Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1129B. Cooperate to Destroy the Ancestral Land

Chapter 1129B. Cooperate to Destroy the Ancestral Land

Qin Yu took a deep breath. Only after a long time did he manage to suppress the thoughts in his heart. With a cloudy expression he slowly said, “Sir Qi Zhen, if you want me to destroy the Nightmare Ancestral Land, shouldn’t you at least tell me why? Moreover, if the Nightmare Ancestral Land has been able to exist safely for so many years, it must have some incomparably potent power. I’m afraid it will be difficult to destroy with my strength alone.”

Qi Zhen snapped his fingers, “You’re not wrong. The Nightmare Ancestral Land isn’t easy to destroy, but since I said it, that means there is a chance.

“As for why? You can think of it as me being bored of life. I don’t want to wake up again and again. I imagine how wonderful it would be for me to be able to not open my eyes after sleeping! This is my dream. Qin Yu, you can consider it as helping me realize my dream!”

These words…truly left one speechless…

Although Qin Yu knew that he shouldn’t have such a mood, he really thought that Qi Zhen deserved a slap in the face.

The world was so vast and had countless beings trying to live and survive. Who didn’t do their best to live for as long as they could?

This person couldn’t die even if he wanted to, yet he wanted him to also realize his ‘dream’…Qin Yu really wanted to punch him!

Of course, Qin Yu only thought this without revealing it. This old fellow Qi Zhen was only wearing a young-looking bag of skin. Who knew what his true identity was?

But there was one point he was sure of. He had to have a close connection to the Nightmare Ancestral Land.

Because of the Nightmare Ancestral Land, this Qi Zhen was able to live forever? What secret did it hide!?

Qin Yu’s heart tightened. All of his previous self-confidence had vanished. If he hadn’t met Qi Zhen, even if everything went smoothly and he broke into the Nightmare Ancestral Land, would he really have obtained the method to undo the Path of 10,000 Souls?

He feared it would be unlikely…the greater possibility was that he would die without knowing how it happened!

“Sir Qi Zhen, do you know about the Path of 10,000 Souls?” Qin Yu suddenly asked.

Qi Zhen furrowed his eyebrows. “Path of 10,000 Souls?” He mulled over this phrase before slapping his forehead, “I remember. That thing is’s just…something that came out all messed up…whoever touches it will be in for some bad luck…”

He looked over Qin Yu and said, “Your soul aura is complete, without any trace of division. Do you want this thing? You should just forget about it…”

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened and he waved his hand, “I don’t want it. I just want to know, is there a way to undo it?”

“Undo it? The difficulty is great, but it isn’t impossible. It depends on what you want to do.” Qi Zhen gave Qin Yu a weird look and continued to say, “So you should tell me, why do you want to undo it?”

Qin Yu said, “I want to save someone!” He immediately explained about Ning Ling, his eyes intense as he asked, “Does Sir Qi Zhen have any way?”

Qi Zhen looked at Qin Yu with a strange expression, “It can be considered lucky for you to have run into me, so how can your luck be so poor this time?”

Qin Yu’s heart sank, “No matter what it is, please tell me truthfully!”

This time, Qi Zhen didn’t correct his name any further. He rubbed his chin, muttering, “Heaven’s will…perhaps this is heaven’s will.

“Qin Yu…don’t ask me how I know your name…but in short, this person you speak of is very important to you, right?”

Qin Yu shouted, “Yes!”

“Then there’s no running away. I was originally worried you would back down in the future, but now I’m reassured.”

Qi Zhen patted Qin Yu’s shoulder. “If it’s just purely undoing the Path of 10,000 Souls, for instance you just started cultivating it, regretted it, and decided to go back, I can still do that. But the situation you speak of…honestly speaking, that’s not possible.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m just saying that it’s impossible to save someone through the usual channels. But, it’s possible if you use unusual means.”

