Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Twin Couple (2)

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As they listened to the conversation between these four individuals, everyone became extremely curious about one thing.

How did Fang Yusheng and Qi Yunsheng meet?

Fang Yuqing was a curious child. Taking advantage of her good relationship with Brother Yusheng, she boldly asked, “Brother Yusheng, how did you and Sister-in-law meet?” Everyone else wanted to know this as well. Even Fang Pingjue looked over.

Being stared at by more than ten pairs of eyes, Fang Yusheng still had a calm expression. After all, he could not see. However, Qiao Jiusheng quietly kicked his calf under the table.

The kick caught Fang Yusheng off guard, and he subconsciously shifted his body under the table. Fortunately, he managed to hold on to the chair in time to stabilize himself.

When he felt the pain coming from his calf, Fang Yusheng frowned.

Noticing his loss of composure, Fang Ping asked, “Yusheng, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Fang Yusheng took a deep breath and indulgently smiled. He said, “No, Ah Sheng is acting coquettishly with me.”

Everyone: “…”

They shifted their gazes to Fang Yusheng’s calf, and their expressions and gazes changed.

Oh my god! This couple’s relationship is really good. They flirt with each other even under the table while eating.

Fang Ping chuckled and sighed. “You’re indeed a young man with a good relationship.”

Qiao Jiusheng and Fang Yusheng, who received everyone’s silent acknowledgment as a good couple, cursed in their hearts.

“Brother Yusheng, you haven’t told me how you and Sister-in-law got together!” This matter stayed on Fang Yuqing’s mind. She was afraid that Fang Yusheng would forget the question.

This topic was unavoidable.

Fang Yusheng suddenly put on a mysterious smile. Then, he tilted his head and smiled at Qiao Jiusheng, pushing the issue to her. “If you want to know how we met, I’m afraid you’ll have to get your sister-in-law’s permission. I don’t dare to carelessly speak. After all, our encounter was really too… too unusual.” Fang Yusheng’s mind was filled with the ridiculous encounter that night. When the others’ gazes fell on his smile, it looked like he was deliberately showing affection.

Qiao Jiusheng also thought about what had happened that night. She panicked a little when she noticed that everyone was looking at her.

Fang Yuqing hurried Qiao Jiusheng. “Sister-in-law, tell me.”

“Yeah, tell us about it. Everyone will be happy if you tell us.” Fang Yupei chimed in.

Qiao Jiusheng tried her best to calm down. She glanced at Fang Yusheng, who was still wearing his hat in the middle of the night, and a thought flashed across her mind. She kept her smile, and her eyes revealed a reminiscent look. She slowly said, “I met Yusheng… in England.”

Fang Yusheng raised his eyebrows and became interested.

Make it up. I’ll see how you make it up.

Fang Yuqing widened her eyes and asked again, “Continue, continue. And then? How did you meet?”

Qiao Jiusheng’s tone was slow, and her logic was clear. “One time, I went to England for a trip, but my wallet got stolen. Coincidentally, my mother fell seriously ill, and she was sent to the hospital’s emergency room. Without money, I couldn’t rush back to my country. Left with no other choice, I could only sell my art on the streets to earn money. However, I didn’t earn any money for an entire day. Fortunately, I met him.”

Qiao Jiusheng held Fang Yusheng’s hand with her left hand and confessed to him in a mushy tone. “He descended like a god. I squatted on the ground and could only look up at him. The moon hung high in the sky, and the moonlight shone on him. He was dressed in white, and he slowly reached out to me.

“At that moment, my heart tightened.” Qiao Jiusheng placed her right hand on her chest. She seemed to be recalling that moment as she said, “At that moment, I understood that I had fallen for this person’s charm.”

Fang Yusheng calmly listened and felt goosebumps all over his back.


This woman is so crafty!

“Yusheng asked me what I was doing there. I said that my wallet was stolen, and I was looking for help. He listened and remained silent for a moment. Then, he slowly extended his right hand to me. He lowered his head and asked me…”

Everyone pricked up their ears, curious about what Fang Yusheng had asked.

Even Fang Yusheng straightened his posture in curiosity.

