Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Marriage (1)

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Fang Yusheng’s expression was calm. Qiao Jiusheng could not read his mind at all.

She wondered whether he would agree to her proposal or not.

Even now, she was unsure.

Qiao Jiusheng had chosen to meet Fang Yusheng tonight because she thought that such a shameful method would make him feel guilty toward her. She was afraid of Fang Yusheng, but she also respected him. His persistence in love had moved her. However, his ruthlessness made her fearful.

She knew that her actions tonight had completely angered Fang Yusheng.

A man like him would want to live up to his moral principles for the woman in his heart.

When she thought about how she had touched his waist, Qiao Jiusheng felt guilty.

“Qiao Jiusheng, what can you offer me if I marry you?”

Just as Qiao Jiusheng had predicted, his heart was someone else’s. There was no way he could ever marry another woman. Qiao Jiusheng, who knew his secret, was a good candidate for marriage. However, this alone was not enough of a reason for him to marry her.

Qiao Jiusheng stood up, and her bare feet stepped on the wooden floor. She picked the high heels on the floor and put them on. Once she was done, she stood in front of Fang Yusheng and puffed up her chest, trying her best to appear arrogant. Even though she knew that Fang Yusheng could not see her, Qiao Jiusheng refused to make herself look too pathetic.

“If Fang Mu were to know that his brother, who he wants to kill, has married the woman he wanted to marry, how much pain would he be in?” Qiao Jiusheng lowered her eyes and looked at the man sitting upright in front of her. She continued, “Do you like this reason?” This reason was definitely not enough. Qiao Jiusheng knew that so she simply asked if he liked it.

Fang Yusheng’s expression did not change, but he was happy inside.

Yes, Fang Yusheng knew that Fang Mu was sincere toward Qiao Jiusheng. Therefore, if Fang Mu were to learn that the woman he married was not his true love, but rather Qiao Jiuyin, who had almost killed his true love, he would be furious.

Moreover, if he saw that the woman he loved had become the wife of the older brother he hated, he would be in so much pain that he wished he were dead.

Fang Yusheng was elated at the thought of that.

“If I marry you, you can’t fool around anymore.” Fang Yusheng was referring to Fang Mu. After all, Qiao Jiusheng had been in a relationship with Fang Mu for six years. It was impossible for her to stop loving him overnight. Fang Yusheng added, “It’s tough enough for me to live while wearing sunglasses. I don’t want to become a cuckold too.”

Qiao Jiusheng silently looked at Young Master Fang.

This young master is quite self-deprecating.

“Alright, marry me. After we get married, I’ll keep my chastity for you.” Even if there was no love between them, since she was marrying him in name, she had to keep her chastity for him. Fang Yusheng curled his lips and heard Qiao Jiusheng continue, “But you have to protect me from death.”

Fang Yusheng frowned. He understood what she meant.

It could be assumed that Qiao Jiuyin was still unwilling to let Qiao Jiusheng go and was still searching for her all over the world. Once she knew Qiao Jiusheng’s whereabouts, Qiao Jiusheng would be in danger.

Fang Yusheng’s lifeless but exceptionally beautiful green eyes turned toward Qiao Jiusheng. Without seeing Qiao Jiusheng’s expression, Fang Yusheng promised her, “Okay.”


While Fang Yusheng and Qiao Jiusheng were having a secret conversation, Qi Bufan did not dare to go to sleep downstairs. He stayed in the living room. If anything happened upstairs, he would be able to rush there in the shortest time possible.

With such a huge commotion happening tonight, Aunt Jin naturally woke up. She confusedly looked at Qi Bufan and asked, “What happened just now?” Why did I see Miss Yuqing walk out of Young Master Yusheng’s room with two girls?

Qi Bufan was about to answer when two sets of footsteps came from the corridor upstairs.

The two of them looked up and saw Fang Yusheng and Qiao Jiusheng walking down together.

Fang Yusheng and Qiao Jiusheng, who had been facing each other with whips just a moment ago, were now like old friends who had known each other for many years. They harmoniously walked down the stairs.

It amazed Qi Bufan.

