Red Storm

Book 1-4.3

Book 1-4.3 The First Night

The fact that the young daughter of Rivolde, the Beautiful Maiden Grace Nellisi, came to visit Pareia by herself spread like wildfire (TL: the raws say spread like clouds, but we all know how slow clouds are…), and everybody was shocked at the fact that she visited the Red Storm and had a spar with Yulian.

And once they heard of Grace’s proclamation after the battle, everybody was happy and chatting away about how they will have a valiant wife next to their valiant Young Glow.

Any warrior who had seen her at least once felt their hearts be swayed by her beauty.

In addition, because she was a woman with a cool personality and meticulousness to take care of others, she was given the name of Beautiful Maiden, which is only given to the greatest woman in the desert. All of this made Grace’s popularity in the Pareia tribe explosive.

Everybody was twiddling their fingers hoping that the day she will marry the Young Glow will come quickly, and this made the Great Glow Dejaine and ‘The Benevolent Eye,’ Glow Baguna, nervous.

Both of them started to quickly make the necessary preparations for marriage.

Since both families were the family of the Glow, the wedding gifts were overflowing, and there were many time-consuming tasks, such as sending invitations to the nearby tribes and determining an Oasis to have the ceremony. But thanks to the efforts of the two Glows, the details were determined without a hitch.

Finally the day of the wedding.

The Rivolde Tribe, the greatest tribe in the Western Desert, and the Pareia tribe, a strong tribe in the Eastern Desert, the history of the two Glows were outstanding (TL: Sighs, all I wish is for some consistency to know whether Pareia is in the East or West...)

Of the twelve tribes in the desert, there was not a single tribe that did not send a delegation to congratulate them.

Even the Pareia Tribe’s bitter enemy, the Shuarei tribe, sent a delegation due to their relationship with the Rivolde tribe.

The Rivolde Glow, Dejaine Nellisi was very satisfied with this fact.

Truth be told, wasn’t one of the reasons he arranged for his daughter to be married to fend off the strong enemy they had in the Shuarei tribe? Seeing that the Shuarei tribe sent a delegation was enough for him to know that the mission had been accomplished.

Shuarei and Pareia still continued to have minor battles, however, the Rivolde tribe was now able to breathe a little.

Of course that wasn’t the only reason. Those bastards of the Inama Kingdom were eyeing Grace.

Finally, it was because he liked what he heard about Yulian, whose name was being spread throughout the desert. (TL: Last, but most definitely not least… ;) )

And just like that, there were tens of thousands of guests other than the members of the Rivolde and Pareia tribes present for Yulian and Grace’s wedding. If you think about the fact that the population of the desert does not exceed 5 million, it was a significant number.

Their wedding, which was blessed by many people, concluded peacefully, and per the command of Glows Baguna and Dejaine, the two tribes started a three-day celebration.

Everybody was feasting, drinking, chatting, and happy.

The first night.

The boy who traveled to the Monster’s Desert before even becoming an adult, and the girl who, by herself, crossed a large quicksand and multiple Oasis to test her husband. The husband and wife’s boldness disappeared quickly, as if it was a dream.

They were both just taking quick glances at each other and getting their cheeks flushed red in embarrassment.

After peeking at each other for a very long time, the slightly better Grace could not handle the frustration anymore and started to speak first.

“Is this how it goes? Are we supposed to awkwardly stare at each other on the first night?”

Yulian’s red face became even brighter. Yulian was now an adult and a man. He did not pay attention to women because he did not have the time, but it was not like he wasn’t interested.

And he knew, at least to some degree, about the male-female interactions.


Yulian could only make some dry coughs while thinking hard about what to say.

“Stop only coughing and say something.”



Yulian started to feel a little hasty at Grace’s words and decided ‘here goes nothing’ as he held her two hands. Grace was a bit shocked and her face turned red, and she lightly tilted her head down as if she was embarrassed.

“I will tell you my dream.”


Grace, who was extremely nervous, was surprised and stared at Yulian.

“Like I was saying… hmm...hmm… my dream… I will tell my wi…..wife, that’s what I was saying…”


At Yulian’s words, Grace let out a deep sigh in her mind. It looked like the girls had it better when it came to sex education in the desert.

Truthfully speaking, the desert warriors who flaunt their masculinity in front of women probably act the same way at home. The father-son relationship showed affection through actions, but the mother-daughter relationship was similar to that of friendship; communicating and speaking with each other frequently. That may explain this situation.

But was that really the reason?

The majority of all things of the household were decided by the women. Of course, the men never noticed that it was the women who were really making the decisions. All they would see is that the women were serving their husbands and sons as if they were the heaven.

“I guess this is the first conversation I am having with the desert’s greatest warrior and my husband.”

Grace pretended to be interested and closed in, sitting right next to Yulian.

