Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Chapter 1474 Two Million Words Of Gratitude [FIN]

Chapter 1474 Two Million Words Of Gratitude [FIN]

Over two million words.

That is the number of words that compose the entirety of this novel from start to end.

I, who had started as a nameless author among millions of other authors in the world, have managed to complete a novel of my own, after countless days of suffering and many sleepless nights.

This is of course an achievement, not only for myself, but for the other aspiring authors who at this very moment, were writing hard in front of their computer screens, cellphones, and notebooks, just to give life to a story that they want to share with the world.

Although there were a lot of bumps along the way, I was able to persevere because of everyone's encouragement and support. I would not be able to get to where I am without all of you, so words are not enough to express my gratitude to the real heroes of this novel.

I would also like to take this opportunity to explain why I decided on Reincarnated with the Strongest System.

You see, when I first discovered Chinese Novels, I got addicted to reading them.

Some of the very first novels I read in the past were Against the Gods, Battle Through the Heavens, World Defying Dan God, Shura's Wrath, God and Devil World, Release that Witch, and several others that will take up too many words if I mention them here.

However, among all of them, there was one particular story that I TRULY liked, and that was the novel called The Strongest System.

I had many fond memories with this novel because it made me laugh more times than I can remember. But, there was one thing I hated about this novel and it was its Ending!

My Gawd, I hated the ending of the Strongest System.

It was as if the author had written a fantastic story, but ran out of juice in the end, so he chose to give it THAT ending, which made me want to bash my head on the wall.

Because of this, I promised myself that if I were to ever write a story of my own, I would give my readers the best ending ever.

And I did just that.

I gave you all the ending you deserved.

I don't want to be like some of the other authors who write countless chapters, and milk their stories for what it was worth until it runs out of juice.

I don't want readers, who after spending hours, days, and weeks, reading my novel, to be left with an ending that would make them wish they never started reading my novel in the first place.


I don't want to be that author, so I decided to give closure to my novel, and gave it the best ending possible.

Not to toot my own horn, but after reading countless completed novels, I can say with confidence that the ending I gave all of you is one of the best, IF NOT THE BEST, ending you can ever hope for in an online web novel.

You need to thank the author of the Strongest System for that because, if not for him, I wouldn't have written the Ending of this story before I actually began writing it.


I wrote the ending of this novel before I wrote its first chapters. This was done to ensure that the ending would be an ending worth striving to reach and achieve.

In that ending, I made sure to add the names of my readers, who supported me all the way. Back then, I believed that they would be happy to have their names immortalized in this novel, should it reach the ending that I envisioned.

As you may already know. Not many authors are able to finish their novels for various reasons.

Some of them stop writing their novels due to health issues, while others decide to just stop writing because it isn't worth their time and effort, only to get bashed by the toxic commenters who read their stories online.

I admit that I also almost broke back then. However, I had a vision, and I promised myself to see this story to its completion.

There were days when a single hateful comment or review would make me feel like sh*t, and my day would be ruined.

Of course, there were also days when good, and encouraging, comments and reviews, would put a smile on my face, banishing the dark clouds that were blocking my way.

All of you may not know, but your words can either hurt an author and make his mood sour for the rest of the day, or make him happy, allowing him to persevere in writing the chapters that you wait for on a daily basis, despite the hardships that life throws at him.

If you look at my profile in ReadNovelFull, you will see that I have over 671 days of continuous writing.

This meant that for 671 days, I didn't miss a single day of writing.

I wrote when I was sad.

I wrote when I was happy.

I wrote when I was hurting.

I wrote when I was sick.

I wrote when life just want to f*ck me up so badly that I just wanted to take a day off and just lie on my bed doing nothing.

However, whenever I felt like I didn't want to write, I still wrote.


Because, I wanted to fulfill the promise that I made to myself years ago that someday, I would be like one of those light novel authors, who managed to touch the lives of others through their writing.

After soaking in hate comments and reviews for many years, after getting bashed on different platforms—including social sites like reddit—I have become stronger.

My motto has changed from "I want to make my readers happy!" to "Let's all suffer together and watch this world burn!"



You guys gave birth to a sadistic author who tortured you with feelings that you've never felt before.

You guys gave birth to an author that killed the Female Leads and Mascot of this novel just because he wanted to make all of you weep manly tears.

Because of all of you, my writing evolved and became more refined, allowing me to pluck your heart strings, which made you feel sadness and grief, as well as joy and satisfaction.

So, as you read the stories of other authors, remember me.

What you say, or do towards us shapes us in ways that you can't imagine.

On behalf of my editor, RedPandaChick, we wish you all a wonderful, wonderful life, filled with all the happiness this world has to offer.

With Keyboard in hand, I can write stories.

With Imagination, I can build worlds.

Two million words of gratitude, I give them all to each and everyone of you.

Now, as I give my final farewell to this novel, which had given me the joys and sorrows of being an author, I remember those days when I felt like giving up, due to the countless waves of hate and toxicity that crashed over me on a daily basis.

You see, when an author loses their courage,

They are no longer able to write stories.

RWTSS might be over, but I have greater ambitions now.

Mistakes and Failures are part of life, and when you learn from them, you are able to create a masterpiece that can touch the lives of others, and I will continue to write masterpieces for all of you to enjoy.

Where our legs cannot take us, perhaps our dreams can.

And when dreams fail us, let my stories carry you instead.

My Dear Friends, I leave all of you this story of completion.

Against all odds, all of you stood as one.

To be alive is to seek, to set foot in every place that the eye can see.

While my tears fall ceaselessly as I write these parting words, I know that Truck-Kun is waiting somewhere out there, to isekai my immortal soul.

But, between us, your family, acquaintances, and friends.

I believe that my stories…

Will be read, at last.



I'll see you all in my next stories!

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