Finally, everyone heard Qiao Jiusheng continue, “He asked me, ‘I can’t see! Are you willing to take me home?'” After saying that, Qiao Jiusheng slyly smiled. Fang Yusheng, since you dare to push the blame to me alone, I will make you suffer.

This should have been a joke, but no one dared to laugh.

Who would dare to mock Fang Yusheng for being blind?

Fang Yusheng laughed.

“Hehe.” He laughed so hard that he covered his mouth. Qiao Jiusheng stole a glance at him and successfully saw a hint of coldness flash past his lips. Fang Yusheng held Qiao Jiusheng’s hand and said, “Let me tell everyone what’s going to happen next.”

Qiao Jiusheng could not ask for more and hurriedly nodded.

Fang Yusheng held her hand and gently smiled. He said, “Ah Sheng was stunned at that time. I explained that I was blind and couldn’t see. If she was willing to send me home, I would pay her a certain amount of money. She agreed and sent me home.”

That was it?

No, it was far from over.

Fang Yusheng suddenly burst out laughing. Fang Yuqing quickly asked, “Brother Yusheng, what are you laughing at?”

“I’m laughing at your sister-in-law.”


Fang Yusheng brought the back of Qiao Jiusheng’s hand to his mouth and lowered his head to kiss it. He said in a pampering tone, “After she sent me home, I paid her a cheque of 10,000 euros. She was so shocked that she did not dare to accept the cheque. I comforted her that it was fine and asked her to accept it. In the end, she accepted it. Perhaps, she felt guilty for accepting it, so she refused to leave. I asked her why she didn’t leave, and she said…”

“Say what?”

Qiao Jiusheng could not maintain her smile. She had a hunch that the words Fang Yusheng would say were not going to be anything good.

Fang Yusheng continued, “Ah Sheng said, ‘Sir, there’s nothing I can do to repay your kindness. I’m willing to give myself to you.’ She even took off her clothes as she spoke.” Fang Yusheng held his forehead and smiled. “Don’t you think she’s cute? I only gave her 10,000 euros, but she actually wanted to repay me with her innocence.”

Qiao Jiusheng’s premonition was real.

As expected, Fang Yusheng could not say anything good.

Shaking Qiao Jiusheng’s hand, Fang Yusheng said, “Your sister-in-law is too cute.”

Who did not know how to stab a knife into the other party’s heart?

Qiao Jiusheng had just indirectly mocked Fang Yusheng for being blind, and Fang Yusheng immediately mocked her for betraying her body to achieve her goal.

Qiao Jiusheng had an impeccable smile on her face. Fang Yusheng had long pierced her heart.


No one nodded at Fang Yusheng’s words. They could not understand the cuteness in his words.

Fang Mu looked at the two people who were spouting nonsense with interest.

When Fang Yusheng did not hear any laughter, he realized that he was going too far. He continued to fabricate the story. “I stopped your sister-in-law and got someone to send her to the airport so that she could return to the country. I thought that our separation would be forever, but I didn’t expect that we would meet again after returning to the country.”

Worried that Fang Yusheng would say something shocking, Qiao Jiusheng quickly pressed his hand down and said, “That’s right. When I met Yusheng again, I was very surprised. When I saw him, he was on a blind date, and unfortunately, the girl rejected him. I think that girl has a poor taste. Yusheng is such a good person, but she didn’t know how to cherish him.”

She was mocking Fang Yusheng for being unlucky to get dumped by a woman. Qiao Jiusheng felt relieved.

Fang Yusheng did not seem angry. He still had a warm smile on his face, and he looked like an otherworldly being.

Qiao Jiusheng tilted her head and affectionately looked at her husband. In a pious tone, she told everyone and Fang Yusheng, “Yusheng, you’re the best person in the world. It’s their loss to miss you. Meeting you, marrying you, and getting you is the greatest honor in my life.

“I… I, Ah Sheng, will never let you down.”

Fang Yusheng’s heart skipped a beat.

He knew that this woman was putting on an act. They did not have any feelings for each other. However, when he heard her words, he still felt tempted.

“Hehe…” Xu Pingfei chuckled and said to Qiao Jiusheng and Fang Yusheng, “In that case, it’s fate.” She raised her wine glass and said with a smile, “Cheers to fate.”

Everyone raised their glasses and drank.

“To fate.”

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