- Men like women who are willing to listen to their stories. But don’t listen to anything they say after drinking. Probably ninety percent of those statements are false.

Grace remembered her mother’s teachings and opened her eyes really wide, as if telling Yulian to go ahead and tell her. She had a look of anticipation as she looked at Yulian.

Seeing Grace act that way, Yulian felt a sense of relaxation and started to speak.

“ do I start … my dream was to be a warrior.”

Grace lightly placed her hand on Yulian’s chest, leaned her head slightly against Yulian’s shoulder and spoke.

“I am now your wife. You can speak casually.” (TL: Korean has a formal and informal tone which English does not. Yulian was using a formal tone, she is telling him to relax).

Yulian smiled widely. It looked like, similar to the other men of the desert, Yulian would end up a whipped man claiming to be a loving husband (TL: Some kind of Korean saying where the guy is whipped and listens to everything the girl says, but to others he claims it is because he loves her dearly).


“Hehe, your face is charming when you are slightly nervous like this. I heard that any girl would be happy just stealing a glance at you, now that I see it for myself, I guess they were telling the truth.”

“Hmmhmm...that’s just exa...exaggeration.”

Although he was saying that, he was smiling so widely that it felt like his mouth would rip.

“Since you are already a warrior, I guess you achieved your dream.”

At Grace’s words, quickly shook his head no and replied.

“No, what I am talking about is something bigger. What I mean is becoming a Supreme Warrior of the desert.”

“Supreme Warrior?”

Yulian nodded his head yes.

This was his dream that he had only told his master. Now, it was turn to share it with his wife, with whom he will spend all of his life together.”

“I want to look past Pareia and become a Supreme Warrior of the desert. Of course I will also successfully complete the responsibilities as Pareia’s Glow, but looking further, I want to unite the people of the desert. If I were to look even further…”

Yulian was about to talk about what would be after that, but since he too had only thought about it and not created a course of action, he stopped there.

“Are you talking about unifying the desert?”

Grace was shocked as she asked.

“Yes, if I am able to do so, I want to change the name of the blood flowing desert, the Crimson Desert. Like the old stories about how the desert used to be one tribe, I want a peaceful desert where people are all helping each other.”


Grace let out a small sigh. Her father and she both didn’t get it wrong. To become the wife of a warrior with such grand dreams and ambitions made Grace extremely happy.

Yulian asked her.

“Why? Does my dream seem too idealistic?”

Grace fervently shook her head no and answered.

“No, I believe you are truly capable of achieving it. My sigh comes from worrying about whether I can help make your grand dreams come true.”

“The first person to affirm my dreams is my wife. My master is a man of few words who speaks through his actions, so you are the first.”

Even Grace knew of the secretive rumor that a foreigner who came to Pareia birthed the Desert Conqueror.

“Now that you mention it, I haven’t been able to greet your master. When will you introduce me to him? Was he at our wedding ceremony? There was nobody who stood out.”

“Unfortunately, master is currently not here.”

“Where is he then?”

“I am not so sure myself. A year ago, he disappeared like the wind. He left demanding that I train diligently, so I know he will be back.”

Grace nodded her head.

“I see, ᅟit is disappointing though, I wanted to meet your master.”

As they were talking about his master, Yulian suddenly wanted to see his master.

WHen he came back, he would inspect his training and test his martial arts, but still, he really wanted to see him.

‘Ah! I would probably get beat up first, I would have to tell him about the Red Storm…’

In an instant, the longing disappeared and fear filled his heart. One of the things you never get used to was his master’s assault.

“Don’t have any fantasies about my master.”


“I may end up being beat up to death as soon as he returns.”

As Grace started to get extremely close and he started to relax, Yulian shared all of his complaints about his master.

“There is nothing he fears in the world, and if he says something, he always sticks to it. I may truly end up being beat up and killed…”

“What are you talking about?”

“He does not understand a warrior’s pride even the slightest bit. It might be because he truly is a warrior above all don’t know just how much assaults I had to survive to get to this point...and his personality… he is so picky. If there is something he does not like, no matter what it is, you must fix it. If he says he is right, then no matter what it is, you must say he is right. If you don’t, you get beat up again…”

Yulian felt chills thinking about the past.

“There’s no way…”

As Grace responded in disbelief, Yulian felt it was his mission for her to know the truth and spoke with a honest look and tone.

“It is the truth. Please believe me.”

“Ah! Yes.., of course I trust you.”

As Yulian spoke so earnestly, Grace was surprised and answered that way, and only then did Yulian nod his head as if he was finally okay.

“My master is someone you definitely cannot let your guard down around. You must remember my words, so that you will not regret it later.”


As Yulian started to get anxious, Grace let out a small laugh.

“I will of course heed your warning. But must we continue to stay like this?”

Yulian’s face once again became red and he put his hand on Grace’s shoulder as she was leaning against him.

And so the night continued…

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