He snapped his fingers, “Since you’re smart, I know you can easily guess it. That’s right, the premise is to destroy the Nightmare Ancestral Land! To put it simply, the Path of 10,000 Souls only exists because of the Nightmare Ancestral Land. As long as you destroy it, the Path of 10,000 Souls will no longer exist and the person you speak of will obtain a new life.”

Qin Yu said, “Are you speaking the truth?”

“It’s real, all of it is real.” Qi Zhen curled his lips and said, “I know that you don’t trust me, so I will make a vow to you. If I am lying, I will be rejected by the will of the abyss and die without a burial ground!”

In the abyss, making a vow upon the abyss’ will had a great binding force. This was increasingly true the stronger one was. So at this moment, Qin Yu really did believe. He looked at Qi Zhen and slowly said, “Good, I agree!”

“You agree?” Qi Zhen muttered beneath his breath, “It seems this person must be extremely important…there’s a 90% chance it’s a woman.”

Seeing Qin Yu remain silent, he smiled in satisfaction, “Hum hum, it’s so simple that I guessed it on the first try. I really am a genius.”

Qin Yu wasn’t sure what conditions were required to destroy the Nightmare Ancestral Land, but even an idiot could tell that it wouldn’t be easy.

But no matter how dangerous it was, even if there was only one chance of survival and nine chances of death, he still had to risk it…he pushed these thoughts to the side and asked, “What do I have to do?”

Qi Zhen smiled blindingly, satisfied with Qin Yu’s attitude. “Don’t worry, it’s not your turn to go on stage yet. Although we just met today, we can be considered comrades on the same battlefield. I will definitely do my best to help you.”

Qin Yu nodded without expression. These words sounded nice to hear, but he didn’t believe a single one. It wasn’t that he was looking down on Qi Zhen’s character…

But a fellow who wholeheartedly desired to die would do their best to help others survive? Hoho, that was just a joke.

Qi Zhen didn’t care whether Qin Yu believed him or not. He clapped his hands and said, “Let’s leave. We’ll finish this talk here for today. I have to go visit someone first. This person will play an essential role in determining whether we succeed.”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows, “Is there anything I can do?”

Qi Zhen looked at him and simply nodded, “Yes! When there is a need, I will bring some people over. You just have to cooperate.”

He stood up and stretched out his waist. “Go, go, the battle should be sufficiently intense by now. It’s about time for some outsiders to arrive.”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. The person Qi Zhen spoke about should be in this new batch of outsider demons…just who could it be?

Before he could think further, space twisted and the two vanished from where they had been.

Just like before, Qin Yu didn’t feel any fluctuations of strength. It was like space had suddenly shifted around them.

This was an almost miraculous method…just what was Qi Zhen’s true identity? Qin Yu’s intuition told him that this person had to be hiding an astonishing secret.

Rumble rumble –

Wild fluctuations of strength tore through the heavens and earth. Wherever one looked, the world was torn asunder.

In a small and narrow area, over ten nightmare beast kings were fighting with Nightmare Clan powerhouses. The strength that both sides erupted with was unbelievable!

Qin Yu took a breath and restrained his thoughts. Looking around, he immediately found Cloud Mist. Besides having a slightly pale complexion, she was completely fine. She was being protected by Cloud Mountain, Cloud River, and Cloud Sky.

Comparatively speaking, the three of them were much more pitiful. One of Cloud Sky’s arms had been torn off at the roots, exposing a hideous wound.

Old Fox and Black Astral were not too far away, working together to fight a nightmare beast king. Although the battle seemed difficult, Qin Yu could tell that they weren’t using their full power; they were only dragging down their opponent.

“Sir!” Old Fox shouted in surprise.

Black Astral shouted out loud and pushed back the nightmare beast king he fought with. Grabbing Old Fox, the two of them returned to Qin Yu’s side.

Whether it was the Nightmare Clan or nightmare beast kings, they didn’t care who lived or died. They just wanted Qin Yu to be safe and sound.

