Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 443

Chapter 443

Chapter 443A – Purple Moon Arrives

In the skies above the Dao Arena, the invisible column of air faded away . The thick layers of clouds covered the light, and wind and snow roared and raced in the darkness once more . Within the pitch black dark where one couldn’t even see their fingers, only that giant tablet above the Dao Arena which sprinkled down its seven-colored light served as a beacon of radiance .

Behind a row of trees covered with a thick layer of snow, Kang Mingqiao walked out . His footsteps fell deep into the snow, making subtle sounds that spread in the darkness, as if they were some kind of reminder . He sighed and said, “I have no idea what sort of enmity exists between the Immortal Sect and fellow daoist Qin Yu, but as long as he stays within the Dao Arena, I cannot allow him to be harmed . I ask that Great Elder Purple Moon doesn’t make things awkward for me . ”

Within the darkness, a figure appeared . Below the light her beautiful appearance was revealed . She was the female cultivator from the Immortal Sect, the one named Xue Xiaoyu . However, her current manner was cold and her eyes were filled with a frosty dignity . Hidden within this body was a wisp of Purple Moon’s divine sense . As a Calamity Immortal almighty being, even if she was using her divine sense to arrive in a different body, that in itself was sufficiently terrifying . Moreover, as the Great Elder of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace, she was considered one of the three giants of the Immortal Sect while the position of Palace Master was empty . Her true cultivation was unfathomably deep!

“Kang Mingqiao, I will kill Qin Yu no matter what . Are you determined to stop me?” Her voice was cold, piercing straight into the heart . Xue Xiaoyu took one step forward and the snow for a thousand feet around instantly sank several feet .

Kang Mingqiao lifted his hand . A terrifying momentum suddenly rose up from the Dao Arena . It was like magma hidden beneath the ground . Once it erupted, it could burn all things to ashes .

Xue Xiaoyu’s eyes filled with killing intent . “Kang Mingqiao, you already know who I am and yet you dare to be so impolite to me . Could it be that you want to provoke a war with my Immortal Sect?”

Kang Mingqiao’s voice was light . “Great Elder has a revered status . If it weren’t for this, I would absolutely not dare to offend you . But, since Qin Yu is listed on the Ancient Perishment Decree, he is now an honored guest of my Dao Arena . No one can bring harm to him here . ” He looked up, his gaze sharp . “If Great Elder insists on trying to kill him, then you must step over my corpse first and raze my Four Seasons City Dao Arena Branch Division to the ground!”

“You think that I wouldn’t dare to do that?” Xue Xiaoyue said, enraged to the extreme .

Kang Mingqiao said, “Great Elder naturally dares . But, that means you and your Immortal Sect will need to withstand the Dao Arena’s anger in the future . Great Elder should know that while my master has a good temper, in his bones he is someone who covers up his errors and he will never, ever, suffer a loss . ” His voice was calm and filled with a formidable energy .

That’s right, Kang Mingqiao was threatening Purple Moon . You may destroy this land and kill everyone here, but you and the Immortal Sect will also need to pay the price for your actions . The Dao Arena had been established in the Land of Divinity and Demons numerous years ago . Although they didn’t recruit disciples or cultivate their own forces, the 300 some Dao Arenas had their own reasons for spreading out far and wide yet standing silent all this time .

Xue Xiaoyu remained silent, a dignified tranquility in her eyes . There seemed to be thunder ringing around her even as her expression was calm . This didn’t mean that she hadn’t lost her temper, but rather that her anger had risen to new heights .

The air almost froze . An invisible suppression arrived like a mountain . The snow for a thousand feet around sank more and more, until it became as thin as paper on the ground, turning into something like a sheet of translucent crystal .

“Good! I will show the Dao Arena some face, but that junior Qin Yu, he will die no matter what!”

Shua –

She turned around and took a step out, vanishing in the darkness .

Kang Mingqiao let out a long breath, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead . His complexion quickly paled . Not everyone had the energy to directly face a Calamity Immortal mighty being, moreover, someone like Great Elder Purple Moon who was one of the three heads of the Immortal Sect .

Even with the Dao Arena behind him and even if he could borrow the Dao Arena’s power to fight, he didn’t have any confidence in his heart . Luckily, his master’s ‘reputation’ was great enough that he could temporarily force Purple Moon back . But, to be targeted by such a terrifying existence, Qin Yu’s latter days would be sad indeed .

Shaking his head, Kang Mingqiao retreated into the darkness . His aura restrained itself and vanished . Besides the thick clouds in the skies and some old curved trees on the ground, no one knew that a terrifying battle had almost erupted here, one that would have had the dreadful consequences of possibly shifting the entire situation in the Land of Divinity and Demons!

