Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 1218-END

Chapter 1218-END

1218 major general fan si’s beauty VS the queen of words (3)

no one knew what she was thinking, but her face was filled with a warm smile. she walked towards the elegant old woman in the lead and shouted, ” “happy new year, mom.”

mother sha was speechless.

after saying that, the sand pool dragon raised its eyebrows, but in the end, it could only helplessly lift the corner of its mouth.

when sha shaolong heard his future sister-in-law calling their mother ‘mom’, he stood behind the crowd and secretly gave her a thumbs up. even the couple looked at the words in surprise.


this sister-in-law was indeed a tough one.

staring at the smiling face of her ‘daughter-in-law’, mama sha was about to retort when the old lady next door opened the door. the old lady glanced at the sand zelong’s courtyard.

the courtyards in this mechanical courtyard were all wattled. there was a gap in the middle of the fence, so the neighbors could see what was happening in their courtyard.

the old lady saw that the children of the sha family had returned, and second brother sha had also brought a woman back. the old lady hurriedly said to mother sha in an enigmatic tone, ” “sister duanfang, your second son finally brought you a wife?”

as if she had seen something strange, she exclaimed, ” “ah, it’s not easy. second brother is already 41 years old, and he finally has a partner. some people even joked that your second son hasn’t found a partner for a long time. is there something that he can’t tell you …”

upon hearing this, shao duanfang could no longer hold it in.

if he could still endure it, he was not human!

you haven’t shown your might for so many years, do you really think i’m a sick cat?

the elegantly dressed old lady immediately yelled at the old lady opposite her, ” “i can’t tell you, your mother!” for an old lady to open her mouth and scold people, she was quite impressive.

the speaker was the closest to shao duanfang. when she heard her mother-in-law’s roar, she was so frightened that her delicate body trembled.

the sand zelong quickly came up from behind, put his arm around yu yan’s shoulder, and pulled her into his arms. he lowered his head and said, ” “next door, auntie liu and my mother are old enemies.”

yan yu nodded. then, she heard auntie liu say, ” “you old hag, you dress like audrey hepburn all day, but you reveal your true colors when you speak! so what if she’s dressed elegantly? if her mouth isn’t clean, she’s just an empty shell!”

“you’re the one who’s blind. my son is fine!”

the two of them started to expose each other’s shortcomings. after exposing each other’s shortcomings, they began to expose each other’s children’s shortcomings. ” your boss has been married for more than ten years, but he hasn’t had a child, ” old lady liu said. ” it must be karma for all the bad things you’ve done. ”

shao duanfang said,’your wanjun will do? if he’s so capable, why did his wife have a wild man outside?”

this matter had hit old lady liu’s sore spot. old lady liu was seething with anger, and the content of the two people’s curses was getting more and more difficult to hear.

upon hearing shao duanfang and liu fei’s scolding, the old men and women who were still alive in the courtyard came out of their houses and watched the scene with great interest.

how many years had it been since these two enemies had fought?

when shao duanfang and liu fei were young, they would always argue a few times a year. later on, as they grew older, their temperaments also slowly softened. they could even hear the two of them quarreling with each other. this group of old guys actually missed it.

” old sha, go back quickly. your wife is quarreling with wang hui’s husband again! ”

old sha, who was at his old friend’s house announcing that he had a grandson, heard this and quickly ran back. as he walked on the road, he seemed to hear wang hui’s family saying that she was too thin and that it would be difficult for her to give birth.

following that, he heard his imperial noble consort retorting nimbly, ” “so what if my daughter-in-law is thin? you can’t give birth just because you’re thin?”

old sha stopped and looked up at his own courtyard. he saw the imperial noble consort pulling ‘speech’ to her side and pointing at it, saying, ” “did you see that? my daughter-in-law isn’t skinny. she has a good figure!”

she looked at mrs. liu with disdain and said, ” “your daughter is fat and can give birth, but your entire nest of girls is not as good as my daughter-in-law giving birth to one. why? our family’s genes are good!”

as if she felt that her words were not convincing enough, shao duanfang still said, ” ” look at my daughter-in-law’s waist. it’s so thin. her butt is perky. her face is so beautiful! ”

old lady liu was speechless.

old lady liu chose death.

when shao duanfang was young, her face was very beautiful, the kind that was stunning at first glance. the sand swamp dragon’s appearance was just like his mother’s. shao duanfang had short hair that went past her ears. she wore a lively floral dress and walked in the courtyard. everyone who saw her would praise her for being beautiful.

the old lady next door was called liu fei. although she was not very beautiful, she was bold in her clothes.

in the ’80s, girls who wore broken flowers were beautiful and reserved. liu fei, who wore tight-fitting t-shirts and short-pants, was a bold and enthusiastic girl. in the present, the difference between the two of them was like the difference between a white lotus and a green tea bitch.

since ancient times, the white lotus and the green tea b * tch had been a pair of enemies.

liu fei always ridiculed shao duanfang for pretending to be innocent. shao duanfang, on the other hand, complained to her friends that liu fei was deliberately dressed boldly to seduce men. coincidentally, their families were neighbors, so shao duanfang found liu fei extremely unpleasant to the eye.

the men of the two families were good brothers, but the women of the two families had been secretly serious for their entire lives.

liu fei had a son and a daughter who had already married and established their own careers. now, they even had grandchildren. shao duanfang had three sons. the eldest son was in politics and was the mayor and deputy municipal party secretary of binjiang city. he was 43 years old this year and had been married for 12 years without a child.

the second brother, the sand zelion, was delicate and good-looking. he was 41 years old this year, but he was still single. the third son, sha shaolong, was 31 years old this year. he was in business, and his company, huatai pharmaceutical, was one of the four major pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country. he was also quite rich. third brother had quite a few girlfriends, but none of them could get married.

therefore, shao duanfang had always been suppressed by liu fei.

liu fei’s children had all found a home, while two of her old rival’s children had yet to get married. although one had a family, he had no children. in the past few years, liu fei had been very proud. every day, she would stand in her small courtyard and tell shao duanfang how cute her grandson was and how good her granddaughter’s grades were.

shao duanfang had long disliked liu fei. she had been holding a grudge in her heart, but she couldn’t let it out even if she wanted to.

this was great. the two of them had a complete scolding. shao duanfang had also vented all the unhappiness that had accumulated in her heart, and she felt relaxed.

later, old sha and wang hui, who had rushed back after hearing the news, dragged their respective wives into the house and stopped the funny war of words. when they got home, the two men began to educate their old lady.

the conversation also passed through the sha family’s gate smoothly.

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