Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1719 – Become The Savior

Chapter 1719 – Become The Savior

The tentacles retracted and the Old Sect Master was now gone. The severed hand that had devoured him was now glowing. A strong energy continued to be released from the severed hand. It was vast and powerful like the sea, and it had an unimaginable cultivation realm.

Was this the power of a swordsman of the King realm? Han Zhengyang sucked in a deep breath of air and grabbed the area in front of him!

Smack –

The severed hand instantly grabbed his and the tentacles extended forward again. They circled around Han Zhengyang’s palm and wherever they touched, his flesh rapidly rotted.

His face turned pale and large beads of sweat dotted his forehead. Han Zhengyang did not move and he stared wide-eyed as the tentacles entered the openings that his rotting flesh created.


A painful scream came from Han Zhengyang. Black markings were starting to appear along the veins on his neck. They mercilessly rose upwards until his entire face was black.

His eyes were a deep red color now. Amidst the struggling and fear, a violent and destructive aura poured out.


“It is not supposed to be like this!”

Han Zhengyang scrambled in futile as he tried to tear off the severed hand. However, it had already merged into his flesh and blood, becoming a single body with him. A destructive aura washed up his chest and started to cloud his mind. He had already predicted his outcome – to be controlled by the severed hand and become a weapon of mass destruction as just a walking corpse.

But why was it like this?

The Frost Cold Sword Sect had kept this secret for so many years in order to get the sealed item and allow someone to break through the limits of a swordsman.

However, the outcome was like this.

“I refuse to accept this!”

Han Zengyang made his last desperate plea before he fell to the ground with a ‘bam’. His body jerked twice and the sounds of his bones breaking rang out clear and crisp.

A few moments later, his body started to float. The black markings on his face had disappeared but his eyes were much more bloodshot than before.

It felt like an abyss that was dyed blood red. It carried endless destruction, threatening to devour every living thing in the world.

He slowly lifted his left hand and as he glanced at it, he broke into a satisfied smile. This body was not bad, it was just a pity that it was a man.

Frowning slightly, Han Zhengyang reached down and grabbed. There was a sharp cracking sound and blood stained the bottom of his robe.

His expression did not chance and he sighed as his knitted brows relaxed. This was much better.

Then, he wiped his hands across his chest and walked out. As he walked, blood dripped behind him and he left behind his bloody footsteps.

Once he was out of the mountain cave, Han Zhengyang swiped his hands, opening the grand array outside the mountain. The swordsmen of the Frost Cold Sword Sect were panicking like ants on a hot stove.

When the array was opened they rejoiced, but in the next instant, they froze on the spot.

The first thing they saw was the fourteen corpses that had dried up on the ground, each with a pained expression. From their clothes, they were fourteen elders whose soul lamps had suddenly extinguished in the ancestral hall.

Then they noticed the bloodshot eyes of their Sect Master who now looked like he was an evil demon that had walked out of hell. He was staring at them with a sinister grin on his face.

“Sect…Sect Master…what happened?” One of the lucky surviving elders of the sect asked, his face was as white as a sheet.

Han Zhengyang smiled, “I was hungry so I used them to fill my tummy. But I am not full yet; what do you think I should do?”

The elder’s eyes widened and he fell into panic, “Sect Master has been possessed! Everyone, retreat out of the sword peak…” His words were interrupted.

Boom –

The sound of his blood and flesh being ripped apart reverberated through the air. Han Zhengyang’s body flashed and he appeared beside the elder. There was a beating heart in his hands.

Blood was spurting out of his chest furiously, soaking Han Zhengyang’s clothes. Eventually, blood started to drip from his clothes that were dyed red.

He lifted the heart and took a bite of it. Licking his lips, his face contorted into a sadistic expression. After two or three more bites, the beating heart was fully in his belly.

“Ah! Run!”

“Sect Master has gone mad!”

“Hurry, open the sword array and seal the main peak!”