Aunt Jin suspiciously looked at the woman behind Young Master Fang. She was not blind, so she could see the woman’s face clearly. “Second… Second Madam?”

“Not Second Madam.” Qi Bufan interrupted Aunt Jin’s imagination.

Aunt Jin was stunned.

If she isn’t Second Madam, who else could she be?

Aunt Jin knew that Second Madam had a twin sister, but she had heard that this sister had died.

Aunt Jin remained silent as doubts emerged in her heart.

Fang Yusheng’s attitude toward this woman could be considered kind. Therefore, as a qualified helper, it was only right for Aunt Jin to go into the kitchen to pour a cup of hot tea.

Upon hearing Aunt Jin’s departing footsteps, Fang Yusheng said to Qi Bufan, “Bufan, go tidy up a room for Miss Qiao.” Fang Yusheng did not say for how long Qiao Jiusheng would stay, and Qi Bufan did not ask.

Qi Bufan glanced at Qiao Jiusheng and withdrew his admiration before obediently walking out.

This woman is awesome. She actually managed to convince Mr. Fang.

Fang Yusheng, on the other hand, sat down on the sofa and heard the sound of the woman walking beside him. Qiao Jiusheng’s footsteps were unusually slow, and he could tell that she was struggling to walk. Fang Yusheng casually pointed at the empty sofa opposite him and said, “Sit down.”

Fang Yusheng and Qiao Jiusheng were the only ones in the room, so these words were naturally directed at Qiao Jiusheng.

Qiao Jiusheng sat down opposite Fang Yusheng.

Aunt Jin served the tea, gave Fang Yusheng one cup, and brought the other cup to Qiao Jiusheng. She held the tea and spoke, but she did not know how to address her. Thus, she said, “Miss, please.”

Qiao Jiusheng took the tea and said, “Thank you. My surname is Qiao.”

The wheels in Aunt Jin’s brains turned.

Her surname is also Qiao, the same surname as Second Madam?

This is strange. What is her relationship with Second Madam? They look so similar. Could it be…

Aunt Jin stopped thinking and reminded herself that Second Madam’s sister was already dead, and ghosts do not exist.

“Aunt Jin, bring the first-aid kit over.”


Aunt Jin entered the tool room and came over with the first aid kit. She looked at the two people sitting opposite each other on the sofa. When she saw that it was Qiao Jiusheng who was injured, she walked toward her with the first aid kit.

Fang Yusheng said to Qiao Jiusheng, “Come here.” He patted his side.

Aunt Jin and Qiao Jiusheng looked at the empty seat at the same time.

Aunt Jin stopped walking.

Qiao Jiusheng hesitated for a moment before getting up and sitting beside Fang Yusheng.

Fang Yusheng extended his hand towards Aunt Jin. “Antiseptic.”

Aunt Jin hurriedly handed over the medicine to him.

“Turn around.” His words were directed at Aunt Jin.

Aunt Jin hurriedly turned around.

Fang Yusheng took the medicine and said to Qiao Jiusheng, “Take off your clothes.”

“Huh?” Qiao Jiusheng was dumbfounded.

Right here?

Strip in the lobby?

And in front of others!

Fang Yusheng sneered and sarcastically said, “You can climb into a stranger’s bed, yet you don’t have the guts to take off your clothes now? I’ve only heard of prostitutes wanting to make a name for themselves, but I’ve finally seen the truth today.” His lips had a warm smile, but the words that came out of his mouth were as cold as a steel knife. They cut Qiao Jusheng’s face until it hurt everywhere.

“Stop it.” Even though what Fang Yusheng said was true, Qiao Jiusheng got angry. Her face turned red and white.

Fang Yusheng’s lips moved, but he did not mock her anymore.

Qiao Jiusheng turned around and looked in Qi Bufan’s direction. She thought that this person was smart and would not rashly turn around. After gaining some confidence, Qiao Jiusheng slowly took off her clothes.

Fang Yusheng naturally knew where the two whips had hurt her.

His slender fingers touched Qiao Jiusheng’s waist and traced the whip mark to the end.

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