Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Rich Zi Yi

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In City S.

Inside a luxurious supercar club, everyone stood around Siebel’s latest supercar, a bright red Tuatara, and sighed in continuous amazement.

The sales manager gestured animatedly as he introduced the car to a stunning woman, who was dressed in a leather jacket and leather skirt. She had a very sensual figure.

“…The Siebel Tuatara’s exterior design takes its inspiration from a unique lizard. It comes equipped with a 7.0 litre, V8 supercharged turbo engine. It has a maximum horsepower of 1350 HP and a maximum speed of 443 kilometers per hour. It has a 0-100 acceleration capability of 2.78 seconds.”

The manager looked at the rich woman cautiously and asked, “Miss Zi, what do you think of this car?”

Before Zi Yi uttered a word, a young man, who was dressed in a leather jacket beside her, encouraged her and said, “Miss Zi, this is a good car. If you buy it, I’m sure we can beat Young Master Su and the others later.”

The rest of the people surrounding them chimed in as well.

“You should totally get this car. It matches your beauty perfectly.”

“This car looks so cool. I’m sure you can outdrive them later.”

The rest of the salespeople craned their necks to watch the scene and furtively looked their way in envy from a corner of the room.

“This must be Miss Zi’s fourth time here getting a supercar, right? I wonder what happened to the three cars she previously bought from us.”

“I heard they got scrapped.”

“Ouch… How could she just scrap those sports cars worth tens of millions? They must be worth hundreds of millions in total!”

“All I can say is that she was born into the right family. Her father is super rich and her step-mother treats her well. I heard Madam Zi dotes on her even more than her biological daughter.”

Meanwhile, inside the showroom.

Everyone kept saying how cool the sports car was, but Zi Yi said nothing the entire time.

Someone finally detected something amiss with her and pushed her arm.

“What do you think of this sports car?”

Zi Yi stumbled. She glanced at the people around her as she steadied herself. She had just taken in all the memories of the original owner of the body. Despite her shock, she calmly handed her gold card to the manager.

“I’ll take it.”

“Thank you!” The sales manager beamed brightly and took her gold card, before he strode over to the cashier.

The man dressed in a jacket, Li Xiangnan, beamed brightly at Zi Yi.

“Miss Zi, I will definitely win the race today. Trust me.”

Zi Yi liked racing, but she did not dare to do it herself. Instead, she just enjoyed the feeling of winning.

Li Xiangnan was a professional car racer that she had hired to race on her behalf.

After using a sports car worth tens of millions a few times, it would end up being scrapped.

However, Zi Yi did not care. After each car was scrapped, she would buy another one.

Everyone in the racing circles called her stupid behind her back.

The manager shortly came back with her gold card and car key.

Li Xiangnan reached his hand out excitedly to take the key. He felt smug in his heart. So what if she was loaded? She ended up buying sports cars, worth tens of millions, for him to drive.

Just as his hand was about to touch the key, a long slender hand reached out and took the gold card and car key.

The smile on Li Xiangnan’s face instantly froze.

Everyone turned to look at Zi Yi in surprise.

Zi Yi walked up to the sports car’s scissor door1 and opened it without looking at anyone. She deftly swung her long legs into the low car and closed the door.

Li Xiangnan instinctively placed his hand on the car door and blurted out, “Miss Zi, why did you get into the car?”

“It is my car. Why can’t I get in? Let go.”

Li Xiangnan automatically let go.

A second later, Zi Yi stepped on the gas, and the car shot out like a thunderous arrow.

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