Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 725 – Spirit Beast Confrontation

Chapter 725 – Spirit Beast Confrontation

A day later, the Hidden Fog Sect’s flying ship arrived at Dragon City. Yun Die knocked on the door and respectfully said, “Teacher, we have arrived.”

Soon, the faint fluctuations of an array formation shut off and the door opened from inside. Qin Yu stepped out, a happy smile on the corners of his lips.

The Hidden Fog Sect’s blue marvel orchids were indeed extraordinary. After using three of them, he could clearly feel some of the annihilating strength of space within his body being scattered.

Seeing Qin Yu’s smile, Yun Die was even more assured. She walked over to the window and stretched a finger downwards, “Teacher, this is Dragon City!”

Qin Yu casually looked over. His heart suddenly skipped a beat. This was because the massive city that sprawled over the earth below actually gave him a familiar feeling.

At this time, a resonant thundering sound rang out beside him, interrupting Qin Yu from his reverie. He furrowed his eyebrows and when he looked over he suddenly heard the sounds of laughter.

On the deck of the flying ship, many of the Hidden Fog Sect cultivators were given a fright and there were even some people that fell to the floor. When they crawled back up, their faces were left burning hot. They cursed out loud and wickedly glared at another flying ship behind them.

This flying ship had a giant flag that fluttered in the wind. The surface of the flag seemed to be soaked in blood, emblazoned with the image of a centipede and toad fighting against each other.

The centipede and toad were both pitch black in color. Although the strokes that formed their outlines seemed simple, they perfectly encapsulated their viciousness and deadliness. It was as if they could leap out from the flag at any moment and start swallowing lives.

The Hidden Fog Sect cultivators that saw this flag suddenly froze. Although they were still angry, they felt a certain dread as their voices fell.

Yun Die revealed a look of loathing. “Teacher, that is the Witchcraft Sect. According to what I know, among the seven great sects, they are the most at odds with the Hidden Fog Sect.”

Qin Yu nodded. He wasn’t a Hidden Fog Sect cultivator and had no plans to get closer with them. They were simply cooperating on a task. Thus, he didn’t care about this provocation at all.

When the cultivators atop the Witchcraft Sect’s flying ship saw what the Hidden Fog Sect cultivators were doing, their ridiculing taunts became longer.

On one of the ship’s towers, a young man in bright red robes stood against the railing. He arrogantly sneered and said, “With this level of courage, it’s no wonder that the Hidden Fog Sect becomes increasingly inferior with each generation. By relying on the lot of you, you think you can be enemies with my Witchcraft Sect?”

He turned and looked at a white-haired old man beside him, “Elder Lian, since we’ve met, we might as well give them a good show!”

Elder Lian hesitated a little, “Little Ancestor, the Beast King War is about to begin. To waste power in vain would only benefit others.”

Little Ancestor was not some title given to him, but was actually his real name. When he just entered the Witchcraft Sect, he had been mocked countless times for this name, and all sorts of obstacles were placed in his path. But soon he shut everyone up, walking forward step by step until he reached his current dazzling position.

Little Ancestor lightly said, “I know what I’m doing.”

Elder Lian’s eyes twitched. He cursed inwardly but didn’t reveal his thoughts. Instead, he smiled and nodded, “If that’s the case, then I ask Little Ancestor to teach the Hidden Fog Sect a lesson.”

Little Ancestor slapped his hands together. In the next moment, a cruel aura erupted like a volcano from the Witchcraft Set’s flying ship, breaking into the skies.

Black fog drilled out from the void. It violently tumbled around and then condensed into the phantom of a giant scorpion. The scorpion had a black carapace that seemed to swallow all light that approached it, causing the surrounding space to darken.

An extremely terrifying aura broke free from the giant scorpion phantom. It carried with it an absolute suppression that covered the Hidden Fog Sect’s flying ship.

The horrified cries and whimpers of spirit beasts sounded out from inside the ship. Five auras appeared, each condensing into phantoms of their main bodies. They lay prone in the air, shivering.


Reckless laughter spread out from the Witchcraft Sect’s flying ship.

“The Hidden Fog Sect’s spirits beasts are only at this level, yet they have the face to come and participate in the Beast King War. Their facial skin is thicker than expected!”

“When my sect’s spirit beast is angered, all of the Hidden Fog Sect’s spirit beasts bow down their heads. You might as well turn around and go home now, otherwise you will embarrass yourselves further in the arena.”