Shua –

Their two pairs of eyes focused on Qi Zhen’s body, a cold chill flowing from them.

Qi Zhen faintly smiled, not caring much about it. He said, “Your two subordinates are quite loyal. But if they just leave behind their opponent like this, I fear my people will suffer a loss.”

Just as he finished speaking, he clapped his hands, “I was thinking about going up and acting out a little play, but it seems I don’t need to anymore. The outsiders have arrived.”

As his voice fell, the skies above suddenly shattered. It was like a pair of horrific giant arms plunged into a crack in the void and were violently tearing it open.

Bang –

Bang –

Figures appeared from the shattered skies, arriving in the Nightmare Beast Territory. Each arrival stirred up demonic energy between the heavens and earth, wreaking havoc on all sides.

The nightmare beast kings all looked up with widened eyes, revealing shock and anger.

“Nightmare Clan powerhouses! You dare to tear up the agreement and invade the Nightmare Beast Territory!?” A nightmare beast king roared in anger.

Before the voice fell, another angry roar came echoing back from the heavens. “The nightmare beast kings have killed our people and broken their promise! Slay them all!”

A figure instantly accelerated, choosing a nightmare beast king that was covered in scars and had clearly fought for a long time.

“This big fellow is mine!”

To the side, several Ancient King’s Lineage Demon Commanders paled. As they looked at Cloud Boundless who was already fighting with the nightmare beast king, their lips shivered with anger but they couldn’t say anything in response.

Seven Wounds Clan Elder angrily humphed. He raised a hand and thrust forward, forcing a nightmare beast king back.

Thousandhonor Marquis glanced over Seven Wounds Clan Elder and then Cloud Boundless before inwardly shaking his head. As far as shamelessness went, Seven Wounds was still worse. So no matter how much he tried to catch up, there would always be a gap between him and Cloud Boundless.

This gap didn’t decrease, but only widened with time.

Taking a breath, Thousandhonor Marquis said, “The Nightmare Beast Territory has torn apart the agreement with our clan. Do not hold back! Slay the beast kings!”

As he said this, the restlessness that lingered in the hearts of the Nightmare Clan powerhouses all dissipated.

At this time, many eyes fell upon Thousandhonor Marquis. They each flickered with their own respective thoughts…sure enough, Thousandhonor Marquis’ status was not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

The contract with the Nightmare Beast Territory had been personally signed by the original Nightmare King in the distant past. After that, when the new Nightmare Kings took their throne, they would come to the Nightmare Beast Territory and threaten the nightmare beast kings, confirming the continuation of the contract.

So this contract itself represented the dignity and will of the previous Nightmare Kings…everyone knew what sort of situation was happening today. The nightmare beast kings must have gone insane to tear apart the contract on their own initiative.

To break the contract was to violate the will and dignity of the previous Nightmare Kings. This was not a minor matter, and would even initiate dreadful consequences.

Because to some degree, the Nightmare King had obtained the acknowledgement of the will of the abyss to become a true King…and their will was an extension of the abyss’ will.

And the abyss’ will…no one dared to enrage it!

So whether it was Cloud Boundless or the seemingly cold and callous Seven Wounds Clan Elder, after descending into the Nightmare Beast Territory, no matter how much they fought, they didn’t truly go for the killing blow.

However, after Thousandhonor Marquis spoke up, all of the lingering restlessness in their hearts vanished completely…this proved that to a certain degree and at certain times, Thousandhonor Marquis could act on behalf of the Nightmare King…this had nothing to do with whether the throne was empty, but was a powerful special characteristic!

To gain the approval of the will of the abyss and have the position of Thousandhonor Marquis inherited through the generations…there were surely other profound meanings behind it.

But now, these thoughts only flashed in everyone’s mind before they burst out with killing intent. If there were no scruples to be had, who wanted to waste time arguing with these nightmare beast kings? They were all living treasures!

A beast king’s crystal nucleus…just thinking about it made them have to wipe the drool from their faces!

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