Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Twin Sisters


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“Look at me. I forgot you’re a mute now. You can’t talk.”

‘Qiao Jiusheng’ deliberately made a vexed expression. She pinched the woman’s chin and forced her to open her mouth. After smiling at the woman’s tongueless mouth, she let go in disdain.

“It’s 15th August today, our birthday. I’ve come to see you,” the beauty said.

The woman on the ground reacted very calmly.

Fifteenth August?

In other words, she had already been imprisoned for six months. In the past, she thought that time passed so quickly, but now, she felt it passed so slowly that living was a form of torture.

“Something good happened recently. I can’t wait to share it with you.” ‘Qiao Jiusheng’ said to herself as she opened the box beside her. Inside it were two exquisite, small mooncakes. She opened the mooncakes and elegantly took them to the mouth of the woman beneath her.

When the woman on the ground did not open her mouth, the beautiful face of ‘Qiao Jiusheng’ turned cold. She ordered, “If you don’t eat, I’ll break your teeth and make you incapable of eating for the rest of your life.”

The woman on the ground narrowed her eyes. She then opened her mouth and chewed on the bean paste-flavored mooncake with hatred.

In the past, the two of them would eat mooncakes together on the fifteenth day of the eighth month. It was not because the Mid-Autumn Festival was important, but because they were born on this day. Other people’s Mid-Autumn Festival was their birthday. Yes, they were sisters, and twins at that.

They looked the same and had the same height. Even their voices were identical. It was rare to see twins like them.

Seeing the woman eat the mooncake, ‘Qiao Jiusheng’ smiled in satisfaction. After laughing, she suddenly said, “I’m pregnant.”

The woman’s chewing lips suddenly stopped moving.

‘Qiao Jiusheng’ smiled as she observed the funny reaction of the disheveled woman on the ground. She then touched her stomach and gently said, “Qiao Jiusheng, I’m pregnant with Fang Mu’s child.”

This scene was very strange.

The woman called ‘Qiao Jiusheng’ shouted her name at the woman who looked like her.

No one knew that the original Qiao Jiusheng, who was supposed to marry Fang Mu, had long been imprisoned by her twin sister, Qiao Jiuyin. Six months ago, the Fang sisters had been driving to a county-level city in Binjiang City to play. However, they had encountered heavy rain on the road and lost control of the car. They had fallen into the river.

The surging river had swept away the sisters. In the end, the police had found only one of them. They had asked the girl they had saved for her name. The girl had looked at Fang Mu, who had been running over, trembled, and said with a face full of fear, “My name is Qiao Jiusheng.”

Fang Mu had hugged ‘Qiao Jiusheng’ and had not doubted her words.

Qiao Jiuyin and Qiao Jiusheng had been close since they were young. They almost had no secrets between the two of them. After Qiao Jiusheng met Fang Mu, she often told her sister about her relationship with Fang Mu. From her sister, Qiao Jiuyin learned what a great man Fang Mu was.

Later on, Qiao Jiuyin also met Fang Mu. He was a rather handsome man. Even though he was cold to many people, he was gentle to Qiao Jiusheng. Qiao Jiuyin saw how well Fang Mu treated Qiao Jiusheng, and gradually, her thoughts became twisted.

Why would such a good man like Fang Mu fall in love with my sister?

I look exactly like her.

Qiao Jiuyin had secretly replaced her younger sister, and no one suspected her identity, not even Fang Mu. Three months later, Qiao Jiuyin occupied the nest and married Fang Mu as Qiao Jiusheng. Another three months later, Qiao Jiuyin got pregnant…

Everyone thought that Qiao Jiuyin was dead, but they did not know that the Second Young Mistress, who had successfully married into the Fang family, was in fact Qiao Jiuyin. They thought that Qiao Jiusheng had married Fang Mu and was living a blissful life. Little did they know that the real Qiao Jiusheng was still alive, and the corpse that had been found was only a scapegoat arranged as per Qiao Jiuyin’s arrangement.

Qiao Jiuyin’s men had caught the real Qiao Jiusheng in the river downstream and imprisoned her in a damp house. They cut off her tongue, and she had become mute. She even had to helplessly watch as the man she loved married her sister, who had plotted against her.

When she heard Qiao Jiuyin say that she was pregnant, Qiao Jiusheng spat out all the mooncakes in her mouth. She opened her mouth and silently cried for several hours.

Qiao Jiuyin could not help but gently smile as she watched Qiao Jiusheng suffer a fate worse than death.

“My dear sister, you will be imprisoned here for the rest of your life. You will watch as Fang Mu and I happily live the rest of our lives. You will watch me give birth to children for him. But you, you’re destined to live in this twenty-square-meter house and never see the light of day again.”

The beauty had a bright smile on her face, but it was a chilling smile.

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