Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Crisis Arrives?

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“This time, the rise of the Lin family is destined. Although I’ve long expected it, I never thought that the Lin family would actually have double the good news!”

“That’s right. A prodigy has appeared in the Lin family, and their ancestor is about to break through.”

“He’s going to break through again in just three years. How is this different from breaking through now?”

“I still can’t believe it. Purple qi came from the east for 30,000 miles? What kind of genius youth is this? Isn’t this too monstrous?”


“If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would definitely not believe this to be true!”

The banquet dispersed. The old fellows from the various families left immediately. All of them were furious due to the Lin family’s ancestor.

It had been many years since they had suffered such humiliation. Therefore, they planned in their minds that when they returned this time, they would definitely train their family’s juniors well and make them work harder.

At the same time, many leaders of the factions noticed some clues. They felt that this genius of the Lin family was not an ordinary prodigy. After all, many geniuses in their family had strange phenomena accompanying them when they were born. However, they had never allowed the surrounding cultivators to obtain such a blessing as well.

The leaders of many forces acutely sensed that something was amiss, and they paid more attention to the Lin family in secret.

The night was as dark as ink, and the banquet outside had already gradually dispersed. In the room, Lin Xuan shrunk in the embrace of Xuan Yu and silently cultivated.

If someone observed carefully, it was not difficult to notice that the dense purple qi around Lin Xuan was less than usual, and his body was becoming more and more translucent.

‘My current strength is roughly at the first level of Body Refinement. Isn’t it too low?’ Lin Xuan thought silently as he cultivated.

If others heard his thoughts, they would definitely be shocked.

On the first day of birth, the memories and consciousness of infants at this age were blurry, let alone being able to cultivate.

Whispers and happy voices came from outside the window. Most of them were disciples of the Lin family.

Previously, when he broke through, his blood qi surged into the sky, causing many irregular scenes. The surrounding disciples seemed to have sensed something because of this, and now, they were slowly waking up.

Lin Xuan did not care about this. He had nothing to do anyway. In any case, he could not move now and could only continue to cultivate.

According to his calculations, if he absorbed all these Dao sounds and purple qi, he could approximately advance to the fifth level of Body Refinement.

“I wonder what the rest of the achievements will be like other than [First Breath] and [First Cry]…”

Lin Xuan thought silently and diligently consolidated his cultivation. However, after cultivating for a while, Lin Xuan suddenly felt that something was wrong. His spiritual senses came out of his body and patrolled around. He did not know if he did not look, but with a glance, Lin Xuan’s mind suddenly tightened!


On the bed, Xuan Yu gently leaned against the wall. Her face was pale, her breathing was weak, and her brows were tightly furrowed. Her clean forehead was covered in fine sweat!

What was going on?! Lin Xuan’s spiritual senses suddenly tightened to the limit! What was wrong with his mother?

Xuan Yu leaned weakly against the wall and slowly slid onto the bed.

Her entire body trembled unnaturally. Even so, she still hugged the swaddled Lin Xuan tightly and did not let go. Was she poisoned? Or was she overworked?

Lin Xuan reacted immediately. He took a deep breath and used all his strength to control a ball of purple qi to hit the side of the bed.



The bowls and chopsticks containing the spiritual medicine fell to the ground. Although they did not shatter, it was enough to attract the attention of the people outside! As the Saint Child of the Lin family, he naturally had guards protecting him at all times!

Almost the moment they heard the bowl and chopsticks fall to the ground, several figures appeared outside the room!


“What’s wrong?!”

There was no response in the room, and there was practically no hesitation. In the next moment, the four guards that were disguised as maidservants directly appeared before the bed!


When the four maidservants saw Xuan Yu lying on the bed, they hurriedly rushed over. One of them carried Lin Xuan, one took out several medicinal pills, and one nervously checked Xuan Yu’s pulse.

The other person instantly disappeared from the room and rushed towards Lin Hao!

After a few breaths, a violent gust of wind swept over from outside the house!

Boom! It sounded like thunder!

Lin Hao instantly appeared, and like an enraged master, he forcefully pushed aside several guards in black who were kneeling at the door and directly came to the bed!

“Ah Yu, Xuan’er!”

When the two maids saw this, they turned their heads with ugly expressions. They half-knelt on the ground and replied with trembling voices, “Master, Young Master is fine, but Madam’s condition is not good!”

“Madam seems to have been poisoned by a rather complicated poison. Furthermore, the poison has lingered in her… for an extremely long time!”

When they heard this, everyone’s expressions changed! When the swaddled Lin Xuan heard this, he quickly thought about it.

Poison? How could she be poisoned? All this time, Lin Xuan had always been with Xuan Yu, so it was impossible for anyone to poison her!

Moreover, it had been extremely long? Could it be that she had been poisoned before he was born? Could it be that this was the reason why she had been pregnant for a hundred years?

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