There was chaos in the Frost Cold Sword Sect.

Han Zhengyang licked his lips and tasted the blood that remained by his lips. He snapped his fingers and there was a ‘snap’; the great array around the Frost Cold Sword Sect was activated, sealing the inside completely.

“What are you running for? I am not full yet, all of you come to me!”

With a hysterical laugh, Han Zhengyang reached forward and a disciple of the Frost Cold Sword Sect landed in his hand. He bit the man’s neck and gulped the man down in big mouthfuls. After a few painful cries, this swordsman took his last breaths and became a dried corpse.

He threw the corpse away and grabbed another swordsman, repeating the same process.

“The ancestors of the Frost Cold Sword Sect’s hard work will be destroyed completely today!”

“Han Zhengyang, wake up! Or you will be the worst criminal in all the long history of the sect!”

“Sect Master is completely mad, please help! Please ask for help from the Main Sword Masters!”

After devouring about a dozen swordsmen, Han Zhengyang threw his next meal aside. There was a blissful smile on his face. That’s right, this was the taste. The best enjoyment of life was to hear the pained cries and screams of swordsmen, together with delicious flesh and blood.

However, the effectiveness of this was way too low.

Han Zhengyang’s bloodshot eyes opened and he scanned the swordsmen in the Frost Cold Sword Sect who had nowhere to run. A weird grin began to appear on his face.

“None of you shall escape today!”

He spread his hands apart and numerous blood-colored sword shadows flew out of his body and chased after the escaping swordsmen of the Frost Cold Sword Sect.

Pew –

As a blood sword shadow flew through the body of a swordsman, he was instantly robbed of all his flesh and blood and he turned into a dried corpse that smashed onto the ground heavily. The blood sword shadow that flew out became much more refined and its color grew more blood red.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

“My dears, all the swordsmen in front of you are your sacrificial offerings!”

Han Zhengyang burst into a mad laughter that shook the world.


Outside the Sword Prison.

Sword aura was bursting out like an overflowing river. East Mountain Sect Master’s expression was as dark as water. All of a sudden, his expression changed.

Without hesitation, he took out a messaging jade pass and channeled his divine sense into it.

In the next moment, his eyes widened, full of shock.

He looked at Qin Yu before he turned, transformed into a sword shadow, and shot through the clouds. Those swordsmen who were in full anticipation of witnessing a grand battle almost broke their backs at this scene.

If not for how powerful East Mountain Sect Master was coupled with his bad temper, they would have started cursing out loud at him. What was happening? They waited so long and built up so much anticipation, but he left without saying a word.

Of course, this thought merely passed through their minds.

Every swordsman knew that something major must have happened for the Sect Master to have left suddenly without any hesitation.

Was there anything that was more important than the Sword Prison losing control in Swallow Mountain right now? People were confused and in turmoil, but there was also a heavy weight on their hearts.

Mm…it seemed like he was heading in the direction of the Frost Cold Sword Sect.

After the Sword Prison reopened, it seemed like none of the important figures from the Frost Cold Sword Sect had come. This was not normal.

Could something have happened to them?

This thought flashed through their minds. In the next instant, sharp swords split the air and numerous booms that sounded like thunder exploded above their heads.

People sped off at the speed of lightning and the space shifted as it was sliced through by numerous paths.

“Primordial Sect Master!”

“That’s right, only the Primordial sword skill can avoid the space paths and allow the swordsmen to reach their destination so quickly.”

“What is going on?”

When people started to regain their senses after seeing Primordial Sect Master fly past, more sword sounds split their air. This time, it was a light purple color that shot through the sky and disappeared into the distance.

The disturbance was not as great as Primordial Sect Master’s but this man was much faster. From very far, people could still feel the ominous sword aura.

“Purple Illusion Sect Master!”

There was dead silence outside the Sword Prison.

Three Sect Masters had rushed to where the Frost Cold Sword Sect was and there was urgency and panic in their eyes.

