’s whereabouts.

Diao Chan agreed, without a doubt. As long as it was Chen Xiaobei making the requests, she would never refuse.

Of course, she was only a rookie Earth-God who had only just arrived in the Earth-God realm. Whether or not she could find those items on the list remained uncertain.

That was why, when they arrived in Saint Duke the next day, Chen Xiaobei had to seek Ling Qingfeng’s help.

After a few hours, when the first light of the morning was just beginning to creep into the skies, the flying vehicle landed on the peripheral planet of Saint Duke Starfield.

Upon presenting the token, Chen Xiaobei, Ao Liangcheng and Octopus man passed through the portal to the capital planet of Saint Duke.

They had just stepped out of the portal when they heard a toady voice speak, “Oh, oh, oh… Isn’t this Prince Liancheng? You’re really early! Welcome! Welcome!” Liu Zhijian smiled ingratiatingly, welcoming Ao Liancheng like a little eunuch, and ignoring Chen Xiaobei, not even bothering to glance in his direction.

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