All of this was only witnessed by the snowflakes pressed into a crystal clear layer on the ground .

Suddenly, a hatchet appeared from nowhere, easily cutting open a channel in space . Woodchopper Fu stepped out . He looked around, his eyes filled with praise . “The newborn calf really doesn’t fear the tiger . This girl from the Immortal Sect actually dared to provoke the tiger linked to the Dao Arena . She has quite some courage . However, this boy’s mortal body is the one I have chosen . He cannot be killed by the likes of you . I must find some solution to drive you out from Four Seasons City . ”

Woodchopper Fu thought deeply about it . Then, he turned and walked away . His footsteps seemed slow, but in several steps he vanished within the wind and snow .

The Immortal Sect had property in Four Seasons City . Or, to be more accurate, any slightly large city in the Land of Divinity and Demons had a small faction from the Immortal Sect .

This was a courtyard that wasn’t too large but was actually constructed in an exquisite manner . After the inside was adjusted and improved with array formations, it was possible to perfectly simulate any climate and season .

Thus, although the skies were dark outside this courtyard and the air was filled with fluttering snow, the inside of the courtyard was as bright as daylight . Beneath the warm light, there was soft green grass and flowers in full bloom .

Xue Xiaoyu stood in the courtyard, her arms behind her back and a frown on her face as she was lost in thought . An innate pressure filled the air, making her seem like a blazing sun that no one could look at .

Although those ranked on the Ancient Perishment Decree had always been highly valued by the Dao Arena, they had never shown such intense action as they had today . Today, in order to protect Qin Yu, Kang Mingqiao had not only not hesitated to threaten her with his own death, but even threw in the entire Four Seasons City Dao Arena Branch Division . Could it really just be because Qin Yu was within the Dao Arena right now? Or were there some other secret facts that even she didn’t know about?

Her heart tightened and the chill in her eyes grew heavier . She could not allow any hidden anger to exist between the Immortal Sect and Ning Ling . Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gone through so much trouble to kill Qin Yu at the start . That was why she said Qin Yu had to die no matter what when she left the Dao Arena!

Suddenly, Xue Xiaoyu’s eyes erupted with brilliance, like thunder flashing through the night sky . “How bold!”

With a loud shout, she turned and thrust out a fair and clear palm . Light shined on the surface of her skin, making her hand seem like some kind of jade .

Space split open and a black dagger appeared . It cut forth like a poisonous tongue, straight towards her palm .

Xue Xiaoyu frowned . The light on the surface of her palm became even richer .

Pa –

The sound wasn’t loud . The black dagger pierced the palm of her hand and then vanished, as if it never existed at all .

Xue Xiaoyu’s frown deepened . She looked at the light bloodstain on her palm and her gaze grew heavier and gloomier .

After several breaths of silence, with her as the center point, everything within a hundred feet of her suddenly disintegrated into powder .

This powder included the earth below and the space above . Everything within a hundred feet of her became a completely impassable domain!

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Cultivators from the Immortal Sect howled forth . It was only now that they realized two terrifying existences were fighting each other . Their eyes widened with shock and anger .

Who was so bold that they would dare attack the body which Great Elder Purple Moon’s divine sense had descended into? Could it be that they didn’t fear retaliation from the Immortal Sect?

“Don’t come over . ” Xue Xiaoyu suddenly said . Her soft voice carried with it an ice cold chill, like the deep winter wind that thrust straight into the marrow of the bones . She stepped forward . Her speed wasn’t fast . On the fifth step, a long wound appeared on her beautiful cheek . The wound was shallow and a single drop of blood seeped out before it stopped bleeding .

Nine steps, a second wound appeared on the back of her hand .

13 steps, a third wound .

22 steps, a fourth .

37 steps, a fifth .

On the 44th step, Xue Xiaoyu walked out from her 100 foot impassable domain . Her body trembled and she coughed as blood gushed out from the corner of her lips . The sixth wound had appeared between her eyebrows .

“Great Elder!” Jin Rushan cried out in alarm .

Xue Xiaoyu didn’t respond . The wounds on her body were already regenerating at an astonishing speed and she soon appeared as if she had fully recovered . She looked up towards where the black dagger had vanished and a trace of dignity and dread appeared in her ice cold eyes . This other party hadn’t retreated after attacking, and she also didn’t know who they were .

This was extremely horrifying!

Chapter 443B – Purple Moon Arrives

This was extremely horrifying!

Although her true strength was still a distance away from reaching the highest peaks in this world, if this other party was able to injure her and not leave behind any aura, this proved that their strength had reached the highest level .