Something was wrong, something was majorly wrong!

Qin Yu lifted her head and looked in the direction where the three Sect Masters had flown off to. His eyes flashed.

It was her!

Although they had not interacted much and they only saw each other once, he had hugged that soft and warm aura for a while and Qin Yu was still rather familiar with Feifei’s aura.

Even Though they were quite far apart, he could pick up some traits of the aura from the major disturbance happening now.

“Rourou, I know you are here. What is going on? I have time now, you should hurry up and explain to me.”

Qin Yu muttered under his breath.

There was a brief pause and then a calm voice spoke, “Great White Goose…mm, White Feifei, she is seeking revenge now.” 𝐟𝙧ℯe𝙬𝚎𝒃𝗻𝒐ѵel. 𝐜o𝓶

Qin Yu raised his brows, “Continue.”

Rourou spoke in a composed manner, “You should know that there are no King realm swordsmen in this world. The Celestial Threshold is like a castle moat that kept all swordsmen away from crossing. White Feifei is the reason why this castle moat exists.”

Qin Yu rubbed his forehead. When she did not say anything, she did not. But when she did, she threw a mountain of information at him. There was so much in her words. White Feifei was her real name, and as for Great White Goose…that bright scene flashed by his mind and Qin Yu scolded himself internally as he quickly suppressed his thoughts.

The Heaven Crossing Great Dao of swordsmen had been blocked. This was no secret in the world, but it was frightening that White Feifei was the reason for this.

“Can you explain in detail?”

Rourou said, “Simply put, many years ago, some people tried to break through the castle walls of swordsmen and paid a huge price to kill White Feifei…mm, this is not an accurate way of putting it because White Feifei could not be killed back then. Her limbs were split from her and they were sealed in different parts of this world.

“Back then, I was in charge of sealing this severed arm of hers and I chose Swallow Mountain for it. I also opened the Opening Heavens Sword Sect in the meantime and got them to guard the seal. I was not able to pay attention to this later on and you know what happened after.”

Qin Yu rubbed his face and thought to himself, ‘Your way of describing really skipped many details in the timeline.’ However, Rourou did give him quite a lot of information. For one, she admitted that there was a relationship between her and the Opening Heavens Sword Sect.

What did she say about impersonating others? The old ancestor who established the sect was here. He was an inheritor who could not be any more real.

“The Frost Cold Sword Sect…”

Rourou said, “Back then, they helped in suppressing White Feifei’s severed arm too and they also sensed that something was wrong.”

Qin Yu clarified, “So the Frost Cold Sword Sect was behind the loss of control of the Sword Prison this time? And their objective was to take the sealed item in the core level of the Sword Prison, the severed hand?”

Rourou said, “Something like that.” She had pulled some strings in the middle but Qin Yu did not like it when she did this, so Rourou did not say anything.

In fact, Qin Yu already sensed this. There was a complicated look on his face before he sighed, “I am wondering if the great calamity that befell the Frost Cold Sword Sect now is also something that you purposely left behind in the past.”

There was silence from Rourou.

This silence meant that she admitted it.

Back then, White Feifei had been suppressed and her limbs were torn away from her. She started to harbor much hatred and animosity towards living people. Rourou purposely let the old ancestor of the Frost Cold Sword Sect sense the existence of the severed hand back then. She hoped that she could use them to free White Feifei’s hand in the future.

After all, compared to a long internal struggle, interactions between beings of the world were the scariest.

Qin Yu laughed bitterly. He realized that he paled in comparison. Other people were planting schemes a thousand years ago. When the Frost Cold Sword Sect was fully destroyed because of the disaster today, they might not even realize who they had been schemed against by.

It was terrifying!

“My mind is a little messy now, then tell me, what should I do next?”

In a calm and composed manner, Rourou said, “During a desperate crisis, become the savior of Swallow Mountain.”

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