“Fellow daoists of the Hidden Fog Sect, please understand that this is purely the good intentions of my sect. I simply don’t wish for you to lose the last tattered shreds of face you have in front of everyone!”

Taunting voices rose up. Purposefully driven by magic power, the laughs rumbled in all directions.

A massive number of cultivators in Dragon City had noticed this confrontation occurring outside. Their faces lit up with excitement.

During the opening ceremony of every Beast King War, the sects would try to pressure each other before entering the arena. They wanted to suppress the confidence of their enemies.

They never thought that the Hidden Fog Sect and Witchcraft Sect would already start fighting even before entering the city.

Unfortunately, this was a scene of one side being completely crushed. There wasn’t anything fun about it.

“It is said that in the Eastern Plains, the seven sects have similar degrees of strength. But today, I see with my own eyes that rumors can’t be trusted.”

“That’s right! The Hidden Fog Sect’s spirit beasts were subdued in the first collision. This only proves how disparate the overall strength of the Witchcraft Sect is compared to them.”

“I heard that the Hidden Fog Sect has been declining with every day, and it has been a long time since they were at their peak strength. Now, it seems that this is all true.”

There were sounds of loud discussion all over. The Hidden Fog Sect’s cultivators paled, their eyes blazing with anger.

Eyes gathered onto the tower of the Hidden Fog Sect’s flying ship. Before even entering Dragon City, the Hidden Fog Sect was being ruthlessly shamed. The sect’s high level figures wouldn’t sit by and do nothing.

Yun Die’s face tightened. Although she wasn’t a Hidden Fog Sect cultivator, her teacher was still riding on this ship. When she heard these coarse words, her heart began to simmer with righteous anger.


Qin Yu smiled. He waved his hand, “Wait a little longer.”

Without any benefit, why should he help the Hidden Fog Sect? As for the dark star ice serpent, that was their spirit beast to begin with…if they could control it, they were free to do so.

Soon, there was a knock. Yun Die walked over and opened the door. Elder Si and Rong Wei both walked in.

“Mister Ning Qin, please take action and help the Hidden Fog Sect regain our honor.” Elder Si took out a storage treasure, “This is an extra reward that my sect would like to give you.”

It was their own spirit beast yet they had to ask others to help them mobilize it; this was simply the greatest mockery of all. But, no one in the Hidden Fog Sect dared to express any discontent with this.

Qin Yu nodded, “Alright.”

This crisp and simple reply caused Yun Die’s cheeks to heat up. Teacher, if you do this, will it not harm your dignity?

It had to be known that you are a genuine Grand Expert!

If Qin Yu knew the thoughts of his disciple he would have snorted in contempt. What was dignity? Could you eat it or drink it? Anyone who attached importance to things like face was a fool. Nothing was more real than what he held in his hands.

Elder Si was overjoyed, “Thank you, mister!”

After being blackmailed, he still had to be grateful…Yun Die lowered her head. Her teacher was truly fierce!

In truth, this was normal. Compared to the reward the Hidden Fog Sect gave to Qin Yu, they valued the face of their sect far more.

Otherwise, if their spirit beasts were pressed down and forced to beg for mercy before they were even able to enter Dragon City, then they really might turn around and go home.

Qin Yu gently tapped his foot. Somewhere within the ship, a pair of massive eyes opened wide.

Elder Lian glanced at Little Ancestor’s expressionless face and sighed inwardly. Little Ancestor had completely overwhelmed the Hidden Fog Sect, tearing off their face and ruthlessly trampling it beneath his feet, all while not exposing the giant scorpion’s true strength. The Sect Master wouldn’t blame him for this, and in truth would be even more satisfied with him.

It was no wonder that this young man was able to obtain more and more of the Sect Master’s trust even though he acted rampantly and recklessly. He really did have a chance to become the future master of the Witchcraft Sect’s next generation.

“Little Ancestor’s methods are exquisite and profound. After today, the Hidden Fog Sect won’t be able to raise their heads in front of my sect anymore!”

Little Ancestor sneered. Since he had taken action he naturally had full confidence in himself. Now that he had kicked the Hidden Fog Sect into the dirt, it was about time to stop. He didn’t want anyone seeing the true depths of the giant scorpion spirit beast.

But at this time, Little Ancestor’s heart shook. He looked upwards and his pupils shrank as he stared tightly at the Hidden Fog Sect’s flying ship.

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