However, the one that attacked should only be an avatar . Otherwise, this body that her divine sense entered should have already been turned to powder . It would have been impossible to resist .

But who could it be that dared to take the risk of attacking her? In this world, those with such deep cultivations were like great suns hanging in the skies . Each one stood at the highest peak of this world; they were the truly unsurpassed existences that belonged in the highest heavens .

They wouldn’t attack her easily . But if they did, they had to have their own reason for doing so .

The one that attacked her could at most destroy a wisp of her divine sense . This wasn’t a serious injury; she would only need a period of time to recover from it . So, the one attacking her shouldn’t be a mortal enemy of the Immortal Sect .

Then this other party’s goal…

A bolt of lightning cut through her mind . Xue Xiaoyu’s expression turned a bone-chilling cold . She had just returned from the Dao Arena and one of these unsurpassed existences had decided to attack her . Could this be a coincidence, or was there some connection between them?

Calamity Immortal mighty beings were those that had touched the Heavenly Dao and were just a step away from the Great Dao realm . Their aura blended together with the world and they mutually resonated, giving them an extremely strengthened divine insight .

This so-called divine insight was an indescribably mystical ability . It could allow one to expect enemies, to foresee dangers, and even vaguely ‘see’ fragments of future possibilities .

Purple Moon’s heart chilled . This was because her divine insight told her that it was the latter! The one who attacked her today wanted to destroy her divine sense or severely wound her at the worst so that she had no choice but to withdraw from Four Seasons City…if she didn’t leave, the second attack would surely scatter her divine sense!

So, this other party wanted to force her to leave Four Seasons City!

This action was clearly in order to shelter Qin Yu . But, this was just a boy who came from some barren land of exiles . Just what sort of fate did he have to ascend the ranks of the Ancient Perishment Decree, even having one of the world’s strongest powerhouses brave the danger of enraging the Immortal Sect to help him?

It was clear that this other party only attacked her because they were motivated by their own desires .

Ning Ling!

What this other party was motivated by could only be Ning Ling! This other party must have realized all of the cause and effect of what had happened and determined that as long as Qin Yu was still alive, there would be an irremovable crack buried deep between Ning Ling and the Immortal Sect . Once it erupted, it would be enough to thoroughly separate her from the Immortal Sect or cause even more terrifying consequences!

Yes, this had to be it!

The killing intent in Purple Moon’s heart grew . Before, when she favored Ning Ling, it could be called eight points of regard . Now, towards the Shen Yuanyin who cultivated the Sublime Lost Emotion Code, she held 12 points of regard .

Shen Yuanyin was destined to become the future ruler of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace, wielding supreme authority with her power, being one of the three giants of the Immortal Sect and looking down upon the world with disdain .

Nine Heaven Mirrormoon Palace had already waited countless years for someone like Ning Ling to appear . She could not allow any accidents to occur, no matter how small the possibility was .

Xue Xiaoyu suddenly lifted her hand . With her finger as a brush, she outlined a circular image in the air . Motes of light fell around the branch division, like stars twinkling in the night sky .

Then, in the next moment, the thick layers of clouds in the skies above Four Seasons City were torn open once more to reveal a dazzling night sky . In this night sky, A dozen plus stars seemed to be shining with an immense luminescence .

Jin Rushan was shocked . But, he knew that with his own status, once Great Elder Purple Moon made a decision there was no longer anything he could do to interfere .

But there was one thing Jin Rushan knew for certain – something great was about to occur in Four Seasons City!

In the distant Immortal Sect .

Great Elder Purple Moon stood up . “Pass out my order . From this day forth, Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace will be sealed away . Before I return, no one can enter or leave . ” As she spoke she lifted her hand towards the skies . In the vast sea of stars, a single star suddenly shined bright . Then, endless starlight gathered into a column that covered her .

Hum –

The column of starlight gently shivered . When it disappeared, Purple Moon’s figure had already vanished .

Following that, in the skies above Four Seasons City, the light from the shining stars began to gather, forming a beam that fell down and covered the circular image drawn by Xue Xiaoyu .

Then, from that starlight, a purple-robed figure stepped out . Her manner was dignified and her aura swept through the world – it was Great Elder Purple Moon .

On this night, the entirety of Four Seasons City was shaken!

Countless cultivators looked up with shock and awe on their faces . They stared towards the vault of heaven, towards that beam of starlight falling down, their eyes in a stunned daze .

This…this was…

Great Star Transmission!

By controlling the rules of the world and borrowing strength from the stars, one could completely disregard the hindrance of space and instantly cross endless distances!

This was a nearly god-like method . At the same time, only peak existences of this world could display such a technique . It was one of the great supernatural arts of Calamity Immortal realm mighty beings .

A Calamity Immortal realm existence had arrived at Four Seasons City!

This information was like an ancient divine mountain crashing into the sea . It immediately stirred up shocking waves that roared out in all directions .

When the Immortal Sect entered the city they hadn’t concealed their location . Soon, news returned to everyone that this beam of starlight fell within the courtyard of the Immortal Sect’s cultivators .

In other words, this almighty being came from the Immortal Sect!

Instantly, countless well-informed individuals suddenly recalled the incident that occurred at the Dao Arena’s banquet hall – Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace’s Great Elder Purple Moon had arrived with her divine sense, and for some unknown reason had wanted to kill the Ancient Perishment Decree’s ninth-ranked Qin Yu .

Could it be that the almighty being who arrived at Four Seasons City tonight was the Great Elder of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace, one of the three unsurpassed existences that stood at the head of the Immortal Sect?

Countless cultivators were bewildered . They couldn’t imagine for what reason such an honored figure like Great Elder Purple Moon would hold such killing intent towards Qin Yu!

In the dark night, looking towards that distant courtyard, Hou Yuangou had a dignified expression . He discovered that the situation had grown beyond his control . An almighty being that ruled over their own domain wouldn’t step into the domain of another . Because this was highly likely to be seen as a form of provocation .

Moreover, with Purple Moon’s status, she could represent the unsurpassed existence that was the Immortal Sect . If she personally arrived, it meant there was some story behind all of this that he didn’t know of .

Suddenly, Hou Yuangou’s pupils violently shrank . Without hesitation, he stormed backwards .

His response was extremely fast and extremely decisive . But to the one who attacked, he was still far, far too slow .

The retreating Hou Yuangou froze in place . In the next moment he blew apart in midair . There was no flesh or blood or bone that rained down; he was like a human-shaped bubble .

A black point of light flew out, expanding into Hou Yuangou’s figure . “Purple Moon, you have gone insane!”

Within the courtyard, a purple-robed lady stepped out . She was beautifully dressed like a court lady and she appeared to be in her thirties . Her appearance was stunning and could even be called peerless . But at this time, no one paid attention to her beauty . Or, it was better to say that they didn’t even dare to look at her face .

A boundless aura as deep as the sea, as deep as the abyss, radiated throughout all of Four Seasons City . In this giant city where over ten million people lived, everyone shivered and trembled .

In the skies above, the thick clouds had already started to melt away at an astonishing speed, like snow in the hot sun . Bright moonlight and a faint shimmer of starlight covered her, making her seem even more aloof and haughty, like a god empress arriving in the mortal world, her dignity extending out to eternity .

“Hou Yuangou, you have disrespected me . It is already a show of mercy that I didn’t kill off your soul fragment to death . ” Her tranquil voice was galvanized with her terrifying cultivation . It resounded throughout the entirety of Four Seasons City, even causing the thick city walls to tremble .

Hou Yuangou clenched his teeth . “Good! Very good! I will remember this matter . Great Elder Purple Moon, we will settle our debts in the future!”

Whoosh –

His body shrank into a mote of black light and howled away .

A cold chill flashed in Purple Moon’s eyes . “To those who threaten me – death!”

She lifted her hand and pointed . A miserable voice sounded out . Hou Yuangou’s soul fragment that was leaving Four Seasons City suddenly burst into pieces .

At this moment, countless cultivators revealed looks of fear .

Although Hou Yuangou wasn’t an almighty being, because of his avatar technique his strength could be called the strongest beneath an almighty being . It was rumored that he even shook the Calamity Immortal realm once .

Even within the Demonic Path, such a figure was highly regarded!

Purple Moon had chosen to kill Hou Yuangou’s soul fragment . This could be called the greatest conflict between the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path in the last 2000 years!

If this matter wasn’t properly handled, there was even a possibility that a great bitter war would erupt between the Immortal and Demonic sides once more .

At that time, war would sweep throughout the entirety of the Land of Divinity and Demons . There was no one that would be spared . Everyone would be dragged into the quagmire and forced to struggle to survive!

After extinguishing Hou Yuangou’s soul fragment with a finger, Purple Moon looked in the direction of the Dao Arena . She was silent for a moment before stepping forwards .

Hu –

Strong winds rose up in the world . Bolts of purple thunder arrived from nothingness, illuminating the countless panic-stricken faces on the ground .

At this moment, even though the moon hung high and clear in the skies without any clouds at all, it was blocked out by a net of interwoven purple thunder .

Each step she took was accompanied by roaring thunder, the rumbling resounding